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  1. Excellent research that proves established theories of aerodynamic lift in birds is simplistic and incorrect. Go parrotlet with laser proof goggles! I am especially happy they were removable and not something horrific, and was voluntary for the birds.

  2. Hello, where are the STL files and instructions for the goggles? The article on stated a decision was made to share those files as others may have need of them.

  3. Seems like the old model was based on vertical flapping when you can see in the video the parrotlet is also accelerating and decelerating (using forward and back thrust) depending where it is. Also, LAZERBIRB!

  4. I love scientists. They'll never actually say, "that was really cute!" but you can tell by the guy's tone he really feels it.

  5. Hey great video. Idk if anyone else noticed that the birds aren't just pushing the air downwards. They seem to continue the stroke pushing the air into there bodies. Watch a bird take off in slow motion. They flap there wings with enough force to pull there bodies into the air in front of them. The birds than continue this motion kind of spiraling the air under there wings into there bodies not straight downward. Maybe this is why there is the area of low pressure above. I'm very curious about this.

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