Sneaky Noah TRIES TO FLY and SNEAKS the Fizzy Lifting Drink! | SuperHeroKids
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Sneaky Noah TRIES TO FLY and SNEAKS the Fizzy Lifting Drink! | SuperHeroKids

February 8, 2020

– Oh no, this is bad, help! (footsteps approaching) – Noah?
Where are you? – [Noah] Up here! (air whooshing)
– Noah? – Hi. – How on earth did you get up there? And why are you in a banana suit? – Well, it’s a long story. Me and my friend went
to see Captain Marvel and I thought it was so
cool how she could fly. (twinkling music)
Captain Marvel to the rescue! Watch out Superman! Ooh ooh.
Wa-psh-psh! Hmm, I wish I can fly like Captain Marvel. (distant crashing) (gasps softly)
(toys clank) (footsteps clomping) (door creaking)
Wha-za? – My creation! (tablets clattering)
(liquid bubbling) Oh, it’s beautiful! (liquid bubbling) – Whoa, what is it? (ominous music) – It’s a Fizzy Lifting Drink! – A Fizzy Lifting Drink? – I saw it in a movie once. It makes you able to fly. – Whoa.
(frenetic music) (air whooshing) – Absolutely not! It’s a little unstable and
(sniffs) maybe dangerous. So don’t even think about drinking it. What’re you lookin’ at? Get outta here! (door creaks)
(footsteps clattering) – Hm.
Maybe a sip won’t be too bad. But I have to get past Eden. (gasping)
(triumphant music) I need a disguise. (whimsical piano music) This doesn’t feel right. Perfect, she’ll never suspect a banana! (light suspenseful music) (liquid bubbling) – Hey!
I never suspect bananas. Carry on.
(light suspenseful music) (liquid bubbling)
(Noah chuckles) (light suspenseful music) – Eden did say not to drink it… But what could go wrong? (breathing heavily)
Ah. (belches loudly) (smacks lips)
Fruity. (light suspenseful music) Time to fly. (grunting)
(twinkling music) (air escaping) What? (air whooshing) Ah, come on! Up, up, and away! Away! (lips buzzing) It doesn’t even work! (air hissing) What? (whimpers)
This is not good. (liquid bubbling) (twinkling music)
And that’s how I ended up on the ceiling in a banana suit. – Fascinating.
But now the question is… How on earth are you going to get down? – I have absolutely no idea. – I have an idea. (ominous music)
– Ah, this is the perfect time to test my new evil Laughing Perfume on those terrible superhero kids. This time, I will defeat them! (laughs maniacally) Yeah, okay, time to go away now. (grunts) (footsteps clattering) (device creaking) (Hope grunting) Ah, got it! – Oh, it’s working! – Almost! – Squirt squirt.
(water bottle spritzing) (Air whooshes)
– What? No! (Hope laughing) What’s so funny Hope? (White hat laughs) White hat, he must be doing something. (Hope laughing) I’ve got to stop Hope from laughing! But how?
(Hope laughing) (Ominous music)
– Hang on a sec. Where did my Fizzy Lifting drink go? (Gasps)
Did the banana drink it? Nah, I could never distrust a banana. (Hope laughing)
(Light, bubbly music) Hey guys, what’s-
(Noah gasps) You did drink my Fizzy Lifting drink! – Sorry.
(Eden grunts) (White hat laughs)
– Eden’s turn. Squirt squirt.
(water bottle spritzing) (Eden coughs)
– What is tha- (Eden laughs, manically)
(Eden and Hope laugh) – Eden! (Eden and Hope laugh) What’s the unmost funniest
thing I have ever said? (Noah gasps)
(Eden and Hope laugh) Hey guys how long do you have
to wait until you see the sun? Until it dawns on you! (Eden and Hope slowly stop laughing) I’m reading this really
good anti-gravity book, I can’t put it down! (White hat gasps)
– What? No, it cannot be! His puns are so terrible,
they are counteracting my laughing perfume! – Do you know what? Broken
pencils are pointless! Alright, I’ve got to finish them off. Why do bananas wear suncream? Because otherwise, they’ll peel! (Eden and Hope grunts) Sorry about that one, now let me down! (Hope grunts) – These shoes are heavy enough to keep you from floating away again. – Oh, I’ve got to spray Noah!
(Bottle squirting) (White hat grunts)
Oh no, it got on me! I’ve got to get a drink
to wash this off. Quick! (White hat gasps)
(Water bubbling) I think it worked.
(White hat laughs) Oh no.
(White hat laughs manically) (Air whooshing)
(White mask grunting) – Thanks Eden. I’m sorry
for drinking your drink even though you told me not to. – Guys, should we help the White hat? (White hat laughing)
– Oh no! – He’ll be fine, the drink
should ware off eventually. – Let us know in the icon if you’re going to go see Captain Marvel! – Make sure to click right here to watch some more of our awesome videos! – Also, check out our
new channel SHK play, we do some awesome challenges! [Ensemble] See you all there! – Bye!

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