skywalk Video Competition 2010 + Pure Passion For Flying
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skywalk Video Competition 2010 + Pure Passion For Flying

February 13, 2020

Sometimes people ask Why do you fly? well, why wouldn´t I? being able to fly like a bird It´s men oldest dream gliding your way into unexplored worlds and sharing it all with your friends before flying anxiety builds up heartbeat increases but this is normal we were not meant to fly the air is not our natural environment maybe this is a way of correcting evolution we have always wanted to grow wings since we as a species became aware that nature was not so generous as some of us would hope to and paragliding is in my opinion the closest to having wings when flying I feel more aware tuned up to understand and move through the invisible element that carries me upwards and manifest itself in many many ways all of them beautiful but not all of them gentle like almost everything else there there are some risks but it’s all about knowing your limits and working on them so that you can safely fly higher and further once an old man came up to me and asked “Aren’t you afraid of dying?” I said: “Yes” “I am” “but I’m also afraid of not living” paragliding is my way of experiencing life to its fullest understand the feeling reality trough all senses My Poison is my antidote the more I fly the more I realize that I can´t get enough of it Flying is now and forever always on my mind If I lived to be five hundred years old I would wish to live another five hundred more and be able to have many flying adventures it is my worst regret that I will eventually one day fly no more even now after a few years flying it still amazes me how this apparently fragile piece of technology built out of fabric lighter than paper can carry me to the clouds and beyond my dreams and now as I speak a simple thought comes up answering the first question I’m flying because I can

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  1. Obrigado pelos comentários, agora é possível ver com legendas tem em Inglês e em Português, é só accionar o botão CC por baixo do video à direita.

    I've added subtitles to the video in English and Portuguese just press the CC icon.

  2. Muito bom Décio, parabéns pelo vídeo.
    Sei que o que dizes é sentido.
    Força e boa sorte.
    Claro que não há nada como voar.

  3. Muitos parabéns pelo vídeo, uma abordagem muito original ao que é voar e ser voador.

    Imagem belíssimas!!!

  4. Beutiful my friend !! Believe me when I say a undestand you very well…!! just in case you didnt read it look for this wonderfull book: Juan Salvador Gaviota – from RICHARD BACH


    Hope it will get you some more views 😉
    I liked it alot mate! Made the hair on the back of my neck stand up at some points, but a bit deep with the whole life and death undertone, all the same , GREAT WORK mate!

  6. I just received a message from Skywalk, I WON! I would like to thank all who participated in this competition and all who enjoyed watching my Pure Passion For Flying.

  7. yes Iris,please come to Madeira,it will be a pleasure to fly with you, and watch you doing some acro. We will have a meeting in April,you will be more than welcome!

  8. Thanks for this amazing video clip. As I fly as well, you have shown exactly what is on my mind and I haven't had a chance to articulate yet. This is truly wonderful piece of picture what paragliding is all about. Please…..keep filming.

  9. @Saltandhigh Thanks for your Kind words, I´m glad you enjoyed. I will keep filming, I am already working on the next script for my next video.
    Décio Abreu

  10. @israliensss Thanks a lot, I aprecciate you enjoying. Starting on my next one, I will show my next video soon. Cheers

  11. Killer vid. you should also post this to Vimeo. The Pimple Queens have also posted such beautiful and poetic videos

  12. @pardalparapa thanks for watching and enjoying. The statue is in my Island of Madeira near the beach "praia Formosa".

  13. What will happen when something goes wrong while flying above city and you pull reserve chute and fall to power lines directly? Isn't it probable? I dont understand the concept of flying above city.

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