Siblings secretly fly to Japan to surprise soldier brother | Militarykind
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Siblings secretly fly to Japan to surprise soldier brother | Militarykind

February 8, 2020

I know she was working like double
shifts and like extra days and after after work after she came home from
being a teacher I just it just meant a lot that she actually picked that money
up to be able to see me the crankies and go to the what it was only four but only
me visit him for thanksgiving and then surprise him I just made her to cover with the bags
and then she told me to come back and then that’s why she they popped out of
the bushes right you’re right yeah another sibling
by the way to say you know my I know he go to cry but I just picked
you know was surprised and shocked for him when he saw the his brother and his
sister I’ve never really heard him cry like that or we play in that way and we
were all surprised honestly because he’s never done that ever he was he was
really more of a father figure she told me a lot of things um she was always
there for us and and that’s something I can really appreciate and it was amazing
to be with him in the first place I was really grateful cuz I like a lot of kids
get to like you know go out and like go to other places oh we had a great time in Tokyo here’s
my first time being there and it was just a great experience to be with my
family for those two weeks he was how it was hard to say goodbye
cuz uh like like I said being here in Japan and my family being in the United
States is it’s hard enough already so saying goodbye one more time was also

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  1. Hey there😎🤓Most Beautiful Military kind Brothers in Love kind > it really made meself cryin' @ this whole Beautiful video 👍☮️💘☮️✌️Wish you both BEST OF LUCK in ur future ahead👍👍👍💘💘☮️☮️💚💚

  2. I wish I could do that for my son he hasn't been able to come home and I haven't been able to visitand he's been out of the country and now he just finally got back into the country and I still can't go see him 😭💔 I hope very soon I'll be able to hug my boy like that

  3. 0_o He must of had allot of time to think about how much they all mean to him. Then to see them travel all that way just to show him how much he means to them confirmed just how much he was loved & what a great family he has, and it was more than his poor eyeballs could bear!

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