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Solar City – Playthrough – slickerdrips

August 27, 2019

hi everyone I’m Tom today I’m going to be playing solar city which is a city building game oh it’s on Kickstarter right now and if you would like to go and check out the campaign page the link is in the description and you can see all of the changes full of final stuff this is a prototype as always but there is a lot that’s changed already the art of the player boards and the art of the tiles and things will the layout of the tiles there’s some differences anyway you can see them on the campaign page and as always I’d recommend you turning on the click on subtitles because then you can see if I have made any mistakes so in this game we will be taking terms to place skyscrapers in our cities hopefully upgrade them into sky gardens maybe get some public buildings as well try and make some money but try and make the most points now there’s a selection of different buildings in the game these are well in my prototype anyway there might be more in the final game so there is a selection of cards you shuffle them up and select six of the building types and then there’s a certain there’s a different number of each type for different play accounts this fire of each in a two-player game which is what I’m playing right now and you can keep the cards out if you want to as a reminder of which each city does so they’re arranged in a special way but all you need to know is that each pile has got two different types of building in it so I’m the first player I start off with six money and I can either build a skyscraper which probably what I’m going to do I can build one of these public buildings or I can upgrade a skyscraper into a sky garden which obviously we actually skyscraper I’m not gonna do so what if we got out the Zona would give me now the bottom ability is what happens when it’s activated the sovereignty is what you will get when you upgrade it into a garden but just once so the zone will give me points for each public building that I’ve got I haven’t got any other moments oh that’s not brilliance the hive would give me two money for each empty space in the role column that activates we’ll see that in a second and the Geo seed would give me two money for each adjacent city edge so I think while my city is quite empty I’m gonna start by taking the action of building a skyscraper I can take one from the available path so I’m gonna take this high-five revealed another one there I pay the cost and the cost is one for each skies you’ve already got on your board so your first one is free it doesn’t really matter where I put it at this stage there are ones that want to be adjacent to the edges though so let’s put this right in the middle I’m going to place this and you choose a row or column to activate when you build so I’m gonna choose the B column so now every building in my B column would activate and perform its bottom ability here the other ones have only got one thing so that is two money for each empty space in the activated column so I’m gonna get two four six money I also need to move my marker for skyscrapers up to remind me that it’s gonna cost me one now for any future skyscrapers okay I think at the moment it makes sense for Marty to do the same thing although I wanted to copy now he could put it in the B column but he wouldn’t be able to activate it from B he died today through from two again I think he’s gonna put it in the C column but he is going to activate the two ROK’s it’s your choice if both of these are empty so you know activate the two row because now on mine I can’t activate Mathura oh that makes me realize that Marty’s B should be blocked off as well because you affect each other’s activation slots Marty also gets six money and he moves his marker up to the one slot for me I think I’m gonna build a public building I look at this one get a point whenever you build another public building in an adjacent space now adjacency is not diagonal in this so I’m going to place it here it always costs six for a public building no matter how many that you have got and if you can you activate a row or column well I’m gonna do it right back to Marty I’m going to activate C so stuff in being able to do that twice in this round and we see a new public building so public building cost is reduced by two I think marty is gonna jump on that he’s gonna pay six and he’s gonna have his building cost reduced by two think he’ll put it over here and he’ll block off the three so I have to do that on mine now we see another public building when the skyscrapers in the indicated adjacent spaces are activated to resolve their effect twice I would really like that I could make it trigger there and I could put it there to get a point and I got six money there so it would be everything I think I am going to grab this geo seed and I’m gonna put it right in the corner so let’s activate the a column Marty does the same and I get two money for each adjacent city edge so I’m gonna get two for the downside to this building is that when you upgrade it to a sky garden his ability as you get four points minus two for each adjacent city edge so this one is if do you want it to earn your money now or do you want it to earn your points later I needed to pay one to be able to do it and my skyscraper goes up after two Marty getting ready for next round he’s gonna spend he’s gonna spend four because he gets a reduction of two on public buildings and he’s gonna grab this one and put it right next to the hive so the hive activating in this row isn’t gonna be very effective anymore but activating in the column it’s gonna he’s gonna resolve the effect twice and when you upgrade the hive you’re gonna get a point for each occupied space in the activated or calm so he’s hoping to keep this column empty so he can get the money and then when he decides to upgrade it this is gonna be full hopefully and get him money whenever you build a skyscraper now I’ve just doing some money so I don’t mind paying six out of my nine I’m gonna grab that and make all the builds cheap for me and let’s put it down here so I’ve earned myself a point new one comes out and I am really rattling through these so when a skyscraper and the adjacent spaces is upgraded it’s a garden resolve its effect twice and we’ve got that one here as well but for a different direction now that Marty has started to build public buildings he’s gonna pay one because he’s already got one skyscraper and he is going to build as owner a habit if he wants it to activate this round he wants to put it there so it would double off but if he does that he can’t activate it this round because those activations are already done oh I would need to activate the four because that’s available so a multi built one here these were already blocked off so he wants to activate it he could put it you could put it here because when it upgrades you get a point for each adjacent public building I think he’s gonna put it there for now so he’s gonna activate the one row and that gives him a money for each public building so that’s two money and his skyscraper account goes up now if I do something in the D column I’m gonna have the last action it does mean that Marty goes first next time now I only got three money so I can’t have a public building I think I’m going to have another geo seed in this corner activating the D column I have to pay too but I’m gonna get one back because of my public building and I’m gonna myself for again but this is gonna be worth no points at the end just keep keeping my money going at the moment and that’s the end of the round Marty is now gonna be the first player because he would have been next to go so we remove all of these if we had any end-of-round abilities they would go off now and we now get to money on each public structure it’s kind of incentivize going for those ones and if they get to six money they end up with points on them instead okay Marty’s gonna go for another zone it’s gonna cost him two because he already got two skyscrapers he’s got three now and he’s gonna put it here in his double space and he’s gonna whack to make the row this one isn’t gonna be very effective but it’s gonna go off twice at least hopefully we can do the C later and get a good payday there so yeah it’s one for each public building twice so that is four and then he gets two free to empty space twice which is another four so he gets eight money for building that I need to block off the two in my city and I think I’m gonna go and spend all of my money on a public building and it’s gonna be this one so when I upgrade a skyscraper our resolves affect twice I’m gonna put it here I got a point for putting it adjacent to that public building and I’m gonna activate the B column so this goes off I’m gonna get for money because there’s two empty spaces and when they sup great I’m hoping to get double the points new public building comes out when something’s activated resolve it twice but it’s up and down in Marty he’s gonna pay his for for another public building he’s gonna take this one same was the one I got but it works sideways instead of up and down he’s gonna put it here so he can activate the C column so it’s it’s interesting how their system of the game works you know there are a lot of buildings that reward just kind of empty spaces and things like that or placing things in certain positions but for example this one once you have as many empty spaces as possible to get the most money but to activate the building you have to put something in the column to make it activate so you know it makes yeah it reduces its effectiveness over time so incentivizes you to upgrade it so let’s see this is just gonna help when this one upgrades and it’s a public building which wants to be next to this building anyway which is another reason that I did it this building gets four twice so you get eight from that I block off my C and we need another public building out get a point when you build a public building on adjacent space that’s what I’ve got there isn’t it I think I’ve got a lot of public buildings it wouldn’t hurt for me to have as owner as well I think we could put it out here maybe so it’s gonna cost me – because I’ve already got no custom III cuz I didn’t move the cube it’s gonna cost me three because I already had three skyscrapers there I’m going to activate the column so this one gets me four and then one for each public building one two three so I get seven money but I now have four skyscrapers Marty’s gonna go public building again one two three four and he’s gonna get two back from this one this is going to make money worth more points at the end when you exchange them it’s gonna put it here so he activates the one row so this doesn’t think this gets in one for each public building one two three four and now this one has got maximum points so I think he’s gonna try and upgrade that in a future round because to upgrade this you need to be you have to be able to upgrade one we also gained two more as well from the public building he put down so he is loaded at the moments I think I am going to spend fall and grab this spectrum so I’m gonna put it down here and I will activate my D column and while one should already have been done actually there we go and it’s gonna get me one times the current random or which is two this one gets me two for each adjacent city edge which is four and I have yet another skyscraper I do get one back when I build them thanks to the public building Marty looking it to the future is going to pay his thing he’s gonna have four skyscrapers on this is done he is gonna grab this text ring well actually he wanted it there I just realized that he should’ve him blocked off was it there so it doubles when it activates but I think he can do something else instead he’s gonna do yet another zone of building he’s already paid for it tonight to fete his four row which stops me being able to upgrade which is what I wanted to do with that he gets one for each public building so that’s one two three four actually he wanted it there so that it can have as many adjacent as he can so that’s for money for that I think I’m gonna pay five it’s getting quite expensive now for me to keep building skyscraper so I need to start upgrading them I think into some gardens I’m gonna grow another city edge one but I’m gonna put it here I think so activate the three I’m gonna get one for each public building which one two three two for each city edge for five money but at least that one is gonna give me some points when it upgrades so that’s the end of the round marty is gonna stay as the start player we get some money on all of the public buildings so we’ve been very public building a heavy every way and take all of these outs okay finally we’re gonna do some upgrading marty is going to upgrade a skyscraper into a sky garden he you you pay nothing for the first one but each one is to money after that so he’s gonna upgrade this here it does mean that he’s never gonna get to earn money from this ever again but it’s gonna activate his B column now when it gets upgraded it happens twice for him so he gets one two three twice he’s gonna get sick points for that and they’re coming on the line he also gets money for each public building so that’s for it I think we’re gonna work gray so it’s free for the first one so that goes up this comes down and I’m gonna activate the column so this is gonna give me two points and a money for each empty space in my city so two three four five six seven then two for each adjacent city edge which is two four six so I have a load of money now Marty’s gonna go for rid of the public building so that’s four for him he’s gonna double the activation of these things here tonight to make that a column and so this now happens twice he’s got one two three four five public buildings twice that’s ten money I am going to pay five for a shaft building that is going to get me three money now and when it when it gets upgraded it’s gonna get me twelve I got a money back because of my public building I get three for building that and I have to upgrade have to put the token in the row because the columns already done but when this upgrades it’s free to upgrade not to for every sky garden you’ve got and I got it twice I’m gonna get twenty four money when I upgrade that next round hopefully well he’s gonna pay his three and he’s gonna carry on with his plan from last round of putting the tech tree up there activates the row so nothing happens in this row because that’s already been upgraded his marker goes up he gets one for each sky garden he’s only got one right now but he’s you know I’ve got a bigger incentive now to build more I’m gonna pay five I’m gonna pay five nice shower one two three four five six I’ve got six I need to pay I’ll remember Marcus don’t worry I I’m going to grab this the hive and I’m gonna put it here some means I’m not gonna get to activate it Marty’s gonna pay for and he he is gonna place this here in the middle of nowhere it’s gonna get nothing when it activates but he’s hoping to get the full four points when he upgrade it I think I’m gonna grab another shaft base and put it here didn’t activate the twos it’s like here’s me two for money seven money Marty’s gonna pay two to upgrade so he moves that up and that down he’s gonna upgrade this one and get the fault four points for it so I think he’s definitely in the lead in points so the public buildings get to more money on them we take out these activation Marcus and I’m gonna be the first player so I am going to do an upgrade straightaway it’s gonna cost me – because I already have one sky garden so that goes up that goes down or the other way around from how I said it and I am going to upgrade so it could be there our thumb couldn’t it let’s do this one so it’s gonna get me four points I get me any money for this one but this one gets me three money so actually I wanted to do this one didn’t I because I can double that one so I get that one done first so I got another four points Marty’s gonna pay for his number skyscrapers he’s gonna grab another one of these he’s gonna grab another one of these the hive for money for empty spaces she’s gonna get four five six seven eight nine money for doing this I’m gonna do another upgrade this is gonna get me nothing but the twelve money for upgrading and it didn’t cost me anything Marty’s gonna look great it’s gonna cost him four and straightaway he gets to do this so I should have blocked him from it really I was too covered up as well cuz I’m homeless so I’ll point for each occupied space that’s four points I’m gonna go for a public building pay my six but I’m getting full back from this actually I’m adding six back so someone should have taken this sooner where do I need it to go I wouldn’t mind going in either of these spaces actually because I want it to be adjacent to the zone a building I can’t activate a row or column though by doing this but I do change the final exchange rate Marty’s gonna spend three he’s gonna grab one of these spectrum buildings because he wants different types for his tech trees let’s see he’ll put it he’ll put it here I think and he gets money equal to the current round so that’s four I think I am going to have another public building just so I can fill in this space I’m not gonna get any of the points for it but I’ve maximized the points I need for that now nothing gets blocked off Marty is gonna grab another hive so that’s gonna cost him five he’s gonna put it here and hope to activate it let’s see he’s gonna activate this first three it’s one for each sky garden he’s got three to four each empty space set five seven I’m going to upgrade so that’s gonna cost me six because I’ve already got three sky gardens and I’m gonna get three points marty is in a bit of a tough position he can put something down but he kind of wants to upgrade things he wants to wait to get the most out of this but I think he’s going to upgrade it now so it’s gonna cost him six cuz he’s already got three sky gardens so how many types as he got he’s got one two three four types I think which is eight points which isn’t bad as it the way she can get from that is twelve doubled of course and he would activate the one row which doesn’t make anything else happen and that’s the end of the round I’m gonna be the first player for the fifth and final round there are no public buildings and this round may end early because as soon as someone’s city is full the game can end a bit early the first thing I want to do I’m gonna pay 8 and I want to upgrade this by using the B column because it’s full and it gets me four points Marty wants to do the same with his three so that’s gonna cost him eight and he’s gonna get four points as well I wouldn’t spend four and grab this tech tree and hope to activate it and put it in too so nothing else happens but I get one for each sky garden which is 5 money now what he wants it to get this done so he’s gonna do see straightaway that’s 10 money he’s running out of money because he hasn’t done any activating for quite a while housing but that is another four points I’m going to activate my D and I’m going to spend 10 which means I haven’t got too much money left and I’m going to upgrade that tech tree straight away how many types have I got 1 2 3 4 5 so I get 5 it’s not bad he’s gonna spend 3 and build another tech tree building down here there are 4 buildings and he is gonna get 5 10 15 money now I’ve missed out on my chance now to upgrade this for free and get 24 money should have done that sooner probably so I can only do stuff in the a or one column I think I’m gonna spend 4 and let’s grab this activate the row so I’m gonna get 4 8 13 money and now I just filled up the city board the game is over so we can’t go on to the final score Inc so if we take a no yeah I never mentioned loans we always had enough money we were getting towards the point where we might have needed loans and maybe it would have been worth getting loans to activates oh great a building at this point you could have taken loans at any point in the game to get 3 money and they are a negative point unless you pay them off at the end by paying 6 money so every sky garden you’ve got his with a point I’ve got 1 2 3 4 5 6 yeah mice got 1 2 3 4 5 6 every empty space on your board is minus 1 points so Marty loses one every 12 money gets you a point but we’ve each cut two of these came out and we each headed up getting one so ever ten money is a point so I get one point because I had 15 Marty has 12 15 18 19 so close but he just gets the 1 point as well so let’s see who has the most points marty has 12 18 24 30 33 36 o arian back the point that he lost and I have 6 12 18 24 31 so on five points short Marty got some much better activations but that is SolarCity I hope that gives you a good idea of how the game goes if you’d like to know where I think you can click the link over here but thank you very much for watching everyone and I’ll see you for the next game bye

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  1. so I understand when you activate a column or number it activates the building, does it activate then and there or at the end of each turn do you activate it again if you can?

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