Should You Recline Your Seat on an Airplane? || Debatable
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Should You Recline Your Seat on an Airplane? || Debatable

February 21, 2020

– Hey everyone, I’m Taylor,
and welcome to Debatable, the show where we take
extremely opinionated comedians from Twitter, and have them debate the most polarizing topics. Our panel of expert judges
will weigh in on each argument, and finally, declare a winner, putting an end to years of discourse. Today’s resolve is, it is perfectly fine to recline your seat on an airplane. We have Mike on the affirmative. Mike, you’ve got 60 seconds, starting now. – Thank you. Look, I’m not gonna stand up here and say that the airlines give people the space they need, they don’t. But that beef should not be with the person in front of you, okay? They’re just trying to get down to Key West to see their family. Oh, sorry guys, Uncle Peter
couldn’t make it to the reunion ’cause he couldn’t push
his seat back two inches, he has a blood clot. Anybody have any AB negative? Heard that’s rare. No, no, it’s not with him, okay? Now look, you get three things when you book an airline ticket. One, radiation from a security machine. Two, the option to buy a
$17 panini in the terminal. And three, a seat on a tube
that flies through the sky with a button, that gets you in a perfect sleep apnea position. It’s your right when you buy a ticket. You need it, you need it. Now look, we should say,
hello fellow human being, I’m happy to have you recline your seat. Just allow me to finish my sloppy joe that was heated up in 95
degree weather on the runway. Just let me finish eating
first, and thank you, I’m out of time, but
you get what I’m saying. – Ooh, well timed. – Okay, nice job, Mike. Also, if you eat a sloppy
joe on an airplane, you are a sociopath. All right, Rachel, you’re up. You are on the negative, and you have 60 seconds starting now. – There is no good reason to recline your seat on an airplane. Oh, you want to nap? Yes, how I like to take all of my naps, at a 130 degree angle on an
unconsenting stranger’s lap. Forget napping, how do you sleep at night? Your actions affect other people. When you recline your seat, you are making the person behind you choose between either reclining their seat,
or suffocating to death. So now the person behind you
has to recline their seat, and now, what if the person
behind them is a murderer? Murderers don’t investigate root causes. They’re not gonna track down
the other sociopath, you, that kicked off this seat
reclining domino effect. They’re just gonna murder
the innocent person directly in front of them, who you
forced into this situation. So enjoy your 130 degree nap, but prepare to wake up
with blood on your hands. – A very poignant response by Rachel. I also do have to make the pun
that if you are taking a nap at a 130 degree angle, it’s not acute. All right, Mike. Are you ready for your rebuttal? – Yes, ready. – You have 30 seconds, starting now. – Okay, look, I’m not a monster, okay? So when you recline your
seat, you check with them. You go, you do the, huh,
you do a look, okay? And that should let them know
that you care about them. Now, you mentioned murder, okay, you said murder a couple times. People need to stretch out,
they can’t be sitting like this. We’re talking about blood flow,
we’re talking about joints. So if someone’s stuck six hours on a flight where they can’t even move, next thing you know,
they’re six feet under. Are you a murderer? I don’t know, but it’s
manslaughter, probably. – All right, you ready for your rebuttal? – Yeah. – 30 seconds, Rachel, starting now. – There is no world in which lying back at a 130 degree angle
counts as stretching out. You’re gonna be miserable no matter what. Look, we all wanna zone out on airplanes. But that’s what drugs are for. Bring a Xanax with you. Yes, they’re a controlled substance, but if you’re the kind of person
who reclines on airplanes, you should have no problem lying to an urgent care doctor
about having a panic disorder. – All right, let’s hear
what the judges have to say. John, what do you think? – So, I am a born seat
recliner, but you know, I’m gonna have to give this one to Rachel. She made some really great points that when one person does it,
it creates a domino effect, then everyone has to do it, and we know that’s not gonna be the case. So it really does mess
up the mojo of the plane, as you were talking to,
and it is slight murderous. You can all take a pill and fall asleep, but I think in some regards, you know, I think you were talking about how you if you check with
the person behind you, nobody checks with the person behind them. And if we all just didn’t do it, then the problems wouldn’t
exist in the first place, so I’m gonna give this one to Rachel. – That’s an excellent point, John. I actually don’t want anyone talking to or looking at me when I’m on a plane, so. – Same. – Amber, you’re up, what do we think? – I think that you both made
truly compelling arguments, and we really all appreciate
your attention to detail, and the thought that you put into this really difficult topic
where there are no winners. I think at the end of the day, any argument that gets at both murder and illicit drug use
is a winner in my book, and I think it’s pretty clear
to all of us up here today. – So, your vote’s going to Rachel? – Vote goes to Rachel. – All right, that’s two votes for Rachel. Stella, what do you think? – I’m gonna have to give
this one to Michael. You know, the seats are there to recline. If they didn’t want you
to recline those seats, they wouldn’t have put
those in, so there you go. I’m giving this one to Michael. – Stella with the hashtag,
not all manslaughter. I do appreciate that. All right, well, we’ve
got two votes for Rachel, and one vote for Mike, which means, Rachel, you take this debate. Congratulations, nice job. Well, you guys heard it here. The final decision on
whether or not it is okay to recline your seat on
an airplane, it’s not. Thanks so much for joining us, and we’ll see you next time on Debatable.

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  1. Seat reclining should not be allowed in economy. It's inconsiderate and a poor investment on return (minimal extra comfort for you and maximum discomfort for the person behind you).

  2. As long as I'm not causing people discomfort and vice versa, it should be okay. People who bitch about it have the right to do so as well. ๐Ÿ™‚ You can't please everyone.

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  4. I'm down with either way, but if your front neighbor wants to recline, that does not give you the right to kick the seat incessantly in return (read: revenge). That is all. Be nice to each other, people.

  5. They make the seats to recline, so you can recline if you want to. (admission – I'm a small guy, so I have never felt the need in economy.)

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