Star-studded groundbreaking of new Central Falls health center
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Star-studded groundbreaking of new Central Falls health center

August 10, 2019

THE MAKING — COMING TO FRUITION. CENTRAL FALLS WILL SOON BE HOME TO A STATE-OF-THE-ART HEALTH CENTER — WITH MANY SERVICES UNDER A SINGLE ROOF. EYEWITNESS REPORTER JULIANNE PEIXOTO HAS THE DETAILS FROM OUR CONTROL ROOM. THE NEW HEALTH CENTER WILL OFFER MORE SERVICES, EXTENDED HOURS, AND TEN TIMES THE SPACE AS THE EXISTING FACILITY. YOU’RE LOOKING AT THE NEW BLACKSTONE VALLEY COMMUNITY HEALTH CARE — NEIGHBORHOOD HEALTH STATION — SET TO BE BUILT AT ONE THOUSAND BROAD STREET IN CENTRAL FALLS. “The health center sees people regardless of their ability to pay, all insurances whether they have insurance or not, whether they’re documented or not.” A ONE MILLION DOLLAR FEDERAL GRANT, PRIVATE INVESTORS, AND TAX CREDITS WILL HELP FUND THE NEW FACILITY. IT’S BEING BUILT IN THIS PARKING LOT BEHIND THE EXISTING NOTRE DAME HEALTH CENTER. “Before this expansion, the blackstone valley community health center was able to care for approximately 40 percent of central falls residents. This new facility with 47 thousand square feet, will enable the center to reach 90 percent of the city’s residents.” IT WILL ALSO HELP RESIDENTS OUTSIDE CENTRAL FALLS — LIKE MELANIE SLIVKA — WHO’S BEEN A PATIENT FOR MORE THAN 13 YEARS. SHE SAYS THE CENTER HAS HELPED HER THROUGH COLON CANCER, STOMACH CANCER, AND A PULMONARY EMBOLISM. “I’m very excited to be able to come to a building for all of my medical necessities, right now I would have to go one place for x-rays, someplace else for labs, a third place to see my doctor.” EMMY AWARD WINNING ACTRESS VIOLA DAVIS GREW UP IN CENTRAL FALLS. SHE ATTENDED SATURDAY’S GROUND-BREAKING BECAUSE THE HEALTH CENTER PLAYED A BIG ROLE IN HER CHILDHOOD. “When we were growing up in the city we used the healthcare center. My mother is one of the founders of the health care center, she was on the board and that’s where we got all our health care services from so it was really important for all of us because we didn’t have a lot of money.” CONSTRUCTION ON THE NEW HEALTH CENTER WILL BEGIN THIS MONTH. IT IS EXPECTED TO BE COMPLETED BY THE SPRING OF 2018. IN THE CONTROL ROOM JULIANNE PEIXOTO EYEWITNESS NEWS.

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