Spider-Man’s WEB-SHOOTERS Explained!
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Spider-Man’s WEB-SHOOTERS Explained!

August 29, 2019

Designed and built by gifted 15-year old Peter
Parker, Spider-man’s web-shooters are the wall-crawler’s primary offensive and defensive
weapon, projecting a payload of synthetic spider-webbing – contained within a pressurized
cartridge located within the webshooters on each of his wrists. The synthetic webbing emulates the silk that
is created by a common spider, toting a tensile strength greater than that of steel, with
an elasticity that allows Peter to utilize his web in a rubber-band like fashion – to
disarm enemies, or strategically catapult and launch himself. Tony Stark improved upon Peter’s webshooters,
providing the wall crawler with an upgraded design that had increased durability, as well as including
a built-in Spider signal. Also, don’t tell Aunt May. Aunt May.

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  1. Looking at your thumbnails and page this account seems so professional, bet you'll have 1k by the end of the month

  2. Tony Stark improved the web shooters, Tony Stark made his classic suit, Tony Stark created Ultron, Tony Stark will be in the solo Spider-man Homecoming film… Whats next? Tony Stark introducing the adamantium in Wolverines body? >:(

  3. It makes no sense, Spider-Man should not need web shooters because Spiders can obviously make their own webs naturally. In some of the old comic versions he could spin his own webs by himself and many different levels of tensile strength and various designs, thickness, length and what not. It makes perfect sense I mean he inherited all the abilities of a spider so he should not need to make web shooters.

  4. Glad I stumbled onto this channel. Video's are great! I reckon you could make a heap of subscribers in the months to come!

  5. Well, this is a much better idea than the "Amazing Spiderman" web shooters. The webbing was made by Oz Corp and had to be purchased. That was a dumb idea. Great vid!

  6. honestly i think organic webbing makes more sense logically!!….with all the powers of an actual spider that altered his physiology WHY won't he be able to do the one thing that spiders definitively do??…….i'm pretty sure they could of come up with an acceptably plausible reason for the organic web as opposed to just saying som dumb stuff like he's a genius so he "magically" invented webs from the raw materials of Godknowswhat!!!!!!

  7. okay, so spiderman DID get bit by a spider, making him climb ceilings, walls and shoot web. but why does he make his own web fluid if he got bit? and why does he need to reload? that keeps making me think he didnt get bit.

  8. but isn't Spider-Man 17 now because Civil War just passed and it was two years because in Infinity Wars like 17 now

  9. "Spider-Man has a web launcher it does NOT COME OUT HIS HANDS EWWWW WTFFFFF" yeah so it's weird for him to shoot webs but not stand straight horizontally on a vertical wall…or to have superhuman strength….or "spider sense" but naw webs from hands NOOOOOOOOOO

  10. theres so many different versions of spiderman i dont get it and he already can shoot webs that are made in his body right? so why are there different versions of him without that

  11. I think it's dumb the way he has to use man made web instead of the original where it actually came out of him like a real spider

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