SLIME RANCHER BEATING THE GAME!!! Slime Rancher Gameplay Part 10
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SLIME RANCHER BEATING THE GAME!!! Slime Rancher Gameplay Part 10

August 30, 2019

What’s up everybody hope you’re having an amazing day today I am Peter Cole back with slime rancher now I do apologize in advance that I have been gone for a couple days I had some crazy stuff going on in my life that I had to figure out some stuff with some family and stuff like that and it was kind of rough, but We’re back. She’s getting set up here making sure seeing if everybody comes in all right I think I have a good spot for my chat to be What’s up, Mike? Glad to see you before I head off and Beat the game here, I would need to feed my my lovely lovely guys Hey guys full silver parsnips. No you’re not Take the silver part snips Walk away, what’s up? Random? You feel presence in the shadows Oh? Oh, where’d these ports oh gosh that didn’t work that was terrible someone texted me iron nerve What’s up man what’s up, Josh? Glad to see you guys I’m a Chum. I do not disturb quick on my phone I Think it’s on now, right? Just rip on that should make it so I don’t get texts but for some reason that text still came through. That’s so weird Dang it it happened again All right, all right. This is gonna have to do. This is going to have to do I don’t know if I told you guys, but I use my chat on my phone and so uh It just does what it does. I guess they don’t think that um Airplane herb. Do-not-disturb is supposed to mean do not text you Guys are all you guys are hungry there we go eat the MIT mangoes No longer be hungry. What are you doing here brah? That’s good enough, right Suck those up I’m gonna save them here. Are you guys hungry? You don’t look very hungry. Now. You got food you guys got food nice nice Looking good over there Pick up our beats just to pick them up. I don’t know what I decide I was gonna do with all of these extra slimes Or did I decide last time? I don’t know what’s up DJ Glad to see so many of you guys coming in like I said sorry that I haven’t been Streaming for a couple days had some family troubles Had to figure some stuff out, but it’s all figured out now. We’re all good everything is a-okay Just want to give them enough food. Oh jeez they have enough food oh My goodness they have tons of food. It’s just sitting around in there Everything’s good now, but we’re back. We’re coming up. We’re gonna try to be consistent you guys got your oka. Oh cos What do you guys eat veggies just? Want some of these heartbeats? There you go you can have some What do you guys eat you guys eat veggies too you guys want some of these heartbeats sure you’re hungry there you go What do you guys eat fruit and meat you guys got some food? No? Assuming you guys don’t have fruit either or food either No, wait No, no food for them either, okay? Okay Wait random it is started. What do you mean? Yeah, it did start I was about to say I was like wait. I’m so confused on what you’re saying about leaving I’ve been streaming for a few minutes now. That was confusing You make my heart beat. Oh my gosh human. Oh my gosh. I can’t I can’t do that It’s too much Jacy’s guys are growing fast I Didn’t expect this We don’t need more veggies though. Oh, there’s so many of everything. I mean, Oh coke is er. Oh crap Who do I drop around here, I don’t even know what do I drop here’s to the heartbeats? Let’s get our oka, Oh cos Then we’ll come back for our prickle pears go and give those to the guys in the back That I’m sure don’t have any food at this point the tango mosaics. I’d only give these to my crystal slimes up here first These guys should have lots of food from me before I go these guys They always provide me with the goods. They got the goods You guys gonna have too many Goods right now though. I’m kind of disappointed in them Kind of disappointed in them I Pickle pears and then I think we’re gonna head off There’s still I was worried watching this episode. I’m like man I don’t want to do a beat the game episode But then I was like there’s still so much for me to do besides beating the game Like I still have to build all these things in my workshop and go get new materials And I’ve seen some other stuff people saying there’s like secret areas and everything or like special vaults or something. I’m like Holy crap that was intense. There’s still so much to do Wait is it actually your birthday? Is that for real this is here ooh cool sweet? Yes, yes, please. Oh crap. I don’t have enough stuff though a Ornette I need for 25. I got good money. Happy birthday. If it is actually your birthday. That’s awesome That’s saying I don’t believe you just just say It’s actually birthday. Happy birthday Once you beat the game you will never beat the game exactly exactly Yeah, you just couldn’t tell that I meant beat like that because it was in the me of my voice but that’s definitely the beat that I meant I Don’t like that. They’re all all of the food things aren’t all on the same side They should all be on the same side it stresses me out that they’re not Okay, so I’m gonna go over here grab some of these Should have enough that’s awesome. Happy birthday. My birthday’s in January so crap Her birth is in January so I still have a long time to go before it’s my birthday again Geez you guys acting crazy over here for your food gosh. I fed you and everything Alright we’re gonna head over here wait No, yeah, we are gonna have here. I want to put these mosaic and tangle slimes away They won’t like hurt each other right if I put tango and mosaic slimes in the same thing I guess the mosaics could eat and produce floors though. I’m not gonna do that? let’s get an air net and a music box and They should be happy enough oh I love them so I Did I love them so they’re so cute so cute? I can’t I can’t handle it Let’s go I’m gonna feed these other guys, and then we are going to head off off to the end The technical end. I still have to go all the way through the 7z Corporation have to build all those things in the Laboratory there’s eventually gonna be more content the creators have said like I’ve got a lot to do in the long run Yes, hungry. You look hungry What you guys don’t need prickle pears that I feed these are the wrong people Crap I did dang it Dang it the sucks I I fed Oh No hold on Hold on. Please tell me they still have a little parsnips left. Please. Please somebody haven’t fed them a ton of them yet There’s only eight darn all right we got to give these guys the prickle pears, I forgot They like veggies and fruit oh darn what happens and you build them in the wrong spots What is your birthday huh human Yeah, they’re dervishes, that’s why I took him back there, I knew I’d put them in the wrong spot these guys like the parsnips There you go And I’ll give them some extra just regular carrots since there’s carrots over here to get My game so I can give some chickens to give him some hands I’ve got plenty of them growing in my own thing anyway. Oh You guys are starving too. Ah crap. Uh? What do you guys like? veggie and meat There you go, you’ve got veggies and meat where’s the other chicken I’m trying to be fair to everyone I’m trying to be a good master, and these guys are hungry, but there is little baby dervishes. What are they gonna do? That’s messed up I know All right, we’ll go give these guys the rest of the hens I Don’t want that poker fruit though Okay There’s so many of you that are hungry So there you go It’s not full is it I was about to say there’s no way it’s full All right here we go then I go ahead and throw away these tangle slimes into the distance and to the abyss I Know you guys are starving. You’ve just been in my vacuum with no food. I’m a terrible person Yeah, I have a ton of homework to Rex I Feel you on that one. I have so much homework to be doing I Feel like I should wait a second, if these are growing out No, no, I’m not good. That was it okay Yeah, well go give these guys the parsnips And then I will actually head to a no we got to redo the email the star mail email Look at that sound is so scary and so cute at the same time We’re gonna have a lot of forts to collect when we get back. That’s for sure about to be rich beyond measure All right we gotta go read this time now because I feel like the end of the game is gonna have to dump dang it I Was like I should wait because these are gonna be growing make real I feel like the star mail is going to be about Casey, but our and our the endings think about Casey But I don’t know it seems suspicious The recent stuff that’s been said to me coming home Casey hi BIA the year we both came home Do you think it ever could have worked I mean being with you again every day instead of the long-distance thing that was great I remember feeling really happy, but something was missing we both knew that we were giving something up for it all I think about it all the time Then if we had been less honest about it all how you might still be running that little garden shop And I’d still be trying to write music out of a basement it doesn’t matter I should have told you then what I never did I should have said it a hundred times. What that you loved me? You should have you failed Casey You failed me you lost loser I’m not really that cold-hearted guys. I’m just kidding oh geez Did they knew they knew I was dissing, KC. They had to give me that as punishment just Get that yeah, I got the pickle pair the other ones too far at ease I wasn’t a they’re not gonna eat that come on man. I left those silver parsnips for you for your let’s go to The ending which is this way. I don’t know why I’m going like that What is the run like the wind before they’re hungry? I don’t understand. I’m so confused is This is this a joke is this an inside inside thing that I’m not understanding Shh I Thought This sounds so cute over there And none of the bad guys are coming out to get me also I was gonna tell you guys I should have my new camera in the next day or two so hopefully I’ll be able to Do face cams in the live streams? It should be freaking awesome? it won’t be as easy to look at the camera as it is in my Normal videos because the life she’ll be going on constantly. I’ll be playing without turning away, but it will still be very cool All right, I think it’s this way Cuz cut because it’s been a couple days. I kind of forgot I Really like I kept thinking about streaming so many times, so I was just like I just can’t because Are those oh those dead Pogo freaks? Yes? They are okay? I was like what the heck I just couldn’t because it’s not that was going on I kept trying to set up stuff and the whole Nintendo thing like really mess up the things I was doing so we should be back on track I Am working on some other projects itself which will be interesting for you guys. I think I think some news I guess some new stuff come with that thinks it’d be really fascinating to a lot of you guys. It’s gonna be exciting But I should be back with pretty consistent live streams at this point come on reload faster What’s my favorite color? Purple or teal I would say probably teal to me I don’t know. I like purple and teal both them are really good. I don’t know I Don’t know that both really good. Oh You’re saying run, so they don’t eat something else I Like them giving all my them meat I like them giving me all their ports jeez that was hard to say when do I get to unlock the advance treasure cracker? Oh, yeah I forgot you guys told me I was in the lab so much to do in that lab that I haven’t done yet I’m a failure Get out my way pinky Did I say you could bump into me like that no no I did not Who set a box hold on hold on twas the Box twas the box before Christmas what? Really that’s it some stupid carrots and Pogo fruit uh Did I ever finish the telltale Walking Dead is that we were talking about Yeah 35 things In real life. I like a lot of cats, but I have a tabby so if that is any answer I’ve had to tabbies my closest cat ever to me was a tabby and this newer one I’m gaining a bond with but he’s still really young he’s on he’s a little over a year now. He’s also a tabby so I’ve made me had tabbies in my life I Don’t like Siberian cats though. They freak me out Siamese Siamese cats Siberians are amazing cuz they look like cat Huskies. They’re like almost the cat version of Huskies, but Siamese cats no No III haven’t finished Walking Dead on the on the channel. I haven’t played through the telltale on the channel then I open this right I Swear there was another key somewhere to open. I mean there has to be because There’s only the amount of keys in the games that’s needed – yeah. Yeah, there’s got to be another key somewhere That I’m not aware of or I forgot about No not anymore since that other episode I’ve just regrow in the first – OH January 6 mine’s January 31st so still a bit away from each other but January in January at least as close to the most people. Yeah, this is as far as I got with regarding the desert I’ll do that after I I want to go see the ending quick and Then I’ll come do the rest. I’m actually super excited to continue cleaning up the area Because it looks so beautiful Like when you hey when you’re in here, it’s amazing here. We go I Said I would go back in a future episode and this is it this is it I haven’t know what’s gonna happen like I have no idea and I’m going to Yeah four months that’s more than today I Mean I guess it’s closer away than it is farther away. If that makes sense, but still alright. Let’s do this Two doors beatrix life is filled with moments where those two doors, and you can only choose one I came too far far range because a search for the unknown is in my bones and in time even a thousand light-years away from Earth wasn’t enough so I searched for secrets within the ancient ruins that led me here This place was my ticket to go even further What? What is this like the other one where both doors are the same? The ruins are actually great engines that allow for travel through space and maybe even time after years of study I knew how to activate them And I alone would be the first to cross over into the true beyond it was the ultimate adventure But then there’s that other door I met thora and fell in love What are the chances of that she had a piece of my heart and the universe had the other? two doors beatrix Whoa? What? Why I bubblegum hi Benjamin. Yeah, sorry I’ve Had tons to do recently had some family issues going on and everything so Yeah, this to door thing is confusing because they both lead to the same place So is it like a foe decision like there’s there’s not actually two doors that they’re just one Cuz that’s what I’m getting from this that’s confusing me alright Can’t really pick off the prickle pears right now. It looks like I know that’s deep for real though Where’d you come oh I Guess I’ll pick you up you must be here for a reason Whoa Okay, there’s a bunch gonna pop out over here, too. I Heard one somewhere really just one little pinky huh I chose my door I went back to the ranch and promptly sold it I packed my things and took a tour of this beautiful land one last time Leaving these little notes for you. It was time. I said goodbye to life I had my hands and feet tingle as I approached this monolithic warp terminal Well lay ahead of me was an adventure unlike anything. I had ever known in my life I stepped onto the flat platform my heart racing What? This platform hold on What is what is this right here? Is this the platform, I’m so confused I don’t want to I’m so confused But that thing looks like the platform, this isn’t the platform But I didn’t go I had packed for a new adventure But it wasn’t going to be beyond space and time so I said a little goodbye to what could have been and headed for thorez ranch, I’m Looking forward to hearing the sound of those wind chimes. I’ve never been in love before never known anything like it. It’s time I got to knowing what all the fuss is about so good luck to you Beatrix always remember to use your head But that your heart do to think in every now and again it might surprise you So this doesn’t do anything No, I thought I was going to a cool place That is deep though But do I it is Thor one of the people that’s in the in the range exchange I? Feel like Thor is one of the people that’s in the rain, just change. I’m not sure Isaac hi Casey Casey why why why do you have my icon, that’s not cool, that’s super not cool Make your own icon. Don’t copy mine oh That’s cool random yeah That’s so interesting I wonder if one day it’s gonna open up I Wonder if that would be something they’ll do eventually That’s kind of like that you have the choice But you thought it would show what Dan appreciation I’m so confused what do you mean? So all of it is symbolic then the whole two doors thing that’s so fascinating That’s so cool What it whoa I wasn’t saying the Sun got all dark, but then it didn’t that’s weird Oh Fan Appreciation ah I see Yeah, I mean it does, but at the same time you don’t really want someone else using your icon even I I appreciate the gesture I do but it might also make it confusing if I ever comment on things and You have that icon or people might think that you are me talking and stuff, which should get confusing All right, so I think what I’m going to do now is Try to I need to pop what kind of food does that the one I need to pop Stop Stop it. I need to figure out where all The things where I can put in What kind of pork they need gosh dang it? Because I know there’s one back at the beginning of the glass desert, which I’m heading to now I don’t know why I took this long way though. This is little totally longer way these just all rock and pink yes They are dang it. I think I need like tangle. I’ll just go see quick time I have to come back this way and get some tangle ports We’re heading there. We’re heading there What’s up, binge? Oh? It does need Rock Sweet that means it’s there’s enough right here Um I actually might be able to still stream Nintendo stuff if I figure out So there might be something I have to do where I have to do a specific thing with like my Get out of here with like my What is it called like? The things that I don’t know what it’s called, but there might be a way I can still stream Nintendo stuff in the future possibly they did ban and tender creator program people, but I’m looking into it let’s just say that I Stab noobs is that how you say that I’m not sure is his up noobs is that eyes of noobs? Whoever that is however you pronounce it. What’s up? Glad to see you with venge cool. It’s awesome to have more fans. I’m not sure we’re killing us he might uh he might uh Be busy with something he said it’s gonna be harder for him to get to streams because of school so Potentially I might make someone else a moderator in the future, but if I do it won’t be anybody who asks for it It’ll just be whoever I feel like would be a good moderator, so People see in the coming days especially depending on killing status if he’s able to come or not what we turn of that that All right come on, huh go That’s really all my jetpack goes up from I’m like literally what I’m so confused right now That was so weird is it because I’m not actually on land that has so weird Moderator is a person who um is in the chat like killings. The moderator usually is in the chat. They’re able to Put people on silent and just basically do little things in the chat to stop people from treating it badly wait This is you said it was rock, but it’s uh It’s not rock. It’s its Tangle tangle slimes Have to go get tangles alright to get tangles I Know there’s the other one in that weird like fortress area that needs um a Bunch of different ones like I don’t need at least two mosaics and a dervish Wait why what do you mean you’re invisible Isaac Oh That okay, okay, so you’re talking about this near this area Do you know where the cave is so you could lead it to me random? What’s up frisk uh? Your icon hasn’t changed yet Casey cuz it usually takes a few minutes For Google to change your icon, so I will see it as soon as it pops up And I will let you know as long as you stay in the chat where you opened the door below the door oh Oh, I see I see I see Well I haven’t even ever gone over here whoa cool, I love their little noises the best Where’s the other one at down here Lots of hens lots of hens Whoa it’s pretty. Oh, I never even saw this The desert is a harsh place for sure But there are little pockets like this where life is waiting to fall back into the soil and reach toward the clouds of Course it might happen a little faster. If you get the helping hand use that noggin Beatrix Yeah, that’s what I’m doing frisk I Need one more, so where’s the other Rock one? Alright, see you soon human That’s awesome I’m so happy to hear that Casey. That’s a big reason why I do these is to be able to have that Distress or and make you feel better and stuff so here we go That should be all of them yes it is But would Gonna go make the world a better place a better place It’s so cool to watch It’s so cool now this whole area oh boom floors in here Mosaics and booms cool and rocks okay someone go back down here again What the why did this not what Wait for sprouts, what do you mean? Oh? Unlocks for sprouts to go to yeah, yeah, yeah, I Have no idea where they are. I’m just going and hoping that I find some more. I think there’s one right here. Yep Well those guys get old because those are originals Those are the oh geez it’s so cool to see tabbies in here, too I promised so many here is that this it’s like tar city. I feel like All right, there’s no more sprouts around this area, right No more sprouts or sprouts do do what are you? Oh? Yeah? You were the map weren’t you? Yeah, oh, there is one right there, Oh? Whoo this music It’s a sad that a little fountain doesn’t just grow in each one. That’d be cool. If it did I Would love that It’s just they’re just so beautiful all right, let’s go get that other one actually I’m gonna wait for my Energy to recharge Yeah, I know how that is Rex I feel like everyone always just has like kind of like I’m stressed out But I think I’m not but I am like I can control it, but it sucks That’s why I’m everyday with all I have to do in life. I’m like oh yeah I life is super stressful, but at the same time like if you can cope with it That makes all the difference for sure Boom Both are right next to each other do they reach each other oh? so close Who are like the hell it’s these little pockets. That’s cool. It’s like very design looking like they thought a lot about that oh The rainbows are killed the tar no wonder. That’s so cool What the chicken cave Where is the chicken cave that thing that’s in here, Oh woah are these picker pairs nice Also guys the train is about to come by my house so You’re gonna hear train sounds probably Is the chicken cave this way you’re in a different direction Actually, is there something I could get over here. Yeah, I’ll probably hear it right now coming through the mic. Uh-huh I Don’t know if that’s the chicken cave or not, but I’m pretty sure I can get up to this Dang it’s gonna look cool when that area’s done alright and run I Can do it I can do it Hopefully I can do it. No stop stop. It good. Go. Go go go get up get up get up Yes Yes, it will be done oh Crap oh no no there we go This wasn’t the chicken cave you were talking about was it Oh Yeah, oh, I saw tangles such is good where they at I need to get some tangle courts for the other one Singapore mine oh Dang it Any other tangles around here I think I only need three so I Guess I’m one way to the three. I don’t think I’ve ever been over here dang that train is so loud freaking trains man Did I eat something else I Want it, too We eat that no You won’t are you are you not hungry anymore? Dang it. I couldn’t need you tabby I Didn’t need you God sir now the Sun does something is happening let’s run back inside Really, you can still get me in here. That’s stupid. I was like barely. Oh geez I’m sorry. Please don’t hurt me, please Yeah, I feel on that Rex it’s hard especially With friends and everything like this is gonna sound kind of crazy, but I’m actually like kind of not giving up on friends But like I don’t really seek to Go out and have friends Or we run them because that happens a lot where they leave you or you have to leave them And it just you get more stress and anxiety and it makes it worse and stuff, so I’ve just found that being able to be happy by yourself and Instead of feeling like I always have to be happy only around friends. I could be happy by myself that’s a big help doing things you love and Being able to start working on stuff like doing for instance for me doing a YouTube channel makes a big difference being able to do something you love and not have to worry about I Have to be happy only when I’m around my friends. You know Yeah, it’s an instruction sucks, man Construction this little super loud train that runs by my house like it’s all man. I’m fine in the rainbow interesting Okay, so I need to go figure out where this other sprout is Is it this way I Thought there is a sprout over here somewhere No sprouts oh hey, here’s a sprout Crap barely made that one. This wasn’t the one you were talking about either though was it random I’m sure it wasn’t I Love the music especially when you’re in those I need to figure out where That what what’s the O dervish, No? Why’d you have to jump off the side like that why? Hi amber triple hi Alright so Where would it where’s the other one at? random direct me Oh Oh, Oh Found it Yeah, that’s I think why a lot of people do it Casey’s because it’s somewhere for people to go when they need to de-stress and they need time to just relax and be entertained and that’s That’s something That’s extremely valuable it’s like some why a lot of people like sports and why a lot of people like movies and stuff like that which I’m not really a fan of sports and semi, a fan of movies, but It’s weird nowadays that a lot of people would rant would rather go watch a person like play a game or something But it also makes sense because it is kind of like you’re there and you’re like part of that friendship and stuff which is really cool That’s that’s a cool thing to be a part of All right think that I got that’s all the ones in this area, right Random I think that’s all the ones in this area at least No I feel you on that Rex it’s not always the worst decision sometimes being able to Have fun and enjoy Life and the things you do on your own can be beneficial. I mean, it’s not good to be alone all the time, but I Mean I also do have the luxury of being married, which makes it a bit easier for me in the long run Did the tango one jump off the edge it musta jumped off the edge, huh darn it alright? I Think we uh Yeah, but I think KC that the thing is like people don’t understand right now. How it is like I Allah I do enjoy watching people play games And it’s because sometimes you don’t want to play the game as much as you want to watch the person Like I wouldn’t play a lot of the games. I watch youtubers play Myself, but, I watch them play them because I enjoy them and that’s the thing a lot of people don’t understand especially the older generation I got one from KC Is that gonna be like an after the ending? Thing I Know I think it was random early I said I have to sleep to get the ending so I just wanna see if I get are these tangles down here The tangles respond yes tangle dervishes one Quantity I need a couple more tangles there we go And we’ll just take an extra one for good measure oh great, oh wow The rainbows do they just instantly kill tarz, that’s sweet. Why does it sound like they’re stars then? That’s weird How weird was that so weird Hi Casey is that is this your second uh channel That you’re on right now Yes, yes, I think so, I think I remember that being your second Channel how do I get up this again I? Had to jump up this way Well I’m I do not remember being that hard to get up that side weird Where is there tar at come to the rainbow tar feel your doom Actually, so I know I need I’m gonna get rid of these rock floor. It’s actually I’m gonna take this Got any more of those around here anywhere You should take those. I don’t know I’ll be able to find a dervish port somewhere Come and get it bro That’s what happens You lose I? Think that should be enough. We’ve got a couple more. We need to go to So I’m gonna head this way and try to go to the next one Yeah, no I totally understand what you mean there Casey I Didn’t know I would play this game until I start playing it and I was like oh my goodness dang it I Would fall off the edge there he is he’s right there No If I didn’t know that was a bummer that was a bummer guys That was a bummer Yeah, so let’s go this way I Can’t believe Ike. I jumped off the edge Super sad about that I think we have enough tangles for that one and then also we have enough for this area. I think – I’m gonna wait Gonna heal myself or not hit myself wait for my energy to recharge So are you one two channels at once watching this or what cuz that’s that seems like it’d be really hard Daniel there’s another one down here that is scary to get to that one Okay if I don’t hit it like I feel like it’s I could die so easily That’s so funny Rex, that’s so awesome Shoot oh no no no no that is exactly what I didn’t want to happen. That was terrifying Okay got that one now. I’m stuck down here though, and I have no idea how to get back up this way I Feel like stairs up I Guess there’s kind of a path huh interesting So where is the last one at they’re always really easy to find? It must be in this huh I guess it could be over the side oh oh oh no not over that side, that’s for sure Yeah, I like Legos course you’re up on Legos oh there he is alright That’s awesome discounts on games are the best it’s like seriously. That’s my favorite I don’t usually buy games unless I’m super super excited for them or like that I really can’t wait for them to come out and I get them like as a pre-order or like at the beginning when they first Come out, but most the time. I wait for sales for that exact reason I See you All right, so let’s go as soon as I get stuff back dude dude, it’d probably be better if I do it as far away. Can I get it from there? No oh I can Now let’s go Let’s go. I know I’ve got at least I think one maybe two to sprout God this wait crap I’m always on the wrong one Come on come on get over this get over it get over it go go There isn’t another one in here is there I think that’s both of them right oh They’re so cute when they stand on each other like that oh oh so cute They’re all so cute Is that is that all of them is it just these two random that are easy to get from here? I? Don’t know if I ever saw another one but Because there isn’t one out here That I can see or think of Think so I think that’s both of them here. I don’t know if there’s another ones Well just let us know if you have to leave Rex hi I understand my parents never got when I was upset or stressed out They were like you don’t need to be stressed come on you have nothing to be stressed out about you Don’t even know and I was like right. That’s not when someone’s just out You don’t treat them like that like that isn’t how you go about those things, but It kind of is what it is All right, I hope that’s all of them there I’m gonna head back to the front I don’t know if there’s an achievement for it, and that’ll show me. I guess I could look when I finished the tango ones but We’ll find out I love that this place looks so beautiful now though cuz I don’t think there’s anyone there should be one over here Because it’s why I like symmetry, and I don’t like that one side has them and the other side does. I love it. They’re just Climbing everywhere and going all over the place. It’s so adorable I get why you call about the chicken cave I never went down there So I never had known why it was called the chicken cave before All right, let’s head back over here and get hopefully the final one I think It was tangles rocks Dervish is there another one besides this one back here. Is that all of them in the glass desert I? Believe it’s all of them. I also don’t know where this other key is supposed to go to I I swear. I unlocked every door So I don’t know What exactly I’m supposed to do with this key Do you know what you any doors, I haven’t gone to random that I’m still missing Frisked yes Yes, yes I’m excited to light up this light up right the opposite. Oh, we’re doing actually I’m excited to make this area beautiful not light it up, but Alright, I’ll find out that’s that’s so ambiguous Alright They get so like happy and bright when you shoot those a time, it’s so cool Where is there more at though I guess they’d never look to see if there were more or where there are more at Just not one down there, right You have to keep climbing up this to get to oh oh no here’s this Maya what where what the other ones be at then? See them anywhere around the side they must be up that’s the only explanation is that they’re up But welcome back bench Where did oh? Oh I know where the dervish girdle used to be okay, okay? Sir one oh oh oh oh hey And Yeah time to clean up this part of the desert waste to I Hate getting back up this thing is there an easier way up it cuz oh really I’m like about to start purifying the place we gotta have some Sun stuff coming I Guess if I can purify it fast enough. I shouldn’t have to worry about the Sun stuff Oh, I guess I could just climb right there That would be kind of easy, huh? No Peters got to go the hard way Alright come on come on come on. I must not die from the fire that deadly fire Crap this isn’t the way to go This is Must get to the other side oh, I barely made that that was really risky I Remember this ones right here I have no running stuff so I might not make it There’s one right here I Don’t know if there’s another one outside of that though over here There is I’m definitely not gonna get to it. I don’t think The one over here somewhere no no no Is it just these two random do you know? Cuz I didn’t get an achievement, but I want to get inside this before I get killed oh, they’re so cute. They’re all so cute What’s up Julia Is this all of them do you know random I guess I could check this the achievements Who have gotten quite a few of these man be knocked out before 10 a.m. I guess I could do that at night sometime just run off a cliff Incinerate yeah, I remember that one completely full a fully upgraded silo. I don’t know I put oh yeah, yeah Yeah, okay, okay when I get to a hundred ports. I’m gonna do that because they’re the easiest thing I think the stockpile like that. I’m just gonna go to stockpile hundred ports in each one Have it than any range exchange it rained exchange yet three gold floors from a single gold slime holy crap a Rat or at least 15 seconds Wow is almost there hold onto a tar for 15 seconds that won’t be hard Constrain more than 15 slimes near vac at once will on the range. What does that mean? Constrain what Have at least six different types of slimes in the same Corral I could do that later no none of these seem Adorable chick to a fiery end the same place you’re not destined to go whoa holy crap These are all five-day rushes slime gadgets slime gadgets slime stage slime ball Just lime toys snare a hunter Gordo Complete adventure mode and set out for what’s next and completely sigh. He didn’t know so then I’ve got most of them then Huh cool what happened Casey no I think that’s I think that might be all of them I Really do all right you know what I know you’re right there and everything, but you guys make me angry, so bye Hey, that’s all of them There isn’t one like up on these cliffs right that’d be kind of weird if there was but No, it doesn’t look like it There’s not one over here, right It looks like there may have been one here at one point, but there isn’t anymore, which is sad. That’s really sad No, I think that’s it I Think we got them all all right, so what I do now is I’m gonna head back and get My plots up and work towards getting some slime science Oh, and I no no no, I’m gonna go read my star mail And then I’m gonna sleep so I can get the ending of the game Which I still need to do No, you’re good human. You’re totally good. I understand so that he has got to go How did they pop Casey How’s that possible that really sucks? I ride a skateboard so I can’t where I don’t have to worry about my tires popping, but I guess of my deck snaps, but decks aren’t grabbed that expensive, so All right Holy crap you guys are happy. Let’s put these away You guys like me right, no you don’t Crap get in there where’d he go? Where’s that head at? Oh? I got him okay? You guys like me right? Yes, you do. There you go They were super happy oh, oh let’s knock ourselves out put up Achievement Oh It was saying Knock myself out okay hold on hold on I see what it’s saying Dang, so I’m gonna have to I’m gonna have to I need to go do all this cuz all my foods gonna be out now So if I don’t go get it, it’s all gonna go to waste I’ll go feed my feed my signs and then I’ll go get that achievement Let’s pop it in here Pop it pop it that was too much darn it What’s the three birds in one stone thing Random I Must have missed it whatever it is. Oh they look so happy. They’re so cute. Oh goodness. I can’t help it. They’re so cute That’s awesome KC. No I did I did. I jump off the ledge, but what’s the three birds with one stone thing? Not my morning Yeah, I don’t see Ya, what is that? I’m so confused I? Clay goes to I’m kind of jelly actually that you’re getting to go there I Haven’t been to a Lego store in years There isn’t anything even like a Lego store near me right now in my small little college town It’s such a bummer cuz I wish there was I would love a Lego store No yeah, so I Even tisn’t to do that I figured out what the achievement is what I was thinking is actually wrong you have to wake up after sleeping which will Make it so you die before 10 a.m.. After you just woke up from sleeping Actually, I’m pretty close. I should do I have a silo right now. I think I deleted my silo, didn’t I I? Took I distracted you oh, no. I oh sweet I still do have it on here nice speaking of ports Still these little fire ports, which I’m sure there’s plenty of at this point Thank you all for the ports I Guess I get my water port so I’m done. Oh, no, I definitely did that wrong They sound so cool oh, no stop bouncing stop. It just get in the incinerator I Guess I could probably go find a chick to send to its death to Man, I gotta feed those guys. I haven’t fed the quantum slimes and forever, and they they not only deserve feeding But I should combined them with something cuz the quantum signs are freakin cool Maybe I could combine them with mosaics that I have mosaic quantum slimes. That is so what I’m gonna. Do actually I’ve decided I’m so doing that Alright so and what a mosaics eat the parsnips. I want to say right What a mosaic seed and then I’ll just I’ll just replace that stupid tree down there the one that is the Invisible tree because I don’t want to have to give up something every time yeah, they silver parsnips So I’ll just give the I’ll just make a second silver part thing down there Kids I need to withdraw one of these and I need to withdraw quite a few of these There we go Let’s make some mosaic quantum slimes, and they’ll be able to have silver parsnips right there They should have pulled a few of the extras out of there they’re still so hungry Eat eat, let’s pull out like two or three Let me get one more Come on before before you guys eat there we go oh, I gotcha bar, okay There you go there you go there you go, do you guys have a pork collector yes you do That all of them did they all become something they did Which I definitely think we can have a couple more in there that seems really big I don’t know why let’s put them all in there One two three four there you go But I’m going to replace you Remove crops and Oh, whoa, I gave him a silver parse that didn’t I dang it Darn tootin nurten dirt and Burton Arnie to give a not parsnip Now it’s just watering nothing down there Are you guys all hungry? There’s so many? Oh? I guess they haven’t fed you yet have they you will in time You will no longer be hungry Ready to eat for everyone That is so trippy it’s almost kind of scary that guy saws it got food. You will my young lad you will parsnip Now you guys want food next to you What’s a good trick for money avenge sorry I haven’t looked at the chat for a minute I’ll see you later venge well before you leave if you could say what the trick is that’d be cool How would I mix fire and slime then they want it the fire and water I mean, they wouldn’t make sense because waters there and fires there they each have their own separate like way of living I’m gonna start combining these plorts quick though They sound so sad I know that’s the music box, but still Wait what is that random? How do I do something like that oh? Four spots spots including a silo, I see so it was not an easy thing to do I see Yeah, I’m gonna. I’m just trying to fill up this silo right now, so I get that achievement I Should be pretty easy when I go back there and get the rock and Fire ones too. They should be pretty close to full I’m gonna have so many ports to come down here and get It’s gonna be ridiculous. It’s actually gonna be kind of annoying Oh, I can give the honey guys over there. I could probably give their floor. It’s too if they have any left oh Hey more ports for me You guys got fed. Are you happy? Did you get lots of luncheon? I? Really should take these to sell I’m gonna do that Dang they’re still producing them Thank you keep eating those silver parsnips your favorites. I know you want them and giving me Yeah Sweet, I’m almost full already Alright, let’s go sell these real quick. I’ll bring the rest of the 50 mosaic slimes from these guys over here We’re gonna have a ton oh dang the parsnips are ready already. I’m sure the prickle pears are already gone from over there, too I should go get quick if I can I Haven’t been on roblox in a little bit Casey because I haven’t been playing anything sorry about that and Try not to cuss frisk The It’ll happen I Haven’t I haven’t even been streaming or anything? I’m sorry. I’ve just I’ve been really behind on stuff I’ve had some family issues come down that have been pretty rough and stuff So I’ve just been trying to get by doing what I can Wait I don’t want the Matt mangos yet, I mean I’ll give them to these guys they’re probably hungry Oh, I don’t want to do that splash them. Well. They’re not even probably hungry They have freaking food my prickle bears are gonna. Be dead though. I’m sure half of them are dead already Excited run here after I jumped off the ledge so much stuff. Please don’t all be dead sweet Can feed these to my nice guys at the front. They’ll give my oka okis my crystal buddies like crystal babies crystal babies and On our way there. We can take Some of the 100 ports that we’re gonna use Alright, I’ll go give these guys here Yes the cat does you’re right, and yeah, they’re they’re a lot better worked on now, so I think it’s It’s not too much to worry about at this point, but it was it was rough there for a little bit. I’m gonna take these I’m basically gonna load up on the other ones ha man you guys are hungry, too There’s so many so many things to feed you guys are of course hungry cuz you waited an entire day with no food so many things to feed Yes, you like the rock ones oh, yeah, see they’re ready have a hundred I’m gonna go feed these prickle pears and come back and take some of these rock ones with me These are my prickle pear babies right Prickle fair babies Eat to your heart’s content give me the mosaics mosaics feed Dang I’m about to make some Bank when I come back though guys. No joke it’s gonna be crazy. I can only imagine What would some dervish ones in there? Why not I? Guess actually I don’t want to do that because I don’t have these are my only dervish ones that are producing so That actually would make a lot of sense But I do have lots of rocks producing Sounds like I’m like making them have babies It’s just like totally not what’s happening, but entirely what it sounds like look how many Rock ports are in there that is crazy They’re like literally just bouncing around on ports because they have no room for anything else that’s insane like I can’t even feed those to them right now, and they’re so hungry ah The struggle is real Your heart beat You guys are too much too much Okay, I say to do for right the silo only goes to a hundred. I’m assuming Yeah, okay Then this is kind of a complicated little task no wonder, it’s an achievement. I don’t know what you’d be storing in a silo, though Like materials or something because I don’t know why I would ever think about storing words in here I Guess if I had this up in the front, and I was storing all the parts that they gave me that might make some sense You guys ready quantum slimes haven’t eaten food in like a decade It’s literally been so long since they’ve had anything to eat there You go my little babies eat eat slime babies Feel it in your soul I’ll give you those then I’m gonna go up here and give the rest to my friends right over here My tangle my tangle ones that’s where there’s about too many of them in here There you go Have a blast Cheese have so many ports So satisfied how do I got for these guys honey is? Know you guys do not have anything I guess I can give you some some little pens there you go have some fun eat some food be happy be merry and eat away the Rest are like okay here. We go. Let’s say the rest are like why didn’t you give us food, too? And I’m like there you go Those are all yours That feels terrible throwing all the hens to them like they’re nothing all right So I need to get booms what what other one can I get that I have a lot? Okay? This is still here cool Dang those knit mangoes are flying you guys really need that many MIT mangoes Cheese oh wow their thing is full. I’m gonna take those. That’s for sure could sell some tabbies and take some honeys Jeez man these guys a producer like crazy Goodness all right sell the rest of tabbies. It’s so cute when they hold them oh It’s so cute We’re nine and fitty, okay. We’ll take Man that is insane that these are already full Goodness All I have to do is come back for honey after that and I’ll be good Dang it hate doing that Like look at this. This is insane I Can’t believe that they have that many in there I’m gonna make so much money Pull in some Gosh man Do the port they don’t ever go away do they or do they like go away after they’ve been there for a while oh Nice that’s cool pikmin heck. Yeah, All Right. See you later random Glad to see you today as part of the stream though. It’s cool having you here I’m just glad a lot of people came because it’s been a while since I’ve been able to even stream at all Let’s go down now They don’t go away. Good sweet. I was kind of worried about that all right, so we’ve got that there We got our food rocks ding after these honey. We’re gonna have an achievement I think I might just leave these here for now not not worried about coming getting them It’s already such a hassle woman. Whoa that was cool to watch. The port’s get sucked in over there. That was really cool I’ll buy over with those quantum ones It’s so hearts I think that’s them flying out of the corral, but it’s not I’m like where how are they getting out like that and then I just realize it’s there quantum self Being in multiple places at once does anybody know the status of more contact coming to this game and like what’s coming Has they confirmed anything the developers have they said any new stuff is coming that is Absolutely confirmed or are we just hearing anecdotes from other people saying they heard that All Right see you later, Casey. Hopefully something gets something awesome at the Lego store cuz man I wish I could go to the Lego store. That sounds like a freaking blast But there hasn’t been any anything since Jack’s thing that he said There hasn’t been anyone being like yeah, that’s what we’re doing cuz man. I’m so curious to know What’s gonna happen with that I want to see the content the new content so bad a Ton of stuff so man, I just can’t believe how much the 7z corporation’s cost I know that’s gonna take me like two years In-game years at least all right, so let’s go so What’s up Derek Those people are all way too big for me to collab with human. They would not even remotely notice me if If they would notice me, I would have already collapsed them a long time ago, but all of those people are way way way way Too big and too popular for me If you guys want to start a a hype train and Let them know who I am and get a clap that would be freaking amazing, but I don’t think that’s ever gonna happen Oh, I shouldn’t say ever I definitely it could happen in the future It’s just gonna be a long time from now a year to at least probably until I’m big enough to be on their stage at least Yeah bursting at the seams, what up, I noticed you Derek, I noticed Casey with a thing that’s collabs It’s like they have two they’re a lot of work So I it has to be worth it and it has to be something that is going to Help both sides equally and be able to raise me higher and raise other people higher, too And also I don’t even have time to like I said I was just struggling do you make time for streams and stuff so? right now I can’t really even do clouds if I wanted to but I mean obviously if someone as big as any of those people mentioned Came out and like hey we’d like to talk with you that would happen for a fact, but I Thought I was let’s get an ending when I slept London from Casey, I know it was the right thing to do I appreciate you letting me know But it never felt the same as having you close by London was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to tour and do what I love But I still missed you like crazy, and when you told me about going to the Far Far range Maybe miss you even more even before you were gone I guess that’s just us what we really want just so happens to me in different parts of the known universe I mean, there’s a long distance And there’s and then there’s being so far away that time itself might actually function differently. Why aren’t there more songs about that, huh? So what else we have to do to beat the game? Random said when I slept the game whoa You guys Whoa? It’s like the game started lagging so bad when I walked out that if they just like got poured it out of the thing That was weird that was super weird. What is going on? Is it cuz there’s like so many? How did the mangoes get over here? What is happening? Where they just so excited for their food that they broke the top? jeez, man You guys are crazy stop just stop What’s because I think it’s cuz I slept for a whole day actually dang it. I slept for a whole day Yeah, cuz those are full again aren’t they? Are they full again? No, no, they’re not full what’s happening. Why is this happening to do, so what the? come on pull it in guys pull it in I Should take some of these though Wait random I I did just sleep though and nothing happened. I stayed that I slept a night, and it didn’t do anything Yeah, I gotta take these too Oh I’m not going to Frisk I’ve got a lot to do still I’ve got not only a ton to do in this save file But I also plan to at least do the five-day rush And then I also plan to maybe go back and play the game only getting a few of the slimes and try to see how Far I can get how fast I can get but I mean until I’ve literally completely completed this this save I’m not even acquit playing on just this save alone so I have quite a while to go until I’m done playing Simon. I I mean eventually they’ll a day will come when I won’t play slime rancher But I think it’ll be it’s it’s it’s not anywhere real close right now I’ve got a while to this games got a lot of life left in it for me Plus that’s just so freakin awesome. Man. I gotta get these prickly pears for these guys. They’re gonna get prickly with me if I don’t Well those heartbeats are flying She produces so many of them it’s ridiculous I Feel like I should just focus on making everyone Mosaics or something and but I guess it says it riles up the other ones which might not be the best the best thing to do alright, so we gotta get our brick the Bears, which there are not very many of unfortunately I Like my front guys to have the most stuff, and there’s not very many prickly pears adjectives so easily it’s easy to forget about them the prickly pears I Feel like I should get rid of those, honey Honey, hunters and put another prickly pear thing down or something Something else that would be valuable to me. I also wanna make mosaic crystals and Maybe I just make mosaic everyone But then that’s gonna make all the mosaic prices go down isn’t it crap I never room for those right now Darn none of these things are useful to any of these characters. I guess I know they need fruit darn it These guys are almost full with their flirts – I saw it Yeah, they’re super close to full Let’s take these crystals We’re gonna regret it if we don’t oh So I have to keep reading the emails how what determines when the emails are gonna come how does that work? like what triggers an email to come Are the things that I have to keep doing, or is it? Just time played in the game or? What else is there for the ending to happen? Is it is the stream back for you guys, it’s working now, right? Spam sleep Actually, I will do that I’ll go do that after I I don’t want to spam sicko Cuz then these guys are all gonna like die of starvation And I’m gonna hate myself when I could be getting all their ports and making moolah tons and tons of moolah That is how you win spam sleep? If you say so I Will do it I? Will go and spam sleep After I deposit all the floors. Oh dang it and Feed my other ones that I forgot about with these These vegtables do you guys like vegtables? Know you guys like fruit Stupid dervishes if you like to vet your tables we’d all be good by now Alright, we’ll go over here and deposit Cheese you guys aren’t even eating here frickin food What is wrong with you monsters? I mean I did all this work to give you the food that you needed you’re not even eating it Come on I Know they don’t technically starve, but I Just the thought of them not having food makes me sad They’re my little slime babies they need their food Gosh I’m not even to give these guys more food for a while. I’m gonna pick up all the little melons but Man, they’re not even eating in there I do all this work to give them their mid melons that they’re happy Just make a honey mosaic and take out the tab fees but the tab bees are so cute. I don’t know I’ll see I’ll see But like the tabby signs aren’t really giving me much money So I feel like it might be worth it to make all these into different ones I can’t make them into tangle is because then they’ll become Tarz and I’ll ruin everyone, so I don’t know I Definitely don’t think it’s two to three long. I’ve only been on for a little over an hour at this point so I Started it like 3:40, and it’s all and for me. It’s I start at 3:40 and for me. It’s five o’clock So it’s a little over an hour now. Let’s try sleeping again. See what happens oh? Oh, oh, I see sleeping. Oh, give me these that’s what you mean ah Dude unlimited breadsticks is my jam I love breadsticks so much I Had a year to think about things while you slept on our on your way across the Stars I think it’s almost scared me when things got easier when I finally realized that what we each have now is what we all wanted All along because if you’re still the girl that I know you’re happy out there on the farthest frontier And I hope the happiness you feel now lasts forever. I hope that the sunsets over There are as gorgeous as they are over here And then if you search far enough on a rainy day some rancher out. There as a taco stand you can visit What I realize that the last will probably isn’t likely to happen, but sure would be romantic right? I’m glad you’ve shared a part of I’m glad to have shared a part of me with you Beatrix the bow And I’m happy to know that maybe one of those stars. I see up there in the sky is you okay? This is getting like almost too much. This guy is this this this person I Shouldn’t say a guy because I have no idea if it’s a guy or not But they’re they’re feeling kind of overbearing it’s kind of stressing me out a little bit like stop making me feel bad for leaving okay a Dervish floor and – honey ports, that’s that is right. I got a quantum floor dude, oh My gosh am I about to get another achievement Oh It’s gonna change though. I bet oh my goodness. Oh my goodness I’m sorry guys. I did not realize that you were living in floors You’re probably you’re so freakin uncomfortable. I would be uncomfortable to Just stand on your poop the whole time I would hate myself And There you go Free of the plorts problem, are you guys are hungry aren’t you dang it? Hopefully this lasts. What time does it have to be between 10 and to Be knocked out for 10 a.m. Generate noon and 2 p.m.. Aw crap it’s probably gonna have changed by then isn’t it Oh? Stardew valley oh, man start a valley is the best I Can’t yet random? I guess I just can’t I just can’t I Can’t yet what am I doing with these? What am I thinking to myself here you go? I? Shouldn’t have given them this food. They’re spoiled little brats We’re not eating the food they already have, but whatever whatever they could they can just do what they want No, I remember I needed to go get the prickle pears if there is any because otherwise my peeps are gonna starve over there cuz they look hungry Bears bears bears everywhere bears but bears no no fuck. Okay good How’d they eat so many and then we just slept through a day Holy crap Enzo Cove is everywhere. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god? There’s like about a jillion carrots here – crap. Uh we’ve got plenty of honey ports over there. I need to feed these other guys They’re gonna start getting really salty with me if I don’t feed them I mean, I don’t blame that I’d be getting salty with me, too And so Peter became the richest rancher alive one day One day, I will indeed be the richest rancher alive gosh You know half of those didn’t miss that might have went, okay? one two three One two three four five six seven eight nine ten there you go have some fun drink them all up in the Sun I Don’t know why I’m rhyming stupid lyrics that don’t make any sense Here’s some more oka okaz for you Man if they ever complain about me how much I fed them they’re gonna get it They are going to get it, but I’ve punished my little slime babies Cuz I feed them good Good I Will take these up, we’ll sell them and hopefully it gets to noon quicker than later. It’s taking a bit I’m scared it’s gonna change because it changes like every few hours. I think Yeah, yeah the the 7zi corporation is the richest people in the world you write you write Tis true Because it can you imagine if you take all of the people who played slime rancher and take all of the money that they ever Gave the seventy corporation and combine it together how much money they have It’s an unfathomable amount like actually unfathomable Like there’s no way in your mind in your mind that you could what get in there There’s no way in your mind that you could comprehend it. It’s so big Between noon and 10 p.m.. We’re getting there We’re getting there then after that I’m gonna do the one right have to fall off the ledge and die before Whatever, am will that one after But I think I’m gonna feed these guys these parsnips cuz they’re probably freaking hungry over here, actually. They’re getting fed. Pretty well I’m impressed. I must say Nice nice, okay, okay, it’s going well. I think I maintain everything good I feel like I should just get rid of half the slimes that I have and just get into maintenance mode But I know that’s terrible of me Cuz there’s so many nice tines lines that are just are you guys hungry? Oh you guys are hungry? There you go eat away friends Dang that guy just totally stole the other guys lunch That was mean, bro. That was really mean. I watched him do that. He just like stole it right out of the other guy’s mouth Terrible Wait what’d you say frisk oh? Oh, I I don’t even know if I have any of the materials to make that stuff yet I can go look. I’ll be honest with you. I haven’t actually looked oh Man, see I love Micromanaging micromanaging is super fun. I’m like a super big RPG fan, and so this kind of stuff is like what I enjoy I love just Doing tons of stuff getting tons of money Grinding the grind is like my favorite like that’s I love always our Pokemon and stuff is like man You have to play so many battles just to get stuff, but it’s awesome Should really try Pikmin yeah Pikmin pickman’s cool I Haven’t played the newer the new one BAM alright twelve no How is it possible then Oh What I mean I have all those all right. Let’s go do that quick Star mail received from Casey fine. Okay hold on a minute oh No, I don’t have any quantum dang it. I guess that’s not happening because I’m gonna read the star mail sleep Jump off the little edge in the morning See what I’m gonna do after that Dang it I was so excited. I was like yeah, I’m about to complete it. Oh wow it was all my water. No I’m literally am empty with everything Oscar read this Casey’s whiny star mail Alright um Hi another tour hi BIA There’s another tour coming up and I have a feeling that this will be the one so here I am packing my bags and thinking of you Maybe this is how it felt when you were leaving for your big adventure lots of excitement lots of butterflies And even though I know you’re so far away I keep thinking that maybe I’ll catch you somewhere out there in the crowd if that ever happens I promise I’ll sing a song for you. It wouldn’t be the first time I Was gonna throw up Bert, but that didn’t work? Let’s restart mail hello there hello Beatrix from hops and twill Jers I just want to say thanks for taking care of the old ranch. Oh, it’s Hobson I Know I left it in a bit of a sorry stay and from what I hear it’s looking mighty fine These days makes me feel warm and fuzzy knowing that such good hands a little. Thank you. I’ve activated three secret vaults wot That I built years ago to stash a small fortune of mine and always plan on using it as walking around money and the great Beyond, but I ain’t needing for that no more, but you know me. I like a good adventure I’m not telling we were the Volta located go explore what huh? This must be the end that day Beatrix took a moment to reflect She thought about Hopson and Thora and the adventures she’d had exploring the far far range, but most of all she thought of KC and wondered where life would take her next and She lived happily ever after Oh Please don’t say that you go My heart camp there Just knowing that you’ll be Wait was that supposed to be Casey oh It must have been and that’s me flying away in that Oh Honey poor So cute boom I love this giant crystal floor. That’s great This is beautiful, I like the boom son – oh yeah the luckiest time shooting star like on my thumbnail What this be weird if there were like all these actual slime planets like this You were just flying through you saw these giant slime planets All that phosphorus, I’m is so freakin phew Well pink Rock slimes Whoa, this is the planet it must be Even we ain’t the same home Oh So cute One thousand light years away farmed by Chelsea Lee, Greenwood lyrics by Nick Paco Fitch and produced by Mattie green death by cute Benjamin do I think there will be a sequel uh? No, because I think they’re just gonna keep expanding on the game I don’t think there’s a reason for a sequel to be honest with you for every pioneer and every new frontier be brave be bold and Stay Wiggly The adventure continues whoo all right oh Yeah, oh my food I’m gonna get knocked out get another achievement Oh Crap another day’s rest. You know how much food there’s gonna be out here Yeah, it’s like minecraft I feel I don’t feel like it’ll be the same as Minecraft though because I feel like there is a Limit to this game to an extent, so I feel like one day there could be a sequel But I feel like they might not make Slimer, and I feel like they might make a game like slime rancher But a different medium So I can set of it being slimes it’d be something else more complicated almost like if you took stardew valley and made it into A slime rancher style I feel like I could see something like that happening when I oh my gosh Like I said a ridiculous amount of food and ports, and oh my goodness stuff to do This this is where the micromanaging almost does get a slight bit overwhelming just because I’ve won at some point too like whoa there is so Much to do if you like one time I don’t know if you were here Derek when I slept for three days in one go I woke up that the time everyone is hungry all their port collectors are full And I was like whoa I do not know how to start right now There’s so much to do all right give these guys We gotta go pick up our sprinkly pairs and our silver parsnips because those are next most important so silver parsnips There’s so many oh my goodness, hopefully there’s this many prickly pears We need them. That’s for sure. Oh my gosh forty five and one go It’s cuz I’m quick though some of these other ones are gonna die cuz they’ve been around for too long I was like a taste a lot of these I Will frisk, I well I just I have to do these food things like dang it I knew it I knew a lot of the prickly pears would die I can’t let all these things die if they all died then I Might have to wait even longer to feed my beeps Ain’t defeated my peeps I definitely need to get rid of that carrot one though because I don’t use that carrot one at all I have to replace it with something. I don’t know what I’m gonna probably I should probably replace it With another no. I don’t think I need another prickly pear just yet If I end up combining them the way I’m thinking about it. I will need another prickly pear though. We’ll figure it out Like I said, I got lots to do still All right, I mean, I know I have I know I can unlock the trap frisk But I just don’t know if I have any materials yet because I haven’t built like I literally haven’t built anything in there Holy crap so many ports, this is ridiculous Hey sex is that I don’t want them like living on their poop basically That’s like I wouldn’t want anybody in real life to live on their poop Rex if you could do me a favor um Message me on Instagram and ask and actually I’d actually really love to have a conversation with you on your book I remember I said I would message you last time But I forgot and I just got super busy so go ahead after the stream and message me on Instagram and we’ll talk about Your book because that actually I’m actually super fascinated by that. I feel like it might be a conversation That’s better to have just one on one rather than on the live stream oh Man I want all these foods There well of course they’ll be a Gordo one day in my ranch, that’s for sure no doubt about that but Give all these dudes their silver parsnips There’s so many oh my goodness oh, I forgot to give my prickle pairs to the Peeps in the front. I’ll take these I was gonna say cuz I know it’s gonna be full Holy crap this is crazy. Man. I Never thought I would have this much stuff when I first start playing this game. I couldn’t even imagine my and my My thinking about the game. I was like there’s no way I’ll ever have this much no, but you will You’ll have this much and more You’re gonna all those silver parsnips. Go bad that I slept a whole day to give you You ungrateful? slimes You ungrateful? slimes These are all probably dead. Huh, yep, they don’t have any They’re happy though which is a good time All right, well since I’m already down here. I’ll take some of these on my way up Wait why did what are you saying uh random? Manag managua, lee what what what I? Would have no idea my discard a mistress that’d be something I’d have to look up if you want to comment on the stream after I’m done with it. I will comment back to you with my discord name. Just a comment me with your discord name Not be like oh, yeah, I remembered. I was gonna do that and then I’ll do it Hey, they jumped they were like really excited You guys are full too aren’t you yes, you are dang? They’re all too full The treasure part behind the bond I have actually already opened that treasure pod behind the barn I mean I can look, but I have already open that one Wait what like a trampoline what what like a trampoline I’m so confused did I miss something I Think I have enough for 7z flub. I’m pretty sure it was 40,000 wasn’t it I? Don’t know how much slime science is gonna be I’m just gonna check will I cook I won’t buy it yet some how much slime signs gonna be oh, it’s 60,000 Oh Master Gordo’s snare blueprint It is a part of the 70 club, so uh we’ll get to 60,000 which we actually should be able to do Not know, what shouldn’t be too hard because of how many freaking things we have everywhere geez man There’s so much I Semen ology like money because they just want money Yeah, if you if when the street directly after the stream is done go comment on the video and do it I can’t give it to you now. I just I can’t I’m not gonna exit the game to pop up my discord So you’ll have to ask me after the stream oh When the slime bounced in the air, that’s funny Dang it come on guys oh Crap I don’t mean to leave the extra there. Are you guys fooling tabbies? It’s for both aren’t you oh my goodness? What oh I already pulled out tabbies dang it? I’m failing at this hardcore Just trying to help them. I think the Reds are so angry cuz they’re booms so they just boom all the time They’re part of their thing is their exploders so if they were really angry. You’d see it they’d be hungry, and they their faces would look mad, and they’d be booming a lot more – Yeah Rex we’re having it you’ve seen me stream for two hours before right I Think I have a music box on all of them I’m pretty sure I’ll go check and see if I have a music box I thought I didn’t have a music box in all of them It’s definitely a possibility. I don’t know so Yeah, these are just artwork. I guess the hunter ones are worth a lot though because I don’t really Give hunters too much. Oh, I don’t have a music box, huh? Let’s make sure I have a music box on all of them Dang, I think if any of these people music boxes What okay, I give you guys music boxes You guys are still too rowdy, and you have a music box already I? love their little Shouts for joy when their food comes in that’s me whenever I eat see pizza Story of my life That’s too funny. Oh dang it I’m just leaving these ports everywhere man, so irresponsible I Should have taken the rock ports on the other guys because they actually need space still I’m in a boom port Alright, so these guys are gonna. Be cleaned out basically Gonna have a little bit extra six seven eight swings, I’ll take all those nice Boo-boo did you Tank 60,000 is so far away. When is the hundreds Lots ever gonna happen? I know. I wish I had pizza so bad I’m trying to be healthy and lose weight, but man Pizza Pizza is just the jam I Just see pizza, I’m like my life That’s all I want out of my life is pizza I Guess we did just get up to ten thousand more new books just by depositing some of these guys And this is only some of the people that I have like that I’ve got a bunch more slimes including the more expensive ones. I haven’t even gone to yet. I think I’m fine Here’s some even more food for you spoiled little butts They are they’re so spoiled like look at them, they’re not even eating those mitt mangoes. They’re just enjoying them If that’s not spoiled. I don’t know what is Dang it’s 2:00 a.m.. For you it’s like 5:00 something 5:00 p.m.. Something here for me. It’s perfect time to be thinking about food I Know it’s terrible, I’m sorry Is that other tab you want already full again Really, oh my goodness. I did not realize What do you guys got? Oh? Yeah? You’re full – I don’t even realize that either Cheese we are gonna be up to sixty thousand no problem, and I have even checked the other people yet This is what sleeping for a night does for you. That’s for sure oh My goodness alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright? Mostly these ones these ones are worth a lot I know right so I think that’s so cool. I heard about that a long time ago He makes so much money if I even worth it for him to stick up go down and pick up $100 on the ground That’s insane 724 p.m.. For you human or Am There you go have some space for your poop It may all get sucked up now, I need to get them food, I am I’m gonna. I’m gonna make a second prickly-pear These guys are the ones that are worth the most to me like I’m eventually gonna keep having more dervish ones I’ll probably have another set of dervish mosaic so maybe dervish tangles or something But they’re worth the most to me, so I still have one prickly pear One lone prickly pear and they go get some of these The music box is creepy and cool at the same time. I don’t know how I feel about it Part of me is like that’s cute and the other part of me is like that’s scary And 60k shouldn’t in this run that shake ck at least Whats up meals good to see you Meals nothing what a great name Dang that’s mosaics are worth so much. I love it Seen your money go up that much is like yeah, yeah Alright got a hundred here right no. No they can both suck up nice. Okay, okay, so I’m gonna go buy this It’s supposed to give me an ultra tank booster. I don’t know what that’s gonna mean Seventy five thousand oh, that’s that hurts my soul Gosh I know there’s like 27 or something like that, but geez Does the tank booster mean I can now have a hundred is that what that is? Does this mean that can now have a hundred let’s pull something that might have close to hundred It does I have a hundred spots now guys Yahoo, this is gonna make the game so much faster To be able to go and just collect a hundred things at once and set up for what I’ve been doing Which is like? fifty at once Like I can take all of these that’s amazing. This is so great Yeah, the silos exactly Wow ninety nine perfectly that’s crazy. What are the odds of that? This is amazing how much money I’m gonna get for each one of these That’s so good. I’m so happy about this man It’s just so great that I’m pulling out almost a hundred of those right now. I can’t believe they pooped a hundred times All right, we’re gonna go down here. We’re gonna feed our quantum babies and we’re gonna pull some of the ones out of the the silo Can’t pull those we can’t pull these Man a hundred I have been waiting the whole game for this I Couldn’t take a hundred before okay, I can’t now though It’s just an ultra tank booster. It didn’t say ultra tank backpack so oh Crap oh crap no. No no hold on hold on go back in there. I Need to feed my quantum slimes They’re starving I can hear them jumping because they see me picking the parsnip, so like my cat They hear food, and they’re like yes that Should be enough for everyone the rest you will get oh no, I’m not for everyone here. I’ll just throw them all in there enjoy Give me lots of floor, it’s That’s what I’m talking about. I will pull these out jeez a hundred. That’s insane I Know I said it like five times. I just can’t get over the fact that I can now what about a hundred at once oh This is incredible I Mean making so much money I’m so excited Each time I go That means I don’t have to worry about collecting them half as often because I can just wait for them to get to a hundred And then when they get to one hundred go to posit those Man-killing is gonna. Be bummed that he missed this stream. That’s for sure I Can’t the problem is though it’s sucks Well like I can’t do it for everybody like even how you were saying for if it’s 2:00 a.m.. For you like Since everybody lives in different places, it’s gonna be really hard for me to be able to get time zones that work for every single person you know I Try my best though and this time works well for me, too Which matters because if I try new times that didn’t work well for me it probably wouldn’t even happen at all so It’s good that I can wing it like this Did I say the 7 C corporation is gonna be 75,000 Because man that is a lot, I feel like I might have to do an episode just called grinding to 7 Z corporation wins Because even with almost 400 Lords just deposit in there I didn’t even break 20k Like that is nonsense. I’m gonna go pull the rest out of the silo quick, but man I Just can’t believe that even after that many not even 20k It’s insane it’s insane. How many ports are in this game? And I feel like if I just make all of them into good ports that will Mess up the it’ll make these all worth a bunch less which is gonna suck Yeah, see frisk I totally understand that and for me schools already started So that’s why this is one of the best times for me cuz like after this I’m just gonna do my homework for the rest of night cuz this is one of my days off from work So I’m just gonna do my homework for the rest of the night and then Work to get my homework done so that when I go back to work The next day we empty all my homework done Not have to worry about that. I was almost like dang it I wish it wasn’t over 50 because I can only take 50 at once and I remembered no I can take as many as I want It’s so great oh, I can’t take those though darn believe the water ones little with their rubber duckies and their little water poops I Think we got some hunter ones over here. Don’t we? Won’t have too many but a few Yep 19 Oh, I guess I can take the honey ones Dukas. I have I can take over 50. Oh, this is so nice guys so great So happy about this This should get us to at least 25, I would wish it would give us the 30, but I doubt it 100 mosaic quartz is a lot though 50 each That’s good No, I don’t think about 25 Actually, maybe these Quantum’s are worth a lot the honey’s are there 27. That’s with them. Oh we’re in 825. We’re totally in it 25 Knocking it 30 though. That’s for sure. I wish But hunter forts are gonna go down now since I just brought them for the first time in a while I Bet they’ll go down now Like oh you just use a bunch of hunter ports. That’s not gonna. That’s not gonna work Well go in here. I should grab that random rock port or boom for I don’t know how it got away over here boom lark Give some of my radishes or my heartbeats they look like radishes, okay? 30 and The top you guys off at 30. Give you a little bit extra Even though you guys are worth less don’t know why I did that What do you guys got somebody ate so d8 sweet all right Yeah, and I can always try to do streams at different times occasionally and stuff like that’ll all be stuff I’ll figure out in the future especially now cuz like I just started streaming recently I’m still trying to figure out the exact schedule and the way I want to do it so We have time to figure out that kind of stuff Especially as more people keep joining the channel and everything there will be people that Weren’t here before that Oh like hey, this time works best for us, and I’m like oh that makes sense I’ll start doing things at this time because then more people will be able to come on and enjoy the stream, so We’ll see when that time comes what works best for us random rockport I’d be devastated one day if I walked out and my There were tars and all the things and they were just all my people were destroyed like no I did so much work to get them all holiday I Suddenly do what I said, I was into a while ago. Which is perfectly plot out all the trees and the plants and the Slimes I have not done. I definitely need to do that Um When I like when I graduate am I gonna multitask because I’m hoping by the time. I graduate I don’t have to I can just do YouTube and stuff or involving YouTube cuz that’s what I want to do my degrees I’m getting a degree in Business Management So I can whatever I want to do things for business for instant like with YouTube and stuff I don’t have to hire someone else to do my business side of it I can do the business side of it So I’m hoping to be able to start my own businesses through and around YouTube eventually so that would be the goal is To graduate and then already have a full-time job doing YouTube and stuff well-rounded Man, that’d be so awesome. That’s my goal in the future for sure Alright guys. I think I’m gonna end this stream here for now it has been quite a while I think about two hours, so we’re gonna end this one next time. I’m gonna continue grinding for the 7zi corporation I’m gonna go look at the slime science area cuz I haven’t really examined it too much try to find out if I can make the gordo stuff for frisk and Other stuff I can do in there so I have a lot to do still there But I am going to end this episode here. Thank you guys so much for watching I really appreciate you guys all coming out if any of you guys are doing here make sure to smash that subscribe button and all Of you guys don’t forget to give that like button some love. Thank you guys so much for watching Let’s continue to create the greatest gaming community in the world

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