Spider-Man’s NEW SUIT Explained! (MCU)
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Spider-Man’s NEW SUIT Explained! (MCU)

August 25, 2019

Created by Stark Industries, Spider-Man’s spidey-suit
comes fully equipped with a plethora of tech integrations that give Spiderman the edge
over his adversaries. Similar to Tony’s Iron man suits, the Spidey
Suit was designed with Stark’s AI Operating System, FRIDAY, fully integrated. His web-shooters have been integrated into
the suit’s operating system as well – allowing the programming and selection of over 500
different web setting presets. With a vacuum-seal mechanism, the suit is
capable of expanding, and allowing Peter to wear his outfit comfortably over light clothing. His Spider emblem is deployable as a reconnaissance
drone, which Peter can track via a GPS heads-up display located in his mask, that also provides
him with different visual modes in which to analyze his surroundings. The mask’s eye lenses also function similar
to a camera’s shutter; controlling
Peter’s visual depth of field, while simultaneously removing additional visual stimuli that may
overwhelm his heightened senses. Also, if he can’t swing, he has wings and
a parachute.

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  1. People may complain about "too much Tony Stark", but honestly I'm loving the new upgrades.
    I'm a sucker for powerups.

  2. It appears that I have made a MARVEL-ous blunder! It has been revealed that the name of Spidey's A.I. is, in fact, "Karen", aka, "Suit Lady". FRIDAY, as it would seem, is reserved for Tony's personal tech… and is also my favorite day of the week.

  3. I can't believe I've JUST found this channel today. Amazing. Also you should make a video on Thanos if you've haven't already.

  4. 0:26
    Actually, it's 576 different web-shooting tricks.
    And the AI in his suit is not Friday, it's a new one made for Peter, Peter called her "Caren".

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