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January 27, 2020

This is a two-part collaboration with times infinity in part one We discussed how and when SpaceX plans to travel to Mars And now we’re going to look at what SpaceX could do on Mars in the quest to make humans a multi planetary Civilization if you’ve not seen part one, make sure you check it out after this video So we have achieved the biggest feat of mankind We have arrived at Mars our nearest chance of a realistic second home in the universe. So now what what his SpaceX got planned to get us cosy and settled in a Start by looking at Elon original plan for a Mars mission way back in 2001 where the goal for Mars was much simpler at that time SpaceX didn’t even exist and the plan was to send a greenhouse to Mars with the goal of inspiring humans with images of life growing on a barren red planet over 100 million kilometres away However, the price of reaching his goal was well over 60 million dollars just to launch his dream into space So after several failed negotiations for a rocket Elon decided to do it himself and to start his journey for his own space company which we now know as SpaceX over time the plan for what SpaceX would do on Mars took on a much more grand scale with a vision shifting from inspiring people back on earth to directly settling and colonizing Mars the plans at first was secretive and only discussed his comments from Elon himself as early as 2007 Elon express interest in one day exploring and colonizing Mars rough timelines were drawn up in the mid 2010 with an aspirational goal of humans on Mars by early 2020 by 2013 many more details were known with the name of the Mars colonial transporter given it was determined It would ferry people to and from Mars as the most powerful rocket ever built by 2015 the plans were publicly announced and a vision of a million people on Mars began to show just how much more massive division SpaceX had for Mars had grown SpaceX now had plans not only to land humans on Mars, but to fully settle colonize and terraform the planet in the long run so once on Mars What options do we have for setting up the initial infrastructure and a base? The first tour SpaceX is Mars missions will be uncrewed cargo ships that will be tasked with finding natural resources that can be used in future missions and to provide fuel for starship to make two-way trips with ease these missions will also bring vital initial supplies like power generating machines and life-support systems for the first humans to use Further missions will then send manned and unmanned Starships to set up propellant production plants that will turn water ice and carbon dioxide Into usable fuel for the starship in the form of liquid methane and liquid oxygen These steps will be vital for the longer term two-way transportation of humans and cargo to set up infrastructure on the Red Planet So what about a base? How will that work? Hey beautiful viewer just before we go on sure Click subscribe in the bar icon for more videos now back to the video. Enjoy Starship itself could be a very interesting option for a Mars base at 50 meters in height large cargo bays and being made of useful building materials It would seem like a very attractive option using it for a Mars base. However, there are some drawbacks Starship is designed to be fully reusable like a jet liner Imagine decommissioning a brand-new airplane after a single flight the cost to fly on that plane would be enormous Outside of simply using starship as a base The logical process will most likely be building outwards from the initial propellant production plants Forming larger colonies into towns and eventually fully functioning and habitable cities Starships will arrive intermittently as and when the two planets are in close proximity On their individual orbits of the Sun and with every arrival more power industrial Mining and farming resources will be available fees on the ground as for the location of possible first settlements it’s thought that five sites have been marked in between the areas of Arcadia Planitia and Amazonas Planitia west of the highest mountain in the solar system now to olympus mons Even though there is more ice readily available at the polls This location is preferred as is on a huge low elevation plane and will be within 40 degrees of the planets equator So it will have a relatively good temperature for Mars and still have abundant amounts of surface ice and potential buried glaciers that could be tapped into Another point of interest here is the fact that there are extinct underground lava chambers here that can be tunneled into to make colonies Partially underground and help protect from the worst of the solar radiation on Mars SpaceX will not be making this alone But will be teaming up with NASA and other commercial space companies Who are already creating concepts of how every step of this will work and look and reality? Imagine being out to design your own Martian city Or do you include an earth museum a 200-foot statue of Elon maybe the first Martian football stadium What would they even be called? Red Rovers FC. Let us know your Martian team name below Okay, maybe we’re getting a bit carried away here. Maybe just the essentials first, right? but why not dream and the possibilities one company that may work closely with SpaceX has set up some of the initial Infrastructure on Mars is Tesla Tesla was founded by Elon Musk and could share a lot of vital technology for a Mars base In the latest starship update in October of 2019. A question was asked whether Tesla would develop Rovers for Martian missions However, it was clarified that since the cars were electric They fear ethically could be driven on Mars with minimal configuration Already what this shows is that the possibility of driving at Tesla Mars Could one day become reality power generation of Mars is a very important topic for the long term viability of the Mars base There are several methods that could be used to power Martian base But SpaceX have so far kept their plans vague So far two plans have been proposed nuclear energy and solar power And the distance Mars is from the Sun solar power generation could be weaker but deploying thousands of solar reflectors in space could redirect sunlight to the surface of the planet and would allow for sufficient power to come from the Planet through artificial means also solar mirrors could be useful for another purpose as we will see later on Ultimately, the vision for Mars is to make it a second home for Humanity to do this We will need to give it earth-like conditions the process of turning Mars into an like planet is called Terraforming facex has floated some ideas of how this process could be done One of these options takes terraforming the ecosystem of a planet to an extreme by using nuclear weapons nuclear Weapons could be aimed at the poles of Mars where there are vast deposits of frozen carbon dioxide Deposits stored away by the freezing cold temperatures by releasing these vast deposits of gas into the atmosphere It could make conditions more earth-like on the red planet while this would not complete the process of terraforming it could significantly Speed it up and provide a handy alternative use for our nuclear arsenals SpaceX has envisioned that placing thousands of mirrors in Mars orbit aimed at the poles Could heat up the planet at specific spots where carbon dioxide is frozen it would both raise the pressure and temperature of Mars however several studies have shown that this increase in temperature and pressure may not be enough and the best it may allow is thinner suits and more incoming energy on the planet Elon Musk has said a thousand starship missions will be needed to create a Sustainable city on Mars and this could take a while as the planets only align once every two years He is estimated over the next 20 years He will be able to transport 1 million tons of cargo to Mars, which should be enough to establish the first Mars base Do you think Elon can do it? And if so, would you move to Mars? Let us know below now over to times infinity where we will discuss the mission to Mars Our SpaceX plans to do this and Apparel’s of space travel. We will encounter link here and in the description below Make sure you subscribe to both of our channels and leave a like if you enjoyed the video

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