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Splatter Up Squash Attack! | Midget Apple

August 23, 2019

– [Midget Apple] Yeah,
stars, cars, and candy bars. Oh, yeah! Into the box! Look out. Squash! Oh. [techno music] [Laughter] – [Midget Apple] Yo, yo, yo. Little Apple back in the house
once again. That’s right! We’re playing some more Splatter Up! That’s right. It’s the Annoying Orange
official game, or one of them. Yeah, we actually have a couple of ’em. Kitchen Carnage, too. But this one just got an update. It works on all the old devices, and- – [Annoying Orange] Are you ready? – [Midget Apple] Oh, yeah, I’m ready! Whoa! Banana! Oh, sorry, I really yelled there. Yeah, home run, baby! Oh! Ooo! Whoa! That was a lot that happened right away. – [Annoying Orange] You
didn’t make the cut! – [Midget Apple] Good one, Orange! I don’t mind if you talk a lot as long as you don’t make fun of me. Oh, yeah! I’m sorry, my apple brethren. I do feel kinda bad for hitting an apple since I am an apple, you know. Oh, oh! Almost got zapped. Zippity zapped! Wha- wha- what! All right, whoa, what’s this?
This wasn’t here before. “Slugger Special. Tab above
and watch ad to collect.” Whoa! I get all that cool stuff? All right, I’m gonna watch this ad. Hold on. (cheering) Oh, cut that out. Yes! Whoa, I got a Slugger Ball! I don’t know what that means. – [Annoying Orange] B-b-b-b-bored! – [Midget Apple] Oh, whatever! I was doing things. Hold on. Oh, yeah! Sorry, Raspberry. Oh, man, I think he’s
gonna go through the roof. Yeah, that was close. Oh, no! Look out! Oh, ceiling fan! Oh, that was a tough landing. – [Annoying Orange] Now,
that’s a double header! – [Midget Apple] Okay, thanks,
Orange. Really needed that. – [Annoying Orange] Ready? – [Midget Apple] Oh, I’m ready! Oh, no, it’s my buddy, Melon! Oh, yeah! I feel so conflicted
because we’re friends, but at the same time —
Oh! Whoa, there’s Marshy! Marshy’s floating in a Mondays cup. – [Annoying Orange] Split hitter! – [Midget Apple] Split hitter. Nice! That was a good pun, Orange. – [Annoying Orange] Ready? – [Midget Apple] Oh, I’m ready, all right. Whoa, okay! You just — Oh, okay, there’s another Monday. What’s up, Marshy? I gotta get it in the Marshy cup. I wonder what happens. I haven’t played this game
since they updated it. Yeah! Pineapple’s in the house. Yeah! I don’t know what
happens if you hit Marshy. So, we gotta do it. – [Pineapple] I think I landed on my keys. – [Midget Apple] (laughs loudly) He landed on his keys. – [Annoying Orange] Nope, you’re not okay. – [Midget Apple] I
think he’s okay, Orange. Don’t worry about it. – [Annoying Orange] Ready? – [Midget Apple] All right, I’m ready. Bring it! Whoa, whoa, whoa! I hate it! I hate it when they
wacky wobble like that. They’re so hard to hit. All right, let’s keep it going! Keep going! What’s up, Raspberry? Whoa, that was a good hit. I felt good about that one. All right, all right, where’s it gonna go? Yes! Get a balloon! Whoa, cool, you can actually
collect the stars on the level. – [Raspberry] That was berry fast. – [Midget Apple] Okay, whatever. I gotta see what’s inside
those presents, too. Man, there are so many things that we have to hit in this game. ‘Cause I haven’t done it yet. Oh! Ah, man. Thanks a lot, Orange. I’m blaming you. You distracted me. Oh! What kind of a pitch was that? – [Annoying Orange]
Why’d you stop working? – [Midget Apple] It didn’t
even go over the plate! That was a cheater! That
was a cheater throw. Okay, time to Zip it up. Yeah, zip that lip, Orange! What? Oh, geez, that was really bad. That was really bad. I’m sorry. Yeah! Oh, yeah! That felt good! So, yeah, now this game is
on iOS, and it’s Google Play. It works on all the devices. Yes! Oh, are you kidding me? So close. So it’s pretty awesome, ’cause now pretty much everyone
can play this game again. It’s super fun. – [Apple] No soup for you. – [Midget Apple] No soup for me! I just really like this,
you know? It’s really fun. Although, there needs to be
more Little Apple in this game, I’m gonna have to say. Yes, I got it! Whoa, super jump! And it’s frozen. Oh,
I might land in the — Yeah, I got it! Hey, what happened? Whoa, what the — ? Squash! Squash! Why’d you do that? Squishity Squash in the house! That was awesome. Man. I hit the marshmallow,
I got frozen, and then, it went and landed in the box, and then, I got squashed. That was so good. And now we know what
that does. That’s good. ‘Cause I didn’t even actually know that. Oh! Ah, man, I kinda actually feel bad. I feel bad because he’s my apple friend, but at the same time, I
wish he would’ve rolled a little further to get
on to the cutting board and get chopped in half, because that would’ve been more points. Oh, yo, yo! Strawberry! Oh! – [Annoying Orange] I
could’ve done better, and I don’t have hands. – [Midget Apple] I don’t
have hands either, Orange, so we’re in the same game, same ball park. (laughs)
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Wowy! Once you pop, you can’t stop. Sorry, Apple. I know we’re brothers. – [Apple] Cider Slider! – [Midget Apple] Cider Slider? Oh, because you’re an apple. Apple cider. – [Annoying Orange] Sweet like my innards. – [Midget Apple] (laughs) Sweet like my innards. Although, I don’t know if I’d say that your innards are very sweet. Yeah, tomato! Oh, choppin —
Oh, got it! – [Marshmallow] I’ve always
wanted to go to the moon! – [Midget Apple] We’re
goin’ to the moon, Marshy! Oh, and it’s frozen again! Yes, get the star! All right! That was a great hit right there. – [Annoying Orange] Split hitter! – [Midget Apple] Split hitter! You know what they say. Chop chop! (laughs)
That was a great at-bat. Oh, and then I followed up
with a really terrible at-bat. I’m sorry.
– [Apple] No sauce, boss. – [Midget Apple] No sauce, boss. Let’s kick it up with some Zoom! Yeah, let’s see what happens now. Oh, that was a good burp. Yes! I can’t believe I did it. Sorry, Tomato. Whoa, I think I just
beat some kind of record! Wow, how many cupboards
does this kitchen have? Oh, zippity zap, yo! Oh, bummer. What’s going on? Oh! Why’d he explode-y? – [Annoying Orange] Oh, deathly! Medic! – [Midget Apple] Yeah, deathly! Medic! I don’t even know why that happened. That was pretty awesome. – [Annoying Orange] Ready?
– [Midget Apple] Yes. I’m ready. Throw it! Yeah! Feeling melon-choly! I think this is gonna go for — Yep, we’re gonna get a cut! Oh, hey Melon! Knife!
Let’s go hang with Marshy. At least if you’re gonna
get chopped in half, hanging with Marshy’s a pretty cool thing. Whoa! I see. I see what the stars do. They give you extra pitches. – [Annoying Orange] You’re
the bunch of the joke! – [Midget Apple] Okay,
that was pretty good. Oh, and it’s over. Okay, now we know what the stars do, too. Stars, cars, and candy bars, baby! Nice, okay, get the level. Yes! We’re on level nine, you guys! Sweet, so power or contact? I think I’m gonna go for power. I want more raw power! Yes! Upgrade that power. Yeah! Power five, baby! All right, let’s do one
more round, you guys. Look at that sweet picture back there. There’s some good lookin’
fruits back there, I gotta say it. I just gotta say it. There’s some good lookin’ fruits. That one guy next to Pear
is lookin’ real handsome. And not the Orange. That’s
not what I’m saying. Oh, yeah, got one balloon — Whoa, three balloons! And I’m set on fire! What a good day! What a good
day to be a little apple! – [Annoying Orange] Nice!
Looks like they just got fired! – [Midget Apple] That they did! It’s not a good day to be a big apple, but it’s definitely a good
day to be a little apple. Oh! Yay! We did it! All right, banana, land back — Ah! I was hoping you were gonna
bounce on Marshy a couple times. – [Annoying Orange] You’re
the bunch of the joke! – [Midget Apple] Didn’t
you just say that joke? Man, it’s like hanging out
with Orange in real life. He just says the same jokes
over and over and over again. That’s fun. Oh, yeah! That’s a good hit! Yes! Hit the ceiling fan and everything. Got the balloon! Look at all those extra pointages. What are we doin’ here? Kickin’ butts is what we’re doin’! Oh, Tomato! In the house! What’s gonna happen? Yeah! Land in the box! Land in the box! Land in the box! Oh, just missed it! At least we both say Marshy, though. That was pretty awesome. Looks like Marshy’s having a lot of fun just hanging out in that Mondays mug. I wonder what Marshy is floating in. It must be cocoa, I bet. – [Pineapple] Hit the pineapple. – [Midget Apple] Oh, I’m
gonna hit the pineapple. I’m sorry, bro. Okay, Okay. What are we doing? Oh! Yeah! Oh, whoa! That was insane. – [Annoying Orange] Split hitter! – [Midget Apple] Split hitter. Nice! That was a good joke, too. – [Annoying Orange] Ready? – [Midget Apple] Ready as I’ll ever be! Oh, I’m sorry, Apple! I’m so sorry, but I’m not sorry, but I am. I’m sorry but not sorry at the same time. I’m very conflicted. Whoa! Are you okay? He looks fine! Banana fana fo fana.
Me my mo mana. Banana! I don’t even know if I did it right. Oh, yeah. Oh, whoa! – [Marshmallow] I’ve always
wanted to go to the moon! – [Midget Apple] We’re going
to the moon! Thank you, Marshy! Oh, things are heating up!
Burning butts up in here! – [Banana] YOLO! – [Midget Apple] Yeah! You only live once! You only live once, so you might as well get batted into a really
hot burner, right? That’s what I say.
That’s what I always say. Actually, I don’t ever say that. Oh, speaking of hot burners! I’m sorry, buddy. Actually, I’m not. All right, let’s zip it. Zippity do dah, zippity yay. Oh, yeah, Zip in the house! All right, so I think Zip
increases your accuracy. Yes! Look how accurate that was! It’s good to use that
for the smaller fruits. Oh, yeah. Oh. I thought
it was going in the box. What’s in the box? Oh! Raspberry, slicin’ and dicin’. All right, who’s up next? Oh! That was fast, Raspberry,
but not fast enough. See ya later! Oh, yeah! I got the star! Yeah, stars, cars, and candy bars. Into the box, look out! Squash! Now you have raspberry jelly bum. – [Annoying Orange] Nope, you’re not okay. – [Midget Apple] No,
he’s definitely not okay. Not coming back from that one, for sure. Oh, yeah! I find it real ap-peel-ing, yo! Get it? Banana peel? Oh, oh, yes! – [Banana] Star power! – [Midget Apple] Oh, that’s
what he’s yelling. Star power. Star power! All right, we’re on our star
powers. We have two of them. Okay, okay, okay. Yes! Hit the Marshy! Yeah! – [Marshmallow] I’ve always
wanted to go to the moon! – [Midget Apple] I always wanted to go to the moon, too, Marshy. Oh, he’s gonna have burnt butt. Yes, burnt butt! Ah, man I can’t believe I missed that. Okay, we’re on our last
one. Star power, ah! No, that’s too bad. All right. 17,248. That’s a pretty darn good score, if I do say so myself. And I always do. I mean, most of the time anyways. We’re almost to level 10. Super good. All right, guys. Well, thank you so much for watching. Little Apple Army, you rock. Until next time, buh-bye! (techno music)

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