SpaceX unveils new Dragon V2 manned spacecraft
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SpaceX unveils new Dragon V2 manned spacecraft

August 12, 2019

Check this out! Yeah, SpaceX has unveiled an upgraded, passenger
version of their Dragon cargo ship which NASA buys for re-supply runs to the International
Space Station. The unveiling of the Dragon V2 took place
at the southern California headquarters of Space Exploration Technologies. Billionaire technology entrepreneur Elon Musk has
called the spacecraft a big leap forward in technology. Conceivably, we could do the first flight
to orbit, and we’d initially do it without people, at the end of next year. And then
the first flight with people in 2016 we think is very achievable. SpaceX is just one of several private companies
competing to build so-called taxis for NASA to replace a retired space shuttle fleet. It previously flew four cargo missions to
the space station, delivering food and supplies. Since the shuttle fleet retired in 2011, NASA
has depended on Russian rockets to transport astronauts to orbit and back, paying nearly
$71 million per seat. The space agency has said it wants US companies
to fill the void by 2011 and has given out seed money to spur innovation. That is how a 21st Century spaceship should

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  1. Freaking 3D bullshit. The age of fake where nothing is really done. Cars break in months. It's all propaganda. Taking decades to complete when in the 60's!!!! they could do it in very few years. Give the money to someone who can really do it.

  2. You mean depended on alien spacecraft not Russian, it was found in a location in Russia but it doesn't have Russia's name on it. Hence this all came to be from a little piece that came from space during WW2 and then later was renamed to "Die Glocke". I can see s to what they mean by them saying something from Russia but from what I can see Russia seems to be getting pretty good stuff from all over the universe, I agree that they WERE ahead of their time anyways. (Lol OOH! Something came from outer space! Quickly claim it before anyone else does!)

  3. They should just go ahead and build its own space station. at least the same or twice the size in volume as space lab. 

  4. Awesome, but I do like the look of the space shuttle.. It looks more like a spaceship than this pod does.. Having said that, SpaceX is getting us to the future. 🙂

  5. Keep one ready for an 'Emergency' evacuation of the International Space station, should the need occur. That way you send it up empty and only need it to work flawlessly for re-entry, something that is fairly easy to do.

  6. Mr Musk; Rockets sometimes 'FAIL' after the thermal stress of re-entry. It would be best to use a parachute system like the old Apollo modules, but ones that are 'steerable', then use rockets for a softer touchdown if possible. That way, even if the rockets fail, the people onboard will survive. They will be shaken up by the hard landing, but you can put shock absorbers on those seats to absorb most of the impact of even a rocketless landing if standard steerable Chutes are used for landings.

  7. So we're almost half way through 2016…has this thing made a manned flight yet or is it STILL in testing stage?

  8. So, this is supposed to land somewhere and they expect two lackeys to push out a ladder on wheels for everyone to climb out?

  9. i bet the 29 people who disliked this were thinking "why do we need to go to space? we already when to the moon and back isn't that enough?"

  10. For an extra safety margin would they put shock absorbents under the seats or suspend them on some kind of damped lines above?

  11. Look, I'm all for technological advancement, but I wouldn't have the confidence to fly in that thing based on seeing the conceptual interior of it. I'd MUCH prefer to have lots of physical buttons, switches and gauges rather than some giant LCD/OLED screen SINGLE POINT OF FAILURE. That shit works in a car because you can just pull over WHEN it flakes out. When flying in a missile, not so much…

  12. So basically NASA waisted trillions of dollars during it's wasteful history.
    Amazing what private enterprise can accomplish.

  13. no doubt Elon you are my favourite and able to send the human to low earth orbits soon…but plz tell us how do you secure the crew from lethal radiation of Van allen belts and cosmic rays when you will be sending them to the deep space ?

  14. we are in 2018 almost and this piece of shit is still on the ground,the only one prove till know for 40 years is going up and down from the sky to earth and that is the legend SOYUZ!!!what a masterpiece!!!

  15. For the people complaining no people have yet to fly in one yet…you must take baby steps before you can run. IF IT wasnt for Elon Musk i know i wouldnt have hope for any nasa progress. In fact i feel elon musk has progressed than any company or agency out there within the past 5 years than nasa has done in 10years. Also el on not only makes space craft but also cars,semis,electric powered roofs for homes, the guys doing it all cut him and his team some slack geeesh.its not even about supply and demand it just comes down to how greedy you guys really are.

  16. Tesla’s new model X P105D. Looks like they have done away it’s the electric gull wing doors and you have to open manually.

  17. This is looking more and more like the future! Only civiliain sace companies can delvier the U.S. cirizens to the space age. NASA can't do it. NASA is a govenrment agency and keeps pretty much everything it does to itself! If we are gouing to have manned space stations serving visitors it's going to be the business interests that bring them about. If we're going to mine asteroids it's business that's going to do it.

  18. Dragon V2 , really ? The original V2 was a German rocket designed by the Saturn V, Rocked thechnonoly is " German " not Nazi. . . btw M r. Elon Musk is not a born American. that's why he has fresh ideas.

  19. It’s still in testing stage it is now 2018 and still testing I know it’s its got to be safe you can’t be to safe ❤️🇬🇧👌david

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