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Show Us Your JetPack Video

August 8, 2019

everyone david Mayman CEO and co-founder
of jet pack aviation hope you’re all well so for our very latest competition
what we’d like you to do is make a short short video can’t be any more than say
15 seconds okay and the video should be of you flying a jet pack okay it doesn’t
actually need to be a jet pack you can just be pretending but what would you do
with a jet pack what kind of flight would you make get creative send us a
15-second video and for the one for the first three that we like the best we’re
going to send you a digital copy a numbered digital copy of some of our
original technical design drawings for one of the early jet packs this is going
to be a genuine hand-drawn original drawing from our engineers and it will
be a memento that you can keep it’s part of aviation history so get busy a
15-second video how you would fly a jetpack just show us the motions you’ve
seen what we do in the videos you know you pitch forward and you roll backwards
and to show us what you would look like doesn’t matter whether you’re a kid or
an adult get to it okay and send it please to [email protected]
and love to see your entries.

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  1. Bring the Jet Pack to San Francisco, take off near the Cable Cars at Fishermans Wharf and fly it around the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge.

  2. So it mean,Buy it before !! Yep I really like your jetpack and hope to buy it when I got some big money from my last job and maybe will order it soon.

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