September 17, 2019

*drone humming* Hey, it’s Andrew Huang *high five* So check it out, we just reached this Patreon goal and that happened just before my birthday. So my wife, who is the best ever got me this preeeseeent It says Mavic on it, what’s that? What’s Mavic mean? What’s dji mean? What is this word? oooOOOOHH *airhorn noises* So there’s this genre called drone music which is essentially, like, looow, sustained atmospheric tones But I’m wondering if I cooould *rhythmic beats, clicking, rubbing on drone* *added clicks* So in the next part of this track I start using more of the drone flying sounds, but there was also *digital chime* this little chime from when the controller starts up. I feel like now’s probably also a good time to mention that this video is not sponsored. I just am excited about my new drone. That said, if anyone from dji is watching *whisper* call me *resumes music with digital chime* *digital beeps* *whirring drone and drum break down* *digital chime descending* If you didn’t already know, I’m doing giveaways all month on Instagram Follow me on Instagram if you want a chance to win not a drone but a whole bunch of really awesome music stuff. Thanks for watching, hope you subscribed, I’ll be back in a few days with some new weird musical thing. *chill electro music* *excited* Are you a YouTuber?!

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