Singapore Airlines Economy Flight Review | Is it Worth It?
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Singapore Airlines Economy Flight Review | Is it Worth It?

August 25, 2019

So in this, video I’m gonna review my trip on Singapore Airlines! Alright, let’s go fly! ♪ upbeat intro music ♪ Well, she was super nice, she like made all the efforts to try to get us the seats we wanted, oh, that’s awesome! The toilets are so cool in Japan! Alright, we’re about to get on the flight. This way, on the right. Hello! Smooth check-in, and the cabin attendants were super pleasant! They showed me some love by handing out wet towels and walked around offering drinks throughout the entire flight! They kept asking me for refills! Now that’s what I call service! Cabin Space: the pitch on these economy seats are fairly standard, But nonetheless, it still felt kind of tight like my clothes after an all you can eat yakiniku night. Aside from that, I love everything else about the cabin space, like these seat pockets, folding table with a dope mirror, snazzy footrest, a contouring headrest, and a decent reclining seat. Wow, just sitting down, I’m already amazed by all the facilities they have here. They even have USB chargers, Oh wow! And they even have a hangar! They have an awesome television set and this controller for the screen almost looks like a PCP controller PCP? I mean PSP. PCP is a drug. Stay away from drugs kids. And the movies here are amazing! They got a really, really, cool selection of movies! So cool! And the in-flight headphones are pretty impressive! Instead of your standard headphones, they offer earbuds and with three sets to fit all sizes And if that’s not enough for you audiophiles, you can plug in your own headphones, just like… Bam! This is really cool! They have some really awesome stuff! I like the fact that they have toothbrushes, and they have combs, and they have all these amenities for you, just to feel a little bit more comfortable when you’re flying with Singapore Airlines But for personal amenities, It’s pretty standard. So I give it a: “You Can Do Better Next Time; 3”. Singapore Air! Where my slippers at? Meals: Check it out! I thought I’d get one bag of nuts, but I actually got two bags! That’s nuts! Another excellent point about Singapore Air is that even economy class gets a menu book in English and in Japanese? And if the meals don’t fill your tummy, you can order additional snacks sandwiches and drinks throughout the entire flight! This is a Western meal. It has a giant hamburger steak, seafood salad, and not so warm dinner roll. It’s actually bigger than I expected! Pretty big, yeah, pretty hefty. It’s pretty moist, but I don’t really like the sauce so much it has this medicinal aftertaste. Not my favorite. And this is a Japanese meal: Yakitori, somen noodles and appetizers. Oh, and I forgot to record the Haagen-Dazs ice cream at the end of the meal. That’s pretty good! Get the wassabi in here. I like how there’s all these toppings that you get to put in the sauce. The noodles are kind of hard. The sauce is pretty good, but the noodles could be a little bit better So if you guys like this video, help me out and hit that like button If you have any questions or comments about the ride, leave a comment in the comment section below and like always, If you want to see more of my adventures in Tokyo, Japan, and all over the world, Hit that subscribe button, and I’ll see you guys in the next one! ♪ upbeat outro music ♪

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  1. Hi, have a Question cause of the seat place. How tall are you? I have to fly next days also to Singapore, but i dont know should i reserve a seat with more legroom or is a normal one enought?

    THX for your answer.

  2. I don’t know why it’s a 4.3 from you but I’d give it a 5. None of the us airlines and European ones even come close to that level and the quality of food for economy

  3. I enjoyed this review and the fact that it was not a business class review but rather for economy. Something within my price bracket. Thank you for this.

  4. I’ve been flying Singapore airlines since I was 18 months years old and I’m currently 9. 🙂 I’d prefer this airline for flying.

  5. Honestly I preferred ANA to SQ. It is more about the cabin aesthetic feel. Blue with white feels much cleaner and less dusty compared to brown yellowish greenish seat cushions.

  6. The service standards have unfortunately deteriorated. On a recent flight, my request for a preferred choice of dinner was not given due respect by the flight attendant. My choice had run out on her trolley, and she was just too lazy to get it from another trolley. Saying that the other dinner choice looks good too, she simply placed it on my tray without further explanations, and proceeded to serve the others. Did she do that because I’m a local who doesn’t deserve the same service provided to “elite” foreign passengers? Absolutely disgusting!!

  7. I love SQ. Since I was a baby i gave benn treveling with SQ. I am allargic to nuts, I get 2 bags of chips. I JUST LOVE SINGAPORE AIRLINES😍😍

  8. I like your video… I have something to ask for you…. I will be travelling to launceston,Australia….. And my flight is connecting from cebu to davao,then stopover about two hours,then depart to singapore,and stopver there less than teo hours,then depart to melbourne… The plane is silk air… My question is,Which place or destination do I have to write in departure card in Mactan cebu airport? Do I have to go through immigration in davao airport? Or is there a way there for connecting flights?… me

  9. A uniform of a cabin attendant is Oriental, and they're sexy.
    If anything I'd like to be them and a friend after I get out of an airplane. (^_^)v

  10. Hi dear ! I was on economy class Singapore airline from Sydney to Singapore on the 22/12/2018
    The service is so good ,seat is bigger than normal , the food is so so good ,this is the only airline which crew up and down all the time provide drink.i was Australian and should support qantas(but just give them a 6. ) ,and Singapore airline 9.9
    The price is not expensive compare to other

  11. What jacket are you wearing? I’m thinking of getting it but I don’t know what’s it called. Really appreciate your help 🙂

  12. In summer 2015, I decided to go to Japan from Denver, CO. I flew from Denver to LA and to Japan. I flew Singapore and was right next to the Emergency Exit; the food was amazing. The staff was great. They kept asking if I wanted a Hershey Chocolate bar, lol!. However, on the flight back the crew seem really tired and had to deal with lots of attitude. *I flew to Narita; if you've never been to Tokyo Narita airport, the walk to get your luggage is LOOONGG!!.

  13. Hey Paolo, your airline review is way way enjoyable to watch and better than Sam Chui ( a popular aviation vlogger). You should make more airline review videos if you can. Regards from Tsukuba Japan.

  14. I always found SIA to be an all round solid airline to fly on. The only downside is that it's expensive but other than that, service wise they're excellent! Oh and I'm glad that you came to visit Singapore. Are you coming back again? If so, when?

  15. This video is really cool! You don't get to see a lot of the economy class in reviews as many focus on first class for this airline, but it looks like a really good experience!

  16. Обучаю бесплатно, каким образом можно делать раз в день до 50 долларов на свою карту. Смотрите видео на моём канале

  17. Paolo, which microphone are you using with your DSLR? Thank you for a reply! Just found your videos and am enjoying the insights! Great channel!

  18. Awesome! Thanks Paolo. I'm about to fly with Singapore Airlines for the first time, from Australia to Beijing, via Singapore. I know they have good customer service and plane configuration but was wondering about their economy class amenities and food so your video was very helpful.

  19. i just found u paolo…nice warm and honest report…thank God someone doing this job better them sam chui //kepp it up

  20. What plane was this? Try to get an idea of it would be similar to the plane I’m on while traveling with Singapore Airlines.

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