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  1. People are saying he should have asked the woman to put her seat back up instead of reacting the way he did. Well, do we know that he didn't ask? Why is everyone assuming there is no other context to the video? That she is showing the whole thing?

    Now some tall people only have like 1 inch of space on an airplane. If the person in front of you reclines they take that space away causing the person's knees to be crushed up against the seat. So the person reclining is causing significant discomfort to someone else in order to increase their comfort by a small margin.

  2. It’s easy for a petite woman to defend another woman for reclining her seat and making the guy behind very uncomfortable. Your rights are ok as long as they don’t interfere with other people’s rights. I though that would be common knowledge, so disappointed at this stupid news woman

  3. He is feces for being an obnoxious dick…..She is feces because she's looking to profit form this….move on with your useless lives

  4. He didn't "punch" anything. That's a bit of an overstatement… But he still shouldn't have been doing that. Lady should've been a little more considerate though.

  5. American Airlines (and ALL airlines) are to blame for this. Packing people in like sardines is a ticking time bomb. I'm surprised this does not happen every day. His seat is the last in the row and does not recline so he cant recline out of the way but punching the seat is a DICK move.

  6. This is why I don't fly. American boys are disrespectful. He is not a man that's a fact. And American Women are unappreciative. That's a fact. You all suck now wait for the attack on me. Some of the comments to come will prove my point. Come on troll's show your colors.

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