Space Engineers – Symmetry mode, astronaut jet pack dampeners, inventory and items
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Space Engineers – Symmetry mode, astronaut jet pack dampeners, inventory and items

August 28, 2019

Welcome to the Space Engineers introduction of new features released in update 1.006 The symmetry mode was one of the most wanted features. Now you can build your ships faster than before. Start with creating a new large ship object Select an object you want to build Press M, click left mouse button to create the symmetry plane Press Escape button You can build or remove any object the way you would normally do The objects will be mirrored on the other side of the symmetry plane If you would like to add an object without mirroring press N to deactivate symmetry mode When you are done, click N and continue To move the symmetry plane, press M and point at a different place click left mouse button to change position of symmetry plane press Escape button, build a few blocks to see the change in symmetry To remove symmetry plane, click M and right mouse button The symmetry mode allows us to choose between odd or even symmetry plane To select even symmetry, click M two times When building in even symmetry, you can be sure the construction always ends in even numbers The symmetry mode allows us to mirror on all three axis Create a new large ship object To add more symmetry planes, keep pressing M key to browse between all the symmetry planes Click left mouse button for every axis you want to be mirrored For every axis only one can be active at the same time Thanks to this tool, it is possible to build complex shapes very fast To remove or change position of an axes, you need to keep pressing M until you reach the color of the axes you want to edit Now you can change it’s possition by clicking left mouse button or remove it by clicking right mouse button The Astronauts movement while using jet pack was improved. Now it is possible to turn off Inertia Dampeners by pressing Z This feature allows you to fly without being slowed down from automatic thruster balance The indication in lower left corner informs you about usage of inertia dampers The Interia dampeners button for ships was moved to Z as well The keys for turning of jet pack has been changed to the X key The inventory screen has been enabled. Press K to activate the window Now it is possible to move items between your astronaut’s and object’s inventory To do that, approach an object with active cargo doors and press K Every cargo box used for large ships and stations generates items Each item will have a specific purpose in future updates It is possible to throw away items from your invetory Drag and drop the items in to the trash icon at the bottom of the screen When you leave the inventory screen, all items will be released Each one of the items has it’s own physics Pick it up by pressing T or throw it in to the space using gravity generators This was the last feature for update 1.006 We hope the new features will enhance your gameplay and add a lot of fun

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  1. Is it just me who cant get this working correctly?? As soon as i hit escape as instructed the symmetry plane just vanishes and nothing is added in symmetry mode. I only got it working once even though I did exactly the same.

  2. Jetpack speed is ridiculous for building, I'd rather have the slower movement, maybe a way to toggle between the two. Otherwise great  update.

  3. I must ask! in the future, when anybody will host a server, will you be able to set as rule the "use/not use inertial dampers" or allow both?

  4. Были новости насчет добавления мультиплеера или активации вооружения?

  5. Man I could really have used this two days ago xD but eh well, I am no doubt going utilize the symmetry on my next build. Thanks for making a great game, that gets better with every update. Cheers.

  6. can anyone tell me how to build multiple blocks I know the ctrl that builds many blocks in a straight line but how to do it so that your building a huge square

  7. Just a question, is it also possible to "super"-enable those dampeners?
    Because I have problems moving around over long distances when my character flies twice the way I wanted him to move :S

  8. i am downloading this game on steam right now. its downloading really quickly cant wait to play it i wanna build a big ship with heap of thrusters so it moves and turns so fast

  9. symmetry mode isn't working at all for me…I don't get the plain things to show up and I'm not sure why. Anyone know why?

  10. Copy some Good stuf from miner wars 2081 Like mineing,tradeing,radition,crafing(very important option) and add wire system Like gates(electronic not doors), CPU,lights… Add life support that he can remove that suit on spaceship. I just gave idea.

  11. Mine isn't working any more. What? I'm following the instructions. 'M', then 'Left Click', but pressing ESC makes the whole thing disappear and disables the symmetry.

  12. 1)When there is network play?
    2)How to use guns and tools?
    3)Will there be in the game alive planet and pirates, aliens?
    In the top please

  13. These updates are getting better and better! I have a question though: Do you think that it would be possible to have a First Person view in a large ship? It's something I know a lot of people want, and it would be a really nice feature to the game 😀

  14. I do exactly what is done in the video, and it just does not work. New ship, hit M, left click, escape, place block, no symmetry. Something wrong with my game, or I doing something wrong? I also noticed that hitting x for dampeners on and off doesnt work, they stay on, so I wasnt sure if that was a sign that MY game is bugged, or if that was a general bug.

  15. I think it'd be really great if the max speed limit was removed- or at least made way higher. It'd make space combat fresh and new, unlike any other game so far.

  16. i would like if they made a camera block and also doors for hangers in large ships ie carriers and in future i hope for like no air ou of ships they have to be air tight

  17. cool, now i have to buy one of those god damn highend pc in order to run it :I
    cant run it right now, and probbably along a few years too

  18. can some one help me out with a problem i have i am trying to build a star distorter but i keep getting memory full come up does anyone know how to fix this????????

  19. I'm so glad, that I bought that game .. freaking amazing! Never seen anything like this in any other game before – keep it going guys 🙂

  20. I've seen Starmade do this, But NEVER Will it have the BEAUTIFUL GRAPHICS OF THIS GAME. Please; for the love of god, don't make the fuck ups Starmade made. Never make weapons/weapon blocks that add more and more damage/power with each one you place together… I can understand that with engines, but not weapons or reactors.

    I've also thought up a great way to troll people online! XD Get like 5 gravity generators connected to a reactor, attached to a motor, that is attached to your ship. SO; When you fly next to other ships, and people are walking inside, it will throw them all around and will be hilarious!!!! XDDD

    No but seriously, Find a way to fix that… Because I see a lot of trolling in the future of this game by fucking with gravity.

  21. Help Ive checked the forums but i cant get the planes to show i just get highlighted blocks. A few others are having the same issue

  22. i also sent an email detailing this issue and asking whether it is a bug or the default settings. how many weeks until i get a response, and no not the stupid autoreply anyone with a compiler can do that.

  23. Could someone help me out with this? I follow the instructions of the video, but as soon as I press escape the symmetry plane disappears and building continues as normal. What am I missing?

  24. Whenever I press Esc after placing the symmetry line it just goes away? Am I doing something wrong or is it broken for me??

  25. How can I get off it it it annoying me When I am building it 1 in the place I want it and one is not what the fuck!!!

  26. I've been noticing that some people posting videos have an inventory space larger than 400 Liters. Is this a feature that I can use (if so how?), or is it a mod?

  27. All my Symmetry modes do the exact same thing. No matter which one I chose, the object is mirrored on every axis.

  28. my problem with symmetry is when you press M there's no Mirror wall, but its still working and when i press N the Symmetry works. My problem is just the mirror wall not showing up

  29. biiig question… if I have half a ship built, is there a way to symmetrically  auto complete the other half? if there is please tell me

  30. God this game has been in alpha development for TWO YEARS. I really don't feel like there's been 2 years worth of development done. Despite it being one of my favorites games ever. I mean I know it's a small team so maybe that's throwing off my gauging development time. Kind of wish they would have hired all those extra people they did for Medieval Engineers and put them on Space Engineers. Kind of a blatant cash in.

  31. it works up to the point of me placing the red wall thing, but when I press escape and try to build EXACTLY like in this tutorial, nothing happens, I only build 1 row at a time. And yes I did try pressing N several times

  32. Being able, to copy something and then paste it inverted, would be great. Also an editor type ship builder could be very useful.

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