Stanford students design and build pilotless aircraft
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Stanford students design and build pilotless aircraft

October 15, 2019

[MUSIC]>>Stanford University.>>This class is about the design, building, and testing of
autonomous aircraft. These are airplanes that the students
build, and they’re built to fly by themselves, above
Lake Lagunita. It’s a simulation of what may happen when
somebody’s lost in the forest, and you send some airplanes in the
search and rescue party.>>We try to simulate a real world experience for the students, where they
actually have a reward that based on the performance of their design and the performance of their
team. The score is giving by how fast can they
find the four targets. And also how accurately.>>None of the fabrication process is
actually dictated, so we have free reign over what we can do to, to start from nothing and, and have a working plane that flies on its own
requires a lot.>>They need to first of all design the
air frame, they also need to design the actually code
that flies the airplane. And they also, need to work on some higher
level mission planning tasks. Sort of to know where the, the UAV should
be going at any given point in time.>>Our team went through three major
redesigns. The first one didn’t fly so well. The second one was very heavy. The third one, we hit a sweet spot between
good aerodynamics. Just the right amount of weight.>>There’s a lot of investment in there, a
lot of emotion that goes on when you’re
throwing these things. Its really scary to see these things go in
the air and fly on their own, but as they do it more often, they start seeing
that they can trust the computer, they can
trust their code. And it becomes a very rewarding experience
to see that this thing flies on it’s own, and actually
finds these GPS targets.>>The most important thing that they get
out of this class is the, to learn how to put together
an entire system. Once students complete this course and
successfully fly the airplanes that you’ve seen earlier today they have the capability to go out
into industry and do the same thing. But they’ve learned that all in 10 weeks.>>For more, please visit us at

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  1. When do they take the class that lets them release Hellfire missiles and kill people? Geez' … what a world we're building.

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