SINGAPORE AIRLINES Boeing 777-200ER Flight Experience | Jakarta – Singapore SQ951
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SINGAPORE AIRLINES Boeing 777-200ER Flight Experience | Jakarta – Singapore SQ951

February 16, 2020

Hello Guys, welcome back to My Channel I’m currently at CGK Terminal 3 and I’ll fly from CGK to SIN with Singapore Airlines I take the early morning flight from SQ Because I want to try their Boeing 777-200 Before retirement of this aircraft on March 2020, Singapore Airlines will phasing out all their Boeing 777-200 So, because it’s one of the last moment to flying with.. I take this super early morning flight from CGK to SIN And let see how’s the experience Flying with Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-200 from Jakarta to Singapore I’ll fly with SQ’s Boeing 777-200ER with Registration 9V-SVC this Aircraft delivered to Singapore Airlines on 2001 There are 26 Business Class Seats And 245 Economy Class Seats I was seated at Seat Number 55A (window seat) Legroom surprisingly Good! Foot rest also available on every seat Ok guys, now I’m inside the aircraft And there are a lot empty seat available So I moved a bit behind from my original seat Let see how’s this flight is gonna be! Every seat equipped with Personal IFE Screen also there are cup holder, USB Port, reading lights, and Tray Table with mirror on every seat There are Safety Card, Inflight Magazine and Duty Free Catalog Inflight Entertainment Content is actually Great! There are a lot Movie, TV Show and Music Collection I choose Beef Quiche with Sausage for My Breakfast Let see how it taste! Inflight Service was done and I’m done with My Meal as well Now I’m just enjoying the flight, Listening some Music and looking at Flight Path Now we’re flying over Palembang Because this flight a bit empty, the service was fast Usually on this route, if you sit at the back row… You’ll get the meal just a moment before descending on this flight the crew was not too busy and the service is better than usual because there are only 5 people on this back cabin overall, I always enjoy my flight with SQ! After 1 hour flight.. We start descending into Changi Airport Ok Guys, I just arrived at Changi Airport Overall it was a nice flight! In My opinion, SQ’s Inflight Service is always consistent No wonder that they are 5 stars airlines! Because they really deserved it What do you think about SQ’s Boeing 777-200?? Is the cabin looks old?? Or actually it’s still acceptable? Comment down below! Also thank you so much for watching My Video See you on the next one, Bye!

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  1. Bang mau nanya, gimana caranya kita tau flight yg kita tumpangi itu pake pesawat tipe apa (sebelum flight)?

    Maklum gk pernah naik pesawat😁😁😁😁

  2. IFE yang itu ku pikir touchscreen, soalnya kayak -300ER/A330/380. Waktu itu sampe ditotokΒ² kog gak respon…

    Kalo aku trik duduk belakang serving duluan pasti pesen SPML 🀣

  3. Nice one mas! I like sq951’s early flight time, enabling full working day in singapore. Also kudos to SQ that all flights to Jakarta still operate normally. A couple of Garuda flights on this route were cancelled this week.

  4. Sebenarnya Saya lihat cabin SQ itu masih sangat acceptable banget apalagi ground service nya sudah merawat pesawat dengan baik πŸ™‚

  5. Wajar yah kalau sepi penumpang karena mrk pada banyak yg beralih ke low cost carrier… πŸ˜” Padahal SQ salah satu maskapai penerbangan yang aku banggakan… Semoga bkn karena berita virus corona yah…

  6. Mau di pensiunin atau dijual ke maskapai lain? Karena ini baru sekitar 18 tahunan, di Indonesia bisa hampir 30 tahun umur pesawatnya.

  7. Wohooooo, selalu suka kalau liat Flight Report Naik SQ 🀩, meskipun pesawatnya udh mau ngga di pake lagi tapi overall di cabinnya masih bagus ya ? Dan semuanya sepertinya masih berfungsi dengan baik, rencanya di jam ini akan di ganti apa abam untuk type ac nya ? Udah pasti dilayani secara personal sih kan sultan yg onboard haha ! Mantap kk lanjutkeun ✈️

  8. Great review! Flown on 9V-SVC back in 2017, sad to see SQ retiring the B777-200 fleet soon πŸ™
    I will definitely miss them when they are gone

  9. I've flown on that exact aircraft from SIN to PER so many times. It was so sad to see them replaced with the 787's that are just not my favourite aircraft. But now I take the A350 flights.

  10. Great video!πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ» I've also been on 9V-SVC, it was back in August from Singapore to Hong Kong. So sad their B772s are retiring!😭😭😭

  11. Kabin nya masih lumayan bagus kak.
    Oh iya saya pernah naik B777-200 emirates bulan lalu dri Dubai ke cairo. Sila kalo mau liat d channel saya.
    Ada juga vidio nile air dan nesma airlines. Makasih

  12. Bikin kangen naik SQ!! Hehehe luar biasaaa bela2in terbang subuh demi dapat B772-nya. Walau udah mau pensiun tapi seatnya udah di retrofit ya, IFE-nya naisss banget… makanannya bikin ngiler.. seatnya keliatan nyaman banget.. huaaaa kapan yaa naik SQ lagi? Anyway great video Abam πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  13. Kamu sering ke Singapore ya. Kalau ke Penang atau Kuala Lumpur boleh saya bawa kamu jalan-jalan di sini. Soalan : adakah Singapore Airlines akan jual pesawat B777-200 yang akan pensiun ini?

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