Star Wars Black Series Jango Fett Attack Of The Clones Action Figure Review
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Star Wars Black Series Jango Fett Attack Of The Clones Action Figure Review

August 12, 2019

Hi guys I am your host supersorrell thank
you for tuning in! Today we are going to be reviewing and unboxing the Star Wars Black
Series Jango Fett Re-create the biggest battles and missions
of the Star Wars saga with these figures from The Black Series! With exquisite features
and articulated movement, the figures in this series embody the quality and realism that
Star Wars devotees love. In the final years of the Republic, Jango Fett was widely regarded
as the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. A brilliant marksman and unarmed combatant,
Fett wore a sleek armored helmet that concealed his scarred face. This 6-inch-scale Jango
Fett figure is carefully detailed to look just like the bounty hunter from Star Wars:
Attack of the Clones. This figure is crafted to display true-to-story detail and comes
with 4 accurately decorated accessories. Act out favorite battles or create brand new ones!
No collection — or adventure — is complete without this Jango Fett 6-inch figure. Build
up an epic collection with all the figures and vehicles from The Black Series. Each sold
separately OK. Jango Fett is pretty dang amazing. But
because it hits us in all the right spots, we�re going to point out some of the things
that are lacking. Let�s start off with the �wish list� and then we�ll move onto
praising the figure, which it rightfully deserves. It goes without saying, but Jango Fett is
pretty much the same throughout the entire duration of Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of
The Clones. It is the periodic change of head gear, or jetpack that gives Jango his scene
specific uniqueness. It is this reason that we�re quite deflated that Hasbro didn�t
include all of the extra accessories needed to complete the character. Perhaps the �Deluxe�
version of The Black Series 6� line should be character with all of their accessories.
Think of an Episode VI Luke Skywalker, or in this instance, Jango Fett, who should come
with all of the required accessories so that each and every version of the character can
be put together as needed. Add $10 to the MSRP and call it a day. We digress. In short,
this is Jango Fett from the Battle of Geonosis. if you want his Boba Fett like Z-6 Mitronomon
jetpack from Kamino, well, expect Hasbro to release a different version of Jango Fett
for the future. We�d also like him to come with his poncho and head gear also. That would
make a definitive version of Jango Fett from the beginning of Episode II. That being said,
Hasbro has produced a rather excellent version of Jango Fett from the Battle of Geonosis.
If we had one complaint, we�d say that the dirt on the armor is a little bit too much.
Then again, he was trampled by a reek, so maybe it�s pretty accurate.
Jango Fett has a superb likeness, but it isn�t perfect. His face doesn�t have much shadowing,
facial hair or scarring like the onscreen character. And the color of his skin tone
is too smooth where it looks like it was formed from Plasticine or modeling clay. Where is
his infamous facial injury: the scar that stands out from all of his other facial features?
We find it disappointing that more attention wasn�t give to this portrait. Again, the
likeness is excellent, it just needs more work and needs to look less perfect than it
does. Early prototypes gave the illusion that Jango Fett was too chunky. Thank the Maker
we�re able to confirm that Jango Fett is extremely streamlined and looks to be in complete
proportion. He may be a tad too short, but it�s hardly anything to be concerned about
because this figure looks great otherwise. The deco on the silver plates is done very
well. Looking more like cloudy spots than collection of red Geonosian dirt, the battle-damage
is very well done and we�re very happy with the results. Jango Fett comes well-articulated
of course. He can be posed in a variety of ways. This is nitpicking, but the black wires
around his elbows do not have enough slack and constantly pop out of where they attach
to the figure. And his shoes are curved upwards ever so slightly, which makes balancing him
a little bit of a chore because the body weight can�t anchor itself against a completely
flat surface. We have found that Jango Fett does have some balancing issues, but they’re
definitely all related to the curved shoes. Jango Fett comes with a removable helmet.
We were concerned that it looked too small for his head, but it fits like a glove. And
it looks about perfect when wearing it to how he looked in Episode II. We all know how
difficult it is to make believable removable helmets, but Hasbro has impressively succeeded
here. They deserve praise for getting this right the first time. We would have loved
to see Hasbro add an articulated rangefinder, but they followed in Boba Fett�s footsteps
and decided against it, disappointingly. He comes with the Merr-Sonn JT-12 jetpack, also
called the �arena� jetpack which plugs nicely into three slots on the figures back.
There are two higher rectangular slots and a main center rounded plug. The jetpack stays
firmly in place and isn�t easily removed unless you want to take it off of the figure.
Jango Fett comes with a beautifully tooled belt with attached holsters (that also attach
to his legs). We have to admit how beautiful this belt/holster combination piece is. If
you recall, the Hasbro 3.75� version of Jango Fett, even 2011�s TVC Jango Fett (VC34)
figure had the holsters bulging out and away from the figure. The Black Series [Phase III]
version has the holster flush against his legs. It�s perfect. The two Westar-34 blaster
pistols can be housed in them when not in use. They fit into the holsters like a glove.
We�re thrilled with the interactivity. Jango Fett can also hold both blaster pistols when
being posed in a plethora of ways. Jango Fett offers a lot to collectors. He isn�t perfect,
but we believe many will overlook his imperfections, because there is certainly more to be happy
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  2. Great review, just bought him today for £16.99 in Tescos it's my first Black series figure I've got, might get the others now.

  3. Just purchased Jango on EBay . Your review was great. I'm looking forward to receiving him in the mail. I need to get the Boba Fett now. Lol

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