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Siege Hero iPhone Gameplay Review –

August 11, 2019

There’s no denying the success of Angry Birds,
and obviously other developers are going to try their hand at the style of gameplay that
was popularized by that game, but what about the developer that inspired Angry Birds? Armor
Games, creators of Crush the Castle are back with a whole new perspective on the physics
destruction genre with Siege Hero. Siege Hero approaches things from a first
person perspective. There are still enemies held up in rickety dwellings made of wood,
stone, and explosives, but instead of flicking projectiles of doom upon them from a side
location, a quick touch of the screen will hurl your stone or bomb into the distance,
causing death and destruction. What aids this is the telescope gained a few levels in. Holding
down on the screen will zoom in, greatly aiding you in clearing the level in as few attacks
as possible. As the levels progress new rocks get introduced along with special attacks
like bombs and fire oil, and collecting gold and saving peasants will net you the higher
score needed to clear each level with a gold crown (which unlocks bonus treasure levels). The game has a colorful and varied look to
it, depending on which historical civilization is the enemy at any given time, and the sound
effects and music back up the action. The game at the time of this review contains over
120 levels across two campaigns, each with three different eras and bonus levels. A new
campaign is promised soon. Siege Hero is a lot of fun and well worth
your money. The way the physics play out with splintering wood, and aiming to topple a tower
this way or that adds a level of excitement to clearing out the enemies. Upon reviewing
the game however, we came across a bug where on some levels, tapping the screen would no
longer fire the boulder, except at random intervals. While this hampered our enjoyment
of the title, the desire to overcome the bug and continue playing the game is testament
to what’s on offer here.

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  1. very nice! but it seems a bit anticlimactic in sounds and gameplay in this review; look/sound comes off as somewhat flat giving more of a relaxing tone to what is a violent looking game 😛

  2. I don't think it was a bug. I was having the same problem, but then realized I couldnt hit the enemy directly, I had to hit a peice of wood or rock. This may be what happened to you guys

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