Star Wars Black Series Imperial Jumptrooper Gamestop Exclusive 6 Inch Hasbro Action Figure Review
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Star Wars Black Series Imperial Jumptrooper Gamestop Exclusive 6 Inch Hasbro Action Figure Review

August 11, 2019

hey guys me host supersorrell thank you
look it’s the Imperial John Cooper now the Imperial Jim trooper is an exclusive
for Game Stop and is part of the Stowers the Black Series line it doesn’t have a
number in the collection with it being an exclusive the John trooper has
appeared multiple times throughout the Star Wars Canon including the the rebels
TV program and also in the battle for video game and also it’s appeared in
multiple other things like the Star Wars when least games that were known as the
jet the jet troopers or something of jetpack troopers and the ultimate
appearances in other video games and stuff like that before rebels um but
most recently this has been featured in rebels that’s what most people are I’ve
been bring it for so let’s take a look at the back there is a little bit of a
blurb here that reads an elite squadron within the Imperial ranks drunk troopers
also known as a rocket troopers we’re outfitted with jet packs and utilized
tight spaces they were trained to act in unison often swarming overwhelming their
targets that makes me want to buy more of them so I got this one at whilst I
was at London Comic Con and it was just 18 pounds so let’s go ahead and break
this one out of the packaging if I remember rightly I did pick this up from
in demand choices stall I think they do go to the conventions as well as have an
online store so if you haven’t check them out already please do in demand
deploys I deal with them all the time one of Michael two sources Qatar is on
one with Kapil toys and others okay okay we get we’ve got a little
stunt for this one interesting wonder why we have the stand okay so the figure
itself is very nice actually it’s the most most oh god our leads did I just
sound then I sound really northern that most the most recent of the troopers is
this body mold sorry I got my words out my god this is odd this is the most
recent of the stormtrooper body molds it looks like and I’ve kind of repurposed
it for this figure there is a little piece here which is stopping the legs
from turning a little beverage and annoying me but does have these holster
towards the back there as well she has to pull kind of right round for them
that’s a bit of a pain in it and the backpack comes off as well surprisingly
which is quite cool most the troopers did have that piece on the back so you
could report it if he wants to it and why you would I’m guessing the head
would pull off well yeah we’re a regular ball drying here for the head just in
case you want to do anything with that so let’s take a look at articulation so
the head is on a ball-joint see how make a look over now he does also have an up
crunch there which also rotates the arms do lift up as much as these pieces will
allow as well as forwards and backwards with a double hinged elbow that also
rotates at the bicep and the as well and the hands are on ball joints the legs do
lift hours for her is again these pieces will allow as well as forwards and
backwards with a double hinged knee also no no break at the boot there is a
slight thigh bull movement but nothing too crazy and the feet as well are on
rockers and pivots there is a few bleeding issues with the black and the
white pain in between so around the joint areas there is some bleeding
issues but nothing too crazy I’m a review that’s why I know it’s that
straight away a lot of people would be bothered about
that it’s only very slight I like the fact they’ve done some weathering around
the back of the jet pack as well as it looks like there’s like residue from the
from the flames from the fuel and stuff being burns so that’s pretty cool the
gun as well this time is pretty nice it has come with a nice silver wash over
the black so it does look very worn and weathered and I like that appearance
rather being just pleased playing silver playing black when I saw that this
figure came with a stand I was hoping that they were gonna include something
to make it stand the notes of making like it was flying in the air on like he
was using the jet black there’s been a jump trooper but they haven’t included
anything like that so that we have included the little stunned which I
haven’t seen before in a Black Series figure I’m not sure this is a new thing
but you can show me boot through it you can Sarge um you saw John the boot in
there if you wanted to does it make him stand to make it like he’s running or
something so it’s just a bit of a stand of it does also have styles the blacks
here in audience it is pretty nice just random never never seen one of these
before with the figures but guys I’m gonna go to the desk count to give you
guys an up-close personal look at this figure we do also have some other
figures from the Black Series line to compare them to so let’s go to the desk
come and take a closer look at the Imperial John Gruber all right guys here
is the Imperial trooper out of the packaging I’m also using the new diorama
for the Star Wars characters that was made by some his workshop please check
them out I left some links and things in the comments below throwing them in the
description let’s check out where I get my dioramas farm he did both of my
dioramas both this spaceport looking one and also the marvel one but back to the
figure view I really like the coloring scheme on this one the yellow and the
polled earnest of a like that along with the yellow line down the back of the
helmet that helmet with that piece along the top really
does that remind me a lot of Em’s of the clone troopers kind of look which is a
bit weird and to see buddy did they does remind me of that for some reason and
I’m really liking that gun metal look as well to the figures looks really nice on
the gun all clear love me some stormtroopers you know I eventually
would have gotten these guys it’s very rare I don’t pick up a stormtrooper I
try and get all the variants I am kind of obsessed with stormtroopers more long
yeah I can’t wait to get to galaxy’s edge as well in Disneyland to check out
the the new Black Series figures there as well I’m hoping to get hold of them
and as soon as possible over the internet from some friends so as soon as
I can get them I will get them for review trying my hardest Disney didn’t
want to know I contacted Disney may really worry about that about talking to
me about it which really upset me I was hoping that I could just pay them that
send me them but nope but reviews are slowly appearing online for them and the
new Black Series figures from Disneyland look amazing
I really want gold and Rupert but guys for now what do you think of the drum
trooper let me know in the comments down below your thoughts but let’s compare
them to some other figures in the range stay alert soldier we’re not alone Roger I’m there they are all stirred together
so we’ve got Luke there in the background
so that opposite him the new jump trooper that we’ve got Boba Fett from
the archive line and we’ve got old Darth Maul there which has been really read
released as a part of wave 2 of the archive line and then a Disney toy boxer
Yoda their skies which is your favorite are these bunch of figures I’ve got on
the desk let me know in the comments down below and let me know your thoughts
on the jump goober yeah guys so like I was saying just about this little
stunned these are coming with the exclusive figures apparently now and the
first time I’ve seen was the first time I’ve had a Black Series for a while to
be honest since the archived lion waveone and I from the last black series
wave I reviewed princess her print Britta’s Amidala and mace windu and they
didn’t come with this so it’s the exclusive this is seems be coming with
it’s a bit random I wish this piece was in the back because right now it’s at
the front and you can’t really do anything with it
it’s like he’s gonna be hanging off either side we’re just gonna make you
money even a lot weird which is if we had it towards the back you’ve got more
space to kind of lift his leg up and have it looking as if he’s about to set
off or even better they should have just included a stand so that you could
actually hover emo put into the airs it looks like he’s actually flying but they
all they would need is a clear sticking at the point of this or something
wouldn’t have cost you much extra but yeah that’s where we that’s what I don’t
like to have seen this girl but me not to be off I’m afraid guys if you do like
Star Wars figures I’ve got a lot of content on the channel already for Star
Wars figures if you new around here please do go check out the star wars
black series playlist I think there’s over 100 videos there um
I might be making that up it might even because it’s a 450 but yeah there’s a
lot of videos in the playlists and also I will be reviewing the newest line
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choppers or the Droid and the open one can know Weaver episode one so if you
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that notification belt so you don’t miss any of our uploads but let’s go back to
the main come and finish off today’s video so guys what are your thoughts on
the drum trooper well let me know in the comments down below if you enjoyed this
video guys please smash the subscribe button subscribing really supports as it
really helps out it helps us keep making awesome videos thank you very much for
watching guys as always I’m your host supersorrell and I’ll see you in the
next one may the force be with you you

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  2. Love love love this guy, the design is great and he is a brilliant white – had to replace the gun with something bigger though, didn't feel right with the normal stock gun!

    Smashing video chap!

  3. Really cool figure, looks great with your new diorama background and yes it would've been awesome if it came with a stand to show him mid flight.

  4. Its just another trooper to add to the collection! I bought this months ago … but yeah its not my favorite but great to add to EP III's 501 troopers! I have the 3 3/4 inch EVO Jumptrooper also back in 2009 when they did all that EU Star Wars action figures!

  5. Very nice. Gotta. A good Star Wars figure. The jump trooper looks like good quality. I like Boba Fett best. But my son says the Yoda / Spirit Yoda / ghost Yoda looks so cute is his favorite.

  6. Even though my Black Series stormtroopers vastly outnumber my Rebel forces already there is something really appealing about this design.

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