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SPY mouse iPhone Gameplay Review – AppSpy.com

August 16, 2019

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Firemint,
the developers of the Real Racing series for iOS have another game they’re rather famous
for – a little line-drawing App called Flight Control. While racing has its fans, Flight
Control made perfect use of the touch-screen interface to create a fun game based around
the pressures of multitasking. So what if Firemint decided to boil the concept
down in to something a bit more bite-sized? What if you were rewarded for your puzzle
solving skills along with your perfect timing? Wonder no more because SPY mouse has landed,
giving you the opportunity to scamper around, avoiding (or in some cases, confronting) cats
while ducking in and out of nooks and crannies while stealing cheese. You only get to control Agent Squeak by drawing
a path for him to follow, directing him towards various objectives along the way. He’s no
slouch either and you’ll have to take in to account his speed to avoid being spotted,
though carrying cheese will slow him down (with higher scoring pieces weighing him down
further). This turns the game in to one of careful planning, with multiple attempts being
required to tweak things ‘just right’ to gain all the available medals for a level. Instead of a traditional and banal three-star
system, additional side-objectives are given, rewarding medals for completing three varied
tasks ranging from not being spotted; using only one line; not using certain items; and
so on. If there’s one weakness it’s in the controls
and this can be a large sticking point considering there’s only one way of interacting with the
game. Drawing lines isn’t a simple matter of following the finger directly as the line
attempts to make it easier for you to see what’s happening when drawing extended paths
by moving away from the contact point. You can get used to it, but when some levels require
precise timing it can be frustrating to lose your progress thanks to an unwanted change
in direction. Checkpoints in later levels help to alleviate the issue, but it’s there
none-the-less. All of this excitement takes place in a wonderfully
vibrant world that packs a lot more variety than you’d realize amongst its six worlds.
Each introduces new concepts that make life easier (or harder depending on what you’re
trying to achieve), but they’re also capped off by fun ‘Boss’ stages that mix up the gameplay
with speedy stealth sequences followed by action-packed ‘boss fights’. From its charming designs to its elegant and
complex challenges, SPY mouse is yet another great release from Firemint that feels at
home on a touch-based device no matter where you are.

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  1. @AppSpy Hey, I'm not criticizing you! It's just refreshing (especially after seeing so many IGN reviews). It's just that I don't remember you being harsh on any game. Yes, you do say bad things about some games, but if you were to rate them, I'm pretty sure every review I've seen would have ended with you recommending the game.

  2. Man, I was so looking forward to this… Then I find out it's exclusive to Origins!?!?!

    … Once again EA, f**k you very much.

  3. I am giving away 1 free promo code for Spy Mouse. All you have to do is be the first person to reply, "LET'S GO HEAT!". Starting…..NOW!

  4. @stogi5959 I know, it's ridiculous. It's because of that I can't keep it on my phone. Takes up waaaaay too much space. Almost as much as Perfect Cell. I don't understand with the cartoon graphics and all. Maybe cutscenes that I can always do without?

  5. Well i'm off to work. Sorry to see no one posted, "LET'S GO HEAT!" Be the first one to message me, "LET'S GO HEAT!" and I will message you back with the code for Spy Mouse. ONLY 1 free promo code so hurry!!

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