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August 14, 2019

Oh yeah don’t let them score. 3.. 2.. 1.. WHAT?! Noooooo What the.. was that?! What am I playing?! What am I playing?! How’d he make that? That’s wraps bro. That’s wraps. I’m not playing that no more!
Got the drop top on for the summer yeah Goyard bag full of hundreds yeah and I know why you’re mad cause I’m stunting yeah, say I know why you’re mad.. What’s good YouTube it’s Flexinn and I’m back with another video man right now you’re looking at this little 3v3 I did last night vs. SS5 Jetpack & 2 mascots hopped on the court and you know we were
on a little five we’re stuck I’m pretty sure and we were just walking around
like usually we’re not the top on UK I’m just messing around
alright so all of a sudden I see these mascots hop on the court now I don’t
seen this nigga with a jetpack on the court Oh like he’s are sitting on this
you know on the part of all all day I don’t know what he was doing but he was
just walking around I seen his leg of walking around holiday so now you got
this and again look at this nigga bullshit you well he bullshit here
bullshit all games of 99 you know post for so he was fucking bullshit in the
whole game I couldn’t even stop his nigga but I seen this nigga hop on the
court and I was like fuck but we gotta play these niggas and like I said I’m
playing my nigga behaviors Pete he is charged all right I’m sorry but that
Vicki’s eyes alright so I think it’d be getting cooked all the time and so you
know that’s crime try to have a little luck I’ll be playing I’ll be playing my
dude and I’ll be defending my doing and his do that the same time but it’s a
fucking job is it it’s hard again but yeah we hopped on the to to uh you know
mascots and a jetpack Megan so reassuring dumb hard the second game we
play you guys I might show this in the first clip the second game we played it
was 1919 I’m pretty sure and this nigga fucking bullshit and he hit a contested
fadeaway three and my fuckin face and said that she was a green light all
right so really played three back-to-back games against these niggers
we won we won oh the first one we lost the second because that bullshit and we
we won the third one which is this one so you know we were just going at it and
these niggas hopped off right after they they didn’t want to play us after the I
to the third time but I don’t need to know how he was winning this first game
my nigga Jalen went off you feel me a second game I went off but this nigga
hit like I said I think I hit that bullshit – I don’t know what the fuck is
this every single one of these niggas are 99 or 98 I don’t know what’s going
on but you see ah yeah there was setting dumb pics honestly the way they play was
dumb predictable all they did was set a pick and they were passage to the post
court in this post score I’m sorry that nigga had 13 points on base day I’m
pretty sure you ended up with 17 points I got that still right here you already
know it’s clamps right there look at me throw this nice fast pass you playing
football out here nigga you already know what time it is my girlfriend’s fucking
fired nigga so look these niggas I swear they
got there at 99 98 I don’t know why do you think it’s gone in this game like
that it’s not even that deep these niggas grinded game and first of all if
you run this game to a nine minute and it’s a dead ass game bro you cannot be
driving this game to a 98 99 world I stopped that 94 kids and only reason I
got to 94 is because I had like a playoff thing and I was just fucking
around you know minimal exercise my shit on board they get but other than that I
wouldn’t did that so keep my nigga DAV is hitting now wide up with three in the
corners it isn’t restarted we started taking off on these niggas because we
just started taking off right so it’s a little post score Brian nobody gonna do
this boys they do its booster all the time that’s me clamps like I already
know etomidate get that get that down the court in a nice little don’t easy
it’s easy brothers easy for this shit bro I think I’m fuckin yes our shooters
they gonna start shooting he fucking hit shaky we already know they got a demonic
place look at my nigga behave is falling bro look at its negative own I swear to
god it’s think a fall every time go back to the little post score and I think you
had me jump in this town but still Bruce look at I look at next time I got next
time I get a full score at 99 / it whatever I got some fun bro post boys
are out like when nigga foes me I’m gonna just stop posting up over
give us some spaces and try to bucket shipping no from afar whatever but I was
a cha cha spies nigga Davies always costing bro I swear to God and they got
all these constant I’m pretty sure on this play they might pass it to the post
quarter I’m pretty sure they might direction again yet either that shit yet
so I don’t know how to stop this nigga bro I don’t I really don’t
that nigga I’m not even allowed us the nicest thing on the team the other
niggas ain’t doing shit but look I’m pretty sure that other than they could
end up with no points I think one nigga actually want to get end up with like
four but I think that Lilly has asthma it starts you two don’t do shit all you
need all you do is use pics I like I like start shooters who proves that they
own fucking uh you know set they own plays and you know creating own shots
other these other niggas just be using pictures shit these niggas are ass bro
so 15 15 I think you just hit a wide number three under Jalen hit they scream
being your Gmail what time is 18 15 we come down the court you know I’m pretty
sure my ripped its nigga bone I’m pretty something to rip the fuck out this nigga
give me that shit again and we going down court that’s a free dump you
already know the time look at ah we got this year and we got our grand badges
broke me again and got our grand badges open again all we needed to score is
pretty much done let me talk it over so I don’t even remember what happened on
this one I’m pretty sure they guys yeah it doesn’t get scored on me that’s
like look at I bro any anybody other than the post for I would have fucking
block that shit but y’all you on that bullshit so now my nigga Jalen coming
down the court we haven’t a time really to set screens for this thing it like
that’s what I’ll be talking about like I need to start suit of who don’t need
fucking screens on the time I should I got the ball pass back to me but you
know my nigga DAV soon he’ll never be looking up looking uh you know up the
court or whatever then they get try and set no fucking you don’t get no good
passes shit so many I tried to do a cut which I understand I got pass back
because I couldn’t just make a jailer cook this nigga you don’t

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