SINGAPORE AIRLINES Airbus A330-300 Flight Experience | Singapore – Surabaya SQ930
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SINGAPORE AIRLINES Airbus A330-300 Flight Experience | Singapore – Surabaya SQ930

February 21, 2020

Hello Guys, Welcome back to My Channel I’m currently at Changi Airport in Singapore And I’ll fly with Singapore Airlines to Surabaya I’ll be on their Airbus A330-300 I choose this flight because later this year, SQ will phasing out this type of Aircraft Previously, I already tried their Boeing 777-200 Now it’s time to try Airbus A330-300 Before this aircraft leaving Singapore Airlines’s fleet And now, let’s follow my Journey with Singapore Airlines On their Airbus A330-300 from Singapore to Surabaya! I’ll be on one of SQ’s Airbus A330-300 with Registration 9V-SSD This aircraft delivered to SQ on 2014 There are 30 Business Class Seats and 255 Economy Class Seats I was seated at seat number 58K (window) Leg room was great! Each seat also equipped with Inflight Entertainment screen also Cup Holder, USB Port And Universal Power Port under the seat There are a lot variety of Entertainment on this Krisworld Movies, TV show and Music available during the flight My favourite is Flight Path! Which we can see our current position during flight There are 2 choices of Breakfast on this flight And I choose Scrambled Egg with Potato and Sausage I also choose Orange Juice and Coffee to complete my meal After 2 hours flight.. We start descending to Juanda Airport in Surabaya Ok guys, I just arrived in Surabaya And overall it was a great flight! Because, during the flight, I met SQ Girls on the safety video! I had a quick chat with her and also take a picture Also I got invited to cockpit and captain filling out my flight logbook as well I always love flying with Singapore Airlines Especially the meal! Always tasty Based on my experience, meal on SQ flight from/to Indonesia is already halal certified, so we don’t need to request for Muslim Meal/Halal Meal The cabin similar with Boeing 777-200ER on my flight from Jakarta And it’s still in a very good condition But unfortunately, this Airbus A330-300 will leaving SQ soon! So, what do you think.. about My flight with Singapore Airlines? Don’t forget to like this video And see you on my next video. Bye!

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  1. Kalau memang boleh masuk ke kokpit kenapa saat di udara enggak coba dokumentasi saat mrk sdg mengemudi mas? Saya pernah lihat di salah satu channel YouTube tapi orang Timur Tengah dia rekam yg ada di kokpit dan di situlah momen paling seru yg pernah saya ingin lihat sepanjang hidup saya, yaitu berpapasan dg bbrp pesawat yg sama-sama mengudara… Kebetulan siang itu jg dlm perjalanan dr KL ke Teheran dg Iran Air dapet 2 pesawat yg saling mengudara di atasnya di waktu yg berbeda…

  2. Nice review of the SIA A330 Rahmat! Lucky you seeing the SIA girl featured in the safety video and a visit to the cockpit which I’ve never gotten a chance before 🀣

  3. Mantap Mas. SQ's service and hospitality are always on the top notch level. Good trip video with great explanation. Very soon A330 will become history.

  4. It's a little sad that next time I come back home if I'm on SQ it won't be my normal 777 and A330 combo. But the A350 seems smaller inside but it is more comfortable.

  5. Singapore Airlines emg ga pernah ngecewain, setua2 nya tu pesawat, tp pelayanan ttp ok dan kabin nya pun juga keliatan masih bagus

  6. It's sad that the A330 would be retired from SQ's fleet soon, flew on the a330 before and had many fond memories. I also feel that the 2-4-2 configuration is better as compared to the 3-3-3 configuration on other aircraft

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