Space Elevators soon, Out of body experiences solved and Airship satellites – This is REAL Genius
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Space Elevators soon, Out of body experiences solved and Airship satellites – This is REAL Genius

September 12, 2019

Hello and welcome to This is Genius science
in 90 seconds, the stories that matter, from the people with grey matter. And first up this week, space elevators. We
talked about them in our video about wierd ways to get into space, annotation below,
and now a report from the from the International Academy of Astronautics claims we could feasilbly
have the first space elevators into Low Earth Orbit as soon as 2025, with more ambitious
cables carrying 20 tonnes or so to geostationary orbit from 2035. The system could lift as
much as a space shuttle every two days for a fraction of the cost. Next up, and out-of-body experiences may seem
like pseudoscience, but to people who experience them they are all too real. Now, for the first
time, a team from the University of Ottowa have mapped the brain during an OBE. Scanning
a subject who claimed to be able to experience trips at will, the team noticed that her visual
cortex almost entirely shut down, whilst the part of the brain associated with kinesthetic
imagery, which includes mental imagery of bodily movement, became super active. So no
paranormal activity, but rather interesting nonetheless. And finally, launching satellites costs quite
a lot of money. So how about we don’t? The Keck Institute for Space studies have suggested
we could use giant, sci-fi esque airships to replace everything from spy to mobile communications
and science satellites, for a fraction of the cost – though the report says there are
some technical, and many political, hurdles to overcome. That’s it for this week, check out the rest
of the playlist for more on these stories. We’ve also got an awesome video collaboration
going up today, we’ve united with Truthloader, Dark5, alltime Conspiracies and Alltime numbers
to bring you a top five of bizarre CIA programmes, it should be appearing at the bottom and there’s
a link in the description so check it out, it’s amazing and you get to hear me try and
do an American accent and wear a fake moustache. That’s worth a click, right?

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