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Spinner.io [Annoying Orange Plays]

August 24, 2019

(upbeat electronic music) (speaker laughing) – Hey yo, what’s A to O, back to you with another game video. Look what we’re doing, we’re spinnin’ it. We’re spinnin’ it to winnin’ it. That’s right we’re playing Spinner.io. Adds to the long list of io games. You guys still haven’t
made Orange-io though, I’m really disappointed. (speaker laughs) Sweet, there is just enough characters so I could write SpinIt2WinIt. Yeah, and that’s what we’re gonna do. Looking good in the neighborhood. Okay, knock back the
other spinners to win. Wow, cool! Whoa, yeah! Whoa Mack, you gonna get it. It’s gonna be a big Mack attack, yo. Ooh, your name is Spew? (speaker laughs). Oh yeah, got one. Oh yeah I see, once you knock one off then you get a little bit bigger. Uh oh spew, I’m gonna spew on you. Oh oh, whoa got it. Whoa Sherman look at you, looks like your spinner’s
trying to moon me, get it ’cause there’s a moon on top. Get out of here Sherman,
no one wants you here. Yeah, I won! Woo, King in the south,
number one SpinIt2WinIt. Ooh I killed four people, nice. That’s how you do it guys. Well that’s a great way
to start things off. Alright let’s kick it
again, kick it old school. Oh whoa, it’s a different level. Whoa those are giant propellor blades. Cool, I got somebody, I
don’t even know what I did, but I won, yea. Whoa got another one, woo hoo hoo. I don’t even know what I’m doing. Whoa that was close. Excuse me. Come on you
know me, I’m a real hit. Whoa look at me, I’m the
big man on campus now. Come back here, come back here. Oh you guys are trying to
team up on the big guy, huh. Well that ain’t gonna help you, whoa. That was cool I kinda flew a little bit. Yeah! What were you doing there buddy? Awe I didn’t even touch you. (speaker laughs) Alright, two wins in a row. Orangey’s on a roll,
cinnamon roll that is. Don’t sit on cinnamon
roll, he doesn’t like it. I’ve told you this before,
you’ve got to listen guys. He doesn’t like it when you sit on him. He especially doesn’t like it
when you sit on him and fart. Whoa! Oh, there was like three
guys that just direct hit, that was cool. (laughs) Get out of here Jason. Ooh ba-ba-ga-ba-ga-ba ooh yeah! Ooh, good thing there was a bumper there. Whoa, that was close. Jason, you’re just flyin’
all over the place. Oh come on, I haven’t gotten anybody yet. Come on you guys, don’t you
want to spin in to win it? Don’t you want to live Orange style? (shouts and laughs) And he turns it around just like that. The only thing that would make this better is if these were fidget spinners. Although Jessica looks
like she kinda has a fidget spinner on top of hers, she’s living that fidget spinner life. Whoa! Look who’s gettin’ big. See you later Jessia. I thought it was Jessica but it’s Jessia. Brrrrradt. Ya, come on! Live that fidget spinner
life, fly off the map. Yes, got another one. (laughs) Go eat you, yeah, well
that’s a record for Orangey. I killed six people that time. Yeah, so good! I’ve won every single
game I’ve played so far. Okay, we can pick this one. What’s this?! Whoa, whistling pinwheel style. (laughs) If it only a whistle,
I want it to whistle. Wow. Bouncing all over the
place, it’s getting pretty fun. It’s like bumper cars but with tots. Spinnin it to winnin it. Like I said, the only thing
that would make it better is if it were fidget spinners, then you’d be livin’ that
fidget spinner life, yo! There’s still people doin’ that right? (laughs) Fidgin it to winnin it. Wow, I just wan out of y’all again. Bounced them off of the propeller. The power of the orange
propels you, off of the map. (laughs) Whoa cool, there’s a ramp
in the middle now, wow! Man, somebody is flopping that
right away, that was crazy. Getting a little too excited.
Oh, did I get somebody? No. Oh, come on. Giles gillis (gibberish) gooey ooey stick icky, get over here. Yeah, you Giles, get off the
map, nobody wants you here. (laughs) Mama called, she told you to go back home and eat your broccoli, get outta here. Sniffin broccoli all day
long. Get outta here. Thanks Ashley, you
helped, that was awesome. Whoa ho ho, whoa that was awesome. I just jumped right back off and on. Wow! Yes, snippidy snap, look at dat. That was great. I didn’t
even touch the other lady, she just fell right off. OK! Wo-ho, look at what grinds my rind. Looks like there’s a grinder
in the middle or something. Wo-ho-ho, that’s what you get. That’s what you get when you
go on up against the Orangey. See you guys don’t understand, I have unparalleled spinnin skills. I don’t have limbs y’know.
I spin all the time. So, look at dat. Yo Garman, yo Garman. I
got directions for ya. It’s get outta here. No, get outta here Garman. Yah! (laughs) Looky looky, who got a cookie. Sweet! Look at that, I’m almost
bigger than the spinnin blades in the middle, whatever those things are. Yes! Boo yeah! Do the dance. You can’t
see me, but I’m doin it. I’m dancing, yo, yo, no limb dancin. Whoa cool, another new level. Got a bunch of barriers and stuff in here. It’s not gonna help you guys, you’re still all goin off the map. Orangey’s sendin you outta here. Yeah, livin that fidget spinner life. You know what it is! Race power naked, do the no pants dance. (laughs) You’re all just like “you’re
just saying things right now” and I’m like “Yeah, I know.
Saying things to distract you, “then I can knock you off the map”. No but seriously you guys,
I don’t wanna talk too soon but, so far I’ve not been beat. Uh-oh, look at this
guy. Look at Pointless. Wow, Orangey, Orangey
that spoil all of yous. Kicking so many booties they
don’t know how to keep up. Boink. You outta here. Another one down. Oh, Mr. Tidy. Oh! Yeah! Flippapotamus Rex. That’s what he get, he just flippapotamus rex
right offa this level. Guys. I didn’t now I had such
awesome, mad spinner skills. I mean, I kinda had an indication, just ’cause I spin all the
time like I surf a board but, holy-moly, I’m doin some good. Have you guys played this game yet? Whoa, Widda! Widda, Widda, Widda. This is my tactic. Just go up
to the biggest guy on the map. (laughs) ‘Cause they think that they’re all awesome and they’re just goin to
just knock you right off but no, no they’re not
gonna do that to Orangey. Oh come on, oh I almost got him. Teamin up on him. You can tell he wants to be the
Widda, Widda chicken dinner. But he’s not gonna, I’m
not gonna let that happen. Oh, Jerold, Jerold, what’re you doin? You just flipped right off the map. You’re flippin out man, stop flippin out. Whoa, I got him, I got him. I got that Widda, Widda
chicken dinner, dinner. Yeah that’s right. Who’s the winner winner
chicken dinner now? Definitely not Widda, Widda. (laughs) Oh, come on, yeah. Oh man, I was a little
worried there for a second. You goin get. Come on, oh, oh yeah. You may be bold but you
goin outta here like mold. Yeah! Oh, the bolbyowly. I don’t even know what I’m sayin anymore. This game is so fun, I haven’t lost a match yet, it’s amazing. (singing) Orangey is invincible.
You can’t stop the Orangey. (laughs maniacally) I lost my first game, why? And I didn’t even get hit by anybody, I accidentally steered the wrong way. It’s really hard when
you don’t have fingers, or hands or legs or anything. That’s if you play mobile
games with your legs, maybe some of you do.
Do you? That’s weird. I guess if you did, you’d have a leg up on the competition wouldn’t ya? Get outta here. Ooh yeah, I like that there’s
all kinds of different levels. It’s like almost every time,
you play a different level, that’s kinda cool. Get outta here. Come on! I’m gonna hit
you on bumpers butts. Yeah, bumper butts. Wabbajabbadingdong. Wow, I got really big
really fast, that’s crazy. Oh yeah. Sorry buddy, not sorry. Wow, look how big I am in
comparison to these guys. look at this, look at this,
I’m spinnin it to winnin it and you can’t stop me. Yo, you know what guys, you gotta bounce. Bounce right off the map, right. C’mon. These little bumper
in the middle of the map, they’re stopping me. Oh yeah. I’m sorry, what is it? Fledgerby. Fledgerby, see ya later Fledgerby. Fledgerby, you can’t see me. I am racking up the wins. Holy-moly, the only time that
I’ve gotten beaten so far was when I accidentally
ran off the map by myself. Nobody even hit me. What a terrible way to get defeated. Ooh, Googles and Goggles, what
is it, Googles or Goggles? Olen, stop hittin me. Olen, we need to go and
get some more Googles, or Goggles, Googlegoggles. I giggle when you get the googles. You Googlegoggles. Yeah!
I got Googlegoggles guys. Ah, you guys, just! Wow, you
rammed it right outta here. Things are really ramping up, right? Ooh, that’s a spikey again. Oh yeah, it looks like,
it kinda looks like I’m wearing a crown doesn’t it? Yeah, I got the spikey’s,
the middle’s spikey’s, yeah! Chicken pot pie filet mignon. Everyone’s like “oh
gee, what’re you doin?” What are you doin? C’mon, you’re so close. Wow, okay. I don’t think
anybody’s died yet. Oh, that guy, how did you
bounce off and then back on, that was awesome. I wanna
learn how to do that. Mad skills, yo. Got one, I almost got him too. C’mon, you can’t beat me, I’m the top dog. Get it? Top, spinning top,
spin it to win it. Ooh yeah! And another one! Oh, this is not looking
good for the other guys. Look at dis, oh, Leola. (singing) La la la Leola. Lady Leola. Winner winner
chicken dinner right here. (laughs) Ah man, that was awesome,
I really like this game. Man they’re kicking butts
with these io games. Gotta make Orange.io though you guys. I’m requesting it and demanding. And demanding and requesting. Alright guys, thank you. Thank you so much for watching make sure you do everything (mumbles) all good, til next time.
Later hot potaters. (funky electronic music)

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