Skylanders Academy Season 2 Eps 9-13 Review Spoilers Livestream Archive
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Skylanders Academy Season 2 Eps 9-13 Review Spoilers Livestream Archive

August 12, 2019

hey hey hey what’s going on what’s going
on portal masters Robert Welkner here from coin-op TV live streaming on my
youtube channel slash coin-op TV via the YouTube act there on
my iPhone so everything look good everything looks straight there
everything coming in loud and clear I’m all caught up with Skylanders Academy
season 2 I want to do a recap review my thoughts on reactions on the last few
episodes episodes 9 10 11 12 and 13 I was gonna do two videos and sort of
break it up but I was busy yesterday and today is Sunday and I just couldn’t wait
I had to zoom through I had to marathon i binge my way cuz people already
sending me spoilers on Facebook and Twitter and comments for the spoilers or
the world out there you’re idiots and you shall perish and burn in hell but
for those who have been patient and cool and chill and haven’t spoiled things or
haven’t tried to spoil things I appreciate it thank you
with that warning this video will have spoilers to it so you’ve been warned I
think I put spoilers in the title so you don’t know what if you don’t want to
know what happens then you know watch finish up the series and then come back
we’ll have a little skylander portal master discussion we’re live streaming
so behave so I don’t have to give me a timeout I give you a shout outs and some
questions concerns along the way if you guys watch this on the archive leave
some questions to let me know what your reactions were to Skylanders Academy on
Netflix hopefully enjoyed it I gotta say I’m
kind of buzzing right now I’m dying I’m kinda I kind of got like a little bit of
a Skylander hi cuz the last few episodes of the season were really good took
things up another level lots of characters lots of villains lots of
stuff going on that was pretty well done I gotta say you know some of my issues
so far with the show have been that I’ve said this in some of my videos I felt
like the writers weren’t making the Skylanders have powers that they have in
the video game or something they seem to like lack of those powers it’s almost
like they have different abilities and powers something was just kind of weird
to me since I kind of grew up you know for five six years with these characters
having certain abilities and characteristics of the video
game so but what I do like about the cartoon shows is sort of taking the lore
and some of the backstory to history and kind of either rewriting stuff into the
new direction or creating new characters and new stuff that we haven’t seen or
just kind of putting it all together like a good salad they’re mixing it up
and saying hey here’s here’s all the cool characters we have this is what
we’re gonna do with them and we’re gonna roll with it and I like I like what’s
happening I’m enjoying things very much hey cruise fires in chat angels in chat
Luke’s vloggers in chat Chris as I watched the whole series in one day uh I
was gonna try and binge things but man I’m uh I’m a busy busy dude so okay so
I’m gonna be brief on episodes like 9 10 11 but then like episodes 12 13 will
will linger around a little more on those because those were like chock-full
of content stuff so episode 9 Skylanders Academy season 2 episode 9 was called
belly of the beast we got to see my man psy making a return their course voice
by the diamond minecart popular youtuber this is a skylines imaginator figure
that I was that I got sent to me shoutouts a portal power TV I think I
used his chair for this I I think that’s how I got it anyway so we got to see a
side back so during the Skylanders training psy arrives the Skylanders know
that they have to save kingpin I feel I have some toys toys and visual visual
aids here so those kingpin against the fire viper don’t have a toy for the fire
viper and they all end up inside of his
stomach and miss sort of joined together to unify the the cadets and Skylanders
to get out of the fire Vipers stomach the cadets are initially a hesitant of
incorporating bad breath and sigh but soon learn that they need to join
together to bond in battle to to free themselves so that’s how that’s kind of
the synopsis there for what’s going on in Skylanders season to Scotland Academy
Season 2 episode 9 we get a little bit of mystery and lore from some scenes
with King Pan Aeon at the end of the episode time I
can’t and also from chaos and mother and Casas mother Cassandra regarding chaos
is dark power so it’s kind of setting things up there let me say I see a few
more people jump to chat Bennie’s and chat
hey portal power TV I just gave you a shout out and you magically appeared in
shadow shown off the side that I believe I got from your chirp so thank you for
that Drobo Productions is in chat what’s up venomous rain says you’re an awesome
youtuber they just mentioned some awesome other awesome youtubers thank
you thank you so my thoughts on episode 9 it was cool it was fun you again we
get to see some psy and I thought I was kind of cool seeing some kingpin you
know I like I like when they get the sensei’s in there you know they make him
seem so so official so regal and stuff so all right moving on episode 10 who’s
your daddy we get a quick fight in the beginning with choppy mage and there’s
some soul searching with Spyro and jetpack we got a lot of jet pack in
season 2 that’s for sure jet pack adopts a new baby who runs amok
inside the Skylanders Academy of course we find out that he’s a a greebles baby
or stuff like that kind of looks like a gremlin or something kind of terrorizing
things I mean while Cass and glumly shanks flip through some old photos of
Chaos’s mom and the golden Queen and it hints that glumly shanks is que haces
father but we all know that that’s untrue that was just kind of a false all
sort of thing there so that episode was okay absolute end was okay I feel like
it was kind of like a little bit of the calm before the storm kind of getting
into the big the big meet of things so let’s move on to episode 11 again I’m
jumping through the these some of these episodes quick but the later ones we’re
gonna dwell a little longer so episode 11 was called Sheep balls dream a dream
catcher and the doom Raiders are sort of flying to try and find Casas mom’s
castle and dream catcher bumps her head I think stealth of a sort
of flying through the clouds and she smashes in the dream catcher knock and
dream catcher out and dream catcher winds up with amnesia so yan decides
that hey the best course of action is to incorporate dream catcher into the
Skylanders try bring her back in to the fold as part of
her rehabilitation dreamcatchers also visited by a
mysterious dark evil calling himself strike or which I believe is spelled s t
ry k o r e i’ll be curious to see if that’s the official spelling I use that
from the the credits when I was watching they’re like the German subtitles or
something but anyway dreamcatcher and the gang decided to
play that they’re gonna play a game of sheep ball with dreamcatcher there the
match is interrupted by the golden Queen who once dreamcatcher to return back to
the doom Raiders and a quick battle ensues I was a little disappointed this
little battle here Wolfgang always seems like a wimp in these battles like where
where’s Wolfgang like the tough crazy Wolfgang crowd surfing and going nuts it
seems like whenever there’s a doom rate of battle though Wolfgang is always kind
of like second fiddle to choppy mage and some of the other doom Raiders like
shift back but Jack doesn’t seem very strong and crazy in these battles you
know it always seems to be like the golden Queen is kind of the main force
of things okay so let’s see at the end of episode the golden Queen and the doom
Raiders do show up at Casas mom’s castle and they turn her into gold while chaos
and gloom shanks are sort of helpless at their mercy so this there’s some
cliffhangers now you know everything’s kind of leading into one main story here
leading up to the big finale of the season which is a cliffhanger also so
have it games have a gaming chest as I’m watching and I subscribed thank you hey
Jeff 28 is in Chinese says hello Skye nerds I just watched a video on Jeff
twenty-eight YouTube channel that I had a low cameo and talking about what kind
of Skylanders guest characters we wanted to have in there and I all the other
portal masters seem to have props and things like that and I was thinking oh
guy should have showed a prop of the person I was talking about won’t spoil
it here cuz I’m one should watch this video but all right so that was episode
11 all right here we go we get into like the nitty-gritty here episodes 12 and 13
were like oh I thought almost felt like I was watching mini movies here of
Skylanders mini move and stuff like that so let me just jump
over to chat here saying vitalic shrim says hey Rob how you doin
what up what up what up and just miss him just seeing if there’s anybody else
gets a shout out here all right Jeff Tony says yes the last show is awesome
alright so here’s a little synopsis and my impressions okay so Skylanders Khadem
e season 2 episode 12 was called it take text 2 it’s hard to say it text – just
take on its text – ok so here’s what I wrote down jetpack has some issues with
his role as a Skylander although I thought he was like one of the
instructors and not really like a Skylander that was a little confusing
there he feels a little jealous of sprocket when she starts fixing all the
tech stuff around her and Skylands but jet packs an air element and sprockets a
tech element so wise why is jet packs sweating on sprocket
shouldn’t he be fixing airplanes or surfboards or something that requires
air I don’t think surfboards were air surfboards there’s something and
sprocket should be doing some tech things but anyway I’m digressing so
anyway sprocket said helps jet back realize that he has some magical eggs
that he can produce and so all is happy with that so also in the episode Spyro
threatens to leave if Eon doesn’t explain his origin spiral
is getting restless and wants to know about his history as an terrestrial
where he’s from his parents things like that
Eon caves in explains the sprout that he had to use his powers to fight against
strike or destroying Spyros interest interest tree and it’s another key where
to say while I’m live-streaming here so Spyros like you know what later yan
you’ve been lying to me brah and I’m done with this and the portal power says
in chat so jet pack of female I guess in the wood Skylanders the male characters
can lay eggs that doesn’t really make sense as you’re saying there so so yeah
it’s like hey here’s the deal I use magic to hurt your folks and use your
dragons so sparrows like you know what I’m a tea
see you later wouldn’t want to be a so meanwhile over in chaos Sandra’s castle
Cass opens up his mother’s book and reveals the darkness in his in the
castle is chaos his father looking to be released I feel like we’ve been waiting
to see chaos his father for years I mean I remember when they introduced Casas
mother and I thought oh hey you know in the video games maybe we’ll see Casas
father comment up so I feel like it’s been years so we’ve been waiting for
Casas father I like the way they’re kind of showing him is kind of this dark
brooding shape with you know this ominous voice and and all that drug road
productions and Chad says where’s Jeff at keep all his eggs I don’t think is he
keeping his backpack I think he’s sort of laying him when he gets nervous
that’s that’s kind of things so so episode 12 very fun a lot of stuff going
on some of the stuff with jet pack and sprocket as I mentioned earlier I
thought was a little disjointed because you know why would jet packs a professor
what is he he needed to kiss up the Skylanders he’s the man you know it’s
like Dumbledore getting you know jelly of you know Harry Potter cuz he’s you
know chilling with all the other you know students or whatever but anyway
let’s move on here’s the big one the season finale Skylanders Academy Season
2 episode 13 was called Touch of Evil of course that’s a Orson Welles movie and
so freedom cinema film buffs there so via text room
says yes shouldn’t jetpack be working on like a hoverboard or something the SS
and Eric your ears guy later that’s what I was thinking angel says I want to get
something for Christmas merch I wouldn’t get merch for Christmas get some God
marriage for Christmas awesome okay so in debt – Rex’s and Chavez also give a
little shout out there okay so let me get to my notes and impressions and so
like that angel says I want some quantity be merger if you click on the
about page where there’s links I do have some coordinates V t-shirts so you can
you can check out the quantity V t-shirts on there I think I think only
handful people own one of course portal power TV has one
I think mallow saw t-shirt a couple of the people I’m forgetting alright let me
get back let me get back to the synopsis here so touch me well this follows up
from the previous episode Casas father explains him how he’s banished by Casas
mom we so learned a little more that as we go a spyro pays mela for visit tries
to convince him to find out more about his history and malformed reveals that
Spyros parents are still alive so another reveal we’re getting cast as dad
reveal Spyros parents being a live reveal we’re gonna get the big reveal
with Eon a little later lots of stuff going on in here yes four to power TV
says he does have a shirt awesome I remember cuz I we talked about this
alright so Cass receives new powers from his father and vanquishes the golden
Queen mala foretells Aeon to return cinder to him or hello kidnapped Spyro
right and take him to the Kundera scripts and cows freeze his mom and
steals her powers away but isn’t strong enough to free his father so there’s a
little lag going on y’all I call the magic stuff happenin and one thing I’ve
always liked about Skylanders and Spyro and all that stuff is magic and fantasy
so wouldn’t whenever there’s fantasy magic and stuff like that going on I’m
cool with that it’s when they kind of forget about their abilities and they’re
just doing like mundane things that I kind of lose interest a little bit when
I’m watching the show okay moving on so Mela for so then cash shows up he’s
like you know what my dad he’s powerful is evil he wants Spyro cuz we’re gonna
like suck away his life forces is good life juice from him some al4 agrees to
give chaos spyro and then the Skylanders show up right after that and there’s
like a little battle with cinder and the Skylanders and again smell for they try
and get spiral back but Sparrow is there anymore malla four runs off taking
cinder so we’ll see what happens with that there’s another little cliffhanger
there and then strike or calls himself a light eater and absorbs the good and
gee I guess we’ll call that the light energy the good energy from Spyro and
appears in the flesh in hopes of destroying the core of light I guess
that’s his objective he wants to destroy the core of light he wants to you know
let evil ensue he’s like Voldemort evil must ensue
throughout the lands of Skylands so here’s another big thing that happens
and this is something in sports somebody spoiled in comments so haters dab on the
hater spoilers right Spyro turns into dark Spyro Kaos is mom shows up and
Tooey on and says hey you know we gotta join forces and team up like we did in
the past and vanquish this light eater strike whore and so that’s kind of how
the cliffhanger is and then right at the end spoilers I mention this already but
right then we get Yeon’s reveal it takes off his helmet nurse mask or whatever is
not a mask but it takes off his hat reveals that he’s got some of the magic
the magic dots I don’t know what those are call kind of like Kaos has on his
head there so what’s the story with that is y on a young que haces dad’s brother
is he part of the Kaos family big giant cliffhanger there I haven’t I just
watched this like minutes ago before livestream so I don’t really processed
us all but I thought you know what I’m a bus and I’m high on Skylanders Academy
let me jump into the livestream and get some thoughts portal power TV and says
basically turns power into darks bar yes so that’s kind of what happens now we
already knew there’s been dark spire on the past from way back in the day and
the video games and in Skylanders so now we get that happening in the cartoon angel chat says quantity shirts look
cool thank you thumbs up for you that comments Cruz Forest has burned Bernie
time about spoilers got a bird so it’s at room says I think he is Casas brother
I think that’s kind of the theory I’m gonna go with the Yi on his Casas dad
strike ORS brother Dominus Rex is I think he’s Casas father
mm-hmm okay well Casas father we think a strike
or of course that could all be twisted up you know I feel like there’s that
this could be a thing okay portal power TV says
I think Leon is actually cast as father this could be true which would be
interesting so that would mean that Cassandra and Ian got a little busy back
in the day popped out a shorty in the name of chaos yeah yeah that could be a
thing so then what would that make strike or with that with the strike
Arnie and so be brothers of you is his evil brother
could it be you know something else I like this like these theories I like the
live stream in the comments and the theories this is this is good we’re
working together trying to figure it out porta power TV says striker lied the
Dominus is agreed exactly okay good chap 20 what do you say the birds and the
bees lol yes yes actually was the reference to the birds and bees in the
show there so Dro bro says no Cass I’m your father are you doing that like a
Darth Vader voice they’re something so yes like if you haven’t seen some of the
Star Wars movies there’s definitely a I feel like a play on the whole father
thing with with the Star Wars Ben my hair is getting out of control I think I
need to go get a haircut sometimes weak my work schedule in real life has just
been like hella busy and I haven’t really been able to do a lot of things
that I wanted to including personal hygiene so apologize for that
speaking of hype who’s seen the new Call of Duty trailer the drop today just
watch that also today it was really fun it’s like a live-action trailer was like
hey let’s get the let’s get our friends and our peeps all back together to play
some new Call of Duty I thought it was really fun
trailer there speaking of Star Wars I’m looking forward to the less Jedi hype
there via trim says she get your hair short on the sides and log on top kylo
mullet thing happenin or something um I will be getting a haircut soon so
hopefully when you see me next my hair will be shorter it’s not so crazy my
thoughts on Harris I know I got like a big giant forehead dome cro-magnon there
but I got a bald spot I got no bald spot and my hair grows so
sometimes it’s not so bad when I get the fro you know maybe I should do like a
little mohawk there for like Halloween be I can be a wolf gang or something
whose what sky later has a mohawk in there you know I should do that
so hey Liam is in chat and hey Vic’s 15 is in chat says Yolo but we still use a
new Yolo man okay um and Thomas versus I suddenly watch a clip at darks bar
before I watched the episode I couldn’t you couldn’t wait yeah do you had to get
in there right via took shrimp says you should be a
villain following a fun fact I was actually a a Skylander for I was chop
chop I had to think of it because it was so what a while ago I was a chop chop
for Halloween once if you go back to some my old videos you should see a
thumbnail as am you chop chop if are like Halloween so I have dressed
as a Skylander for Halloween and I did a video of that so okay so this video has
been like 20 minutes I was trying to keep it around 15 minutes but there was
so much stuff happening so shoutouts to Eric Rogers and activation and
Skylanders and you know the team involved the animation and the voice
actors involved with Skylanders Academy season 1 and 2 I think you guys did a
great job I had some minor complaints with some of the stuff going in there
but overall is really fun and um can’t wait for Skylanders Academy season 3 man
that’s gonna be a long a long wait for that which I’m assuming is gonna be
September or October 2018 on Netflix so we’ll see what happens if I see Eric
Rogers at a Comic Con or a person I’m gonna grab them and say tell me what
happens I need to know what happened to cinder what happens to Spyro what
happens to everything so portal power TV says if aura is eons nice does that mean
the strikers yen’s brother and their problem yeah this I might have to make
like another video with just like speculation or something like that on
the whole heritage of all the characters now we have all these new things
introduced so anyway give you guys a portal master rank up thanks a bunch for
watching if you guys watch this on the archive leave some comments what are
your theories let me know what’s going on and share this video so we can get
more people watching it and get some more theories going so thanks a bunch
for watching for coin up TV we’ll see you next time

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  1. i am pretty sure that Eon is Kaos' dad, that Strykore lied & it is known that Eon & Kaossandra know each other, remember when Eon gave her the book of evil back?

  2. Maybe Eon is Strykore's dad because they both have helmets that cover their forehead and since Eon has the kaos forehead symbol that must mean Strykore has it too. Eon and Strykore have similiar outfits and helmets………and since Strykore is Kaos' dad that must mean Eon is kaos' grandpa

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