Star Wars III: Revenge Of The Sith — Movie Review #JPMN
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Star Wars III: Revenge Of The Sith — Movie Review #JPMN

August 17, 2019

It may have taken writer and director George
Lucas three prequels, but he finally got it right here: by far the darkest and most complete
of the second trilogy – and the only picture in the franchise to be rated PG-13. Released
on May 19, 2005, breaking every record in the process, this epic space opera fantasy
film grossed over $700 million in profit, $17-million of which from the midnight showings,
one of which I personally attended, shouting like a fan-boy and all. The opening sequence
to this 140-minute adventure is a blisteringly chaotic one: a single shot pans down from
the text crawl into a massive space battle, with lasers and ships flying everywhere. Set
three years after the onset of the Clone Wars depicted in episode II, this movie finally
features the dramatic turn of the saga’s primary character – Anakin Skywalker – into the menacing
villain known as Darth Vader. Struggling with the appeal of the “Dark Side”, Hayden Christensen
still isn’t very convincing in the lead role, but his character arc at least has much greater
conflict and interest this time around. When Ewan McGregor, in his third picture, gleefully
responds to his partner, “Spring the trap”, it’s hard not to get excited over the thrills
that are about to be unleashed, especially after you watch the agile Jedi Master crash
his ship, summersault out, and slice a battle droid in half with his lightsaber in one clean
move. R2-D2 really comes into his own in this picture, becoming a fully-fledged hero that
saves the day on more than one occasion – retconned jetpacks and all. Despite her obvious talents
in other films, Natalie Portman disappoints again – especially in an awful scene where
she breaks down and attempts to cry after learning news that Skywalker is now evil.
Reprising his role he began 22-years earlier, Ian McDiarmid is positively devilish and cunning
as the evil Darth Sidious: and the renowned stage actor really sinks his teeth into the
layered performance. Although he has a tendency to over-sample the “Wilhelm Scream”, editor
and sound designer Ben Burtt deserves a lot of credit for contributing iconic sound trademarks
to all six installments: from the humming sabers, to the twang of the blasters, to Vader’s
labored breathing, to Artoo’s chirps and beeps. Paired with this of course is another brilliant
score from John Williams: which ramps into a furious crescendo, during the film’s climax
as our favorite heroes aggressively battle with their lightsabers for the fate of the
galaxy in some of the most epic locations imaginable. The newest film in the series
clearly contains the best visual effects: with nearly every shot featuring blue-screen
additions, and CGI creatures floating around in the background: although largely cluttered
at times, it’s still a true marvel to behold ILM’s impressive work. The best-paced of the
prequels, this film is non-stop, rewatcable entertainment from start to finish: coming
full circle to the 1977 original with a delightful and satisfying epilogue ending on that iconic
Tatooine sunset. “Revenge Of The Sith”, “Jam-packed with classic adventure.” Now that you’ve heard
my review, lets see what was said in the YouTube comments. An EIGHT and a TEN for “Revenge Of The Sith”.
Labeling it the best and darkest prequel yet, you held off on the highest scores, but praised
this picture for not being a disappointment like it could have been, you thought it was
GREAT. Again, I’m in the minority here… but I positively loved this film. Just a good
old fashioned blockbuster that gave me everything I wanted out of the franchise. I have a blast
every time I watch it, I thought it was AMAZING.

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  1. The movie was bad its very well having good visual effects but if you don't have characters that you care about then these 'epic' scenes have no tension in them at all not to mention the story is a freeing mess when you break it down

  2. Although better than the first two prequels, ROTS falls far short of the wonder and excitement of the original trilogy. Bring on JJ.

  3. Marginally better than the previous Star Wars sequels, but is still a soulless CGI infested mess with poorly scripted characters.

  4. Just another CGI filled crapfest that always failed to really push the envelope. The happy ending was dreadful to watch, and once again there was no believable chemistry between any of the leads. The only rendering aspect of this tired franchise was the Emperor, its just ashame that many of his scenes involved Hayden Christianson, who is unworthy of sharing screentime with McClellan. 5/10

  5. while the film itself is quite good, the acting is laughable, dont rate hayden christensen at all, ewan mcgregor does his best to save the film. 6/10

  6. If it weren't for the cheesy acting and over reliance on cheap special effects this movie might be worth a 10 the story-line is actually quite brilliant, particularly looking at how the politics played out. It is so incredibly dark.

  7. i think alot of the original fans who didn't like this one just had leftover hate from the first 2 prequels and went into it going "this movies gonna suck!"

  8. the best of the prequels, acting is still cheesy and also many moments are childish, but the glorious in your face fight scenes pay up for every mistake, especialy the openning scene. cheesy but action packed. 9/10

  9. This is going to sound really controversial, but here goes. "Revenge of the Sith" is my favourite out of all the Star Wars films; even better than "Empire Strikes Back." I'm being serious!

  10. 9/10 for me the acting from Hayden Christensen made me not like it as the origionals but if Hayden wasnt in it had much better actor playing as anakin it would have been a 10/10

  11. I thought Natalie Portman was actually really good in this film tbh, maybe that's just me? Anyway this is my favorite ever movie, say what you want, this is the best Star Wars movie ever.

  12. After rewatching all the Star Wars films I have to say Revenge of the Sith is the best out of all the films, before I thought it was episode 5 but now I think it's 3rd best (after a New Hope)

  13. I don't think you can blame Christensen and Portman totally for their acting in this movie, its the dialogue that is somewhat awkward at times. At certain points I couldn't tell if I was watching an old-school Romeo and Juliet or a Star Wars movie. Another complaint about the movie is the inconsistent tone. By no means do I hate Star Wars, been a fan since I was 5 years old.
    This movie is by far the best of the prequels though, that I'll admit.

  14. I think pretty much every Star Wars fan aknowledges Episode 3 as the best of the prequels. I really liked Episode 1 when it came out, but thats because I was 7 when it came out in the cinemas. Episode 1 was not a good movie. I didn't mind Episode 2, it was far superior over Episode 1 and I actually liked Episode 3.

  15. This is my favourite out of all the Star Wars films 🙂 though I must say the prequels are under rated. Yes, I know I and II weren't as good as episodes 3-6 but they were still good movies and I enjoyed them both. I'm probably one of the few people who liked Hayden's and Portman's acting. My only complaint about the prequels is the DAMN SCIENCE they introduced, it went from being religious and spiritual to scientific which I am completely against.

  16. i totolly agree with you, i saw this when i was in 2nd grade and was the most exciting thing id seen at the time , i love it

  17. Empire strikes back is #1…return of the jedi is #2….revenge of the sith is # 3……these are the best star wars movies out of the 6 films…a new hope is #4….attack of the clones is #5…the Phantom menace is #6….episode 7..??????????????????

  18. Nice review! It's nice to see that there are people who likes the Old Trilogy as well as the New Trilogy! People like that dumbass mister plinkett just doesn't appreciate the new trilogy and I don't know why hahaha The NewTrilogy was great and very emotional specially when Anakin killed the younglings, it almost made me cry 🙁
    anyway, Great Review!!!

  19. Star Wars III: Revenge Of The Sith was the best out of the three would agree with your review i had pretty much the same though on the movie and luv it when ever I'm watching it too, would like to see some other movies reviews you have

    p.s i hear their coming out with some more star wars as i hope their really good too

  20. me and my friends often laugh at how poor the acting is in this movie, the script is definitely to blame. however, the special effects and music are second to none

  21. I agree with this reviewer about The Revenge of the Sith 100%! It totally deserves a 10/10 in my opinion as well. The ROTS is the best of Star Wars since The Empire Strikes Back! To me A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and the ROTS all deserve a 10/10. Hope and Empire are only slightly better than the ROTS.   

  22. Ok, this was easily the worst movie of the SW story, which is saying a lot considering episodes 1 and 2.  Bad pacing, bad acting, shit story…cringe worthy movie.  

  23. episode 1 and 2 are good but still not star wars standards. Episode 3 is right up there with the originals. Simply amazing

  24. When it comes to light saber battles,
    Vs. Darth Maul- most interesting
    Vs. Count Dooku- Quickest
    Vs. Darth Vader- Most climactic 
    Vs. Darth Vader (Rematch)- Classic
    Vs. Darth Vader (Luke)- Most important
    Vs. Darth Vader (Jedi)- Most heroic

  25. The only good Star Wars prequel but not as great as the original trilogy but if it was between episode 1 &2 or 3 I prefer 3

  26. After an initial "my childhood got shat on again" period, I actually agree that this is the best of the new trilogy. Sadly though, most of the acting, some of the dialogue and all of Hayden C. are cringeworthy. Not to mention a few non-credible plot developments like, "OK, then I'm a Sith now. Let's kill some toddlers!" Finally, there's a few cluttered scenes that feel like a shallow CGI-overkill. Apart from (all) that, it's great entertainment that is terribly rough around the edges.
    Also, I'd argue that Phantom's scenes on Tatooine capture more of the old SW-feeling, the lightsaber duels are way better and Neeson is a far better lead than McGregor. 8/10

  27. This is a star wars movie you can watch over and over and over and over again. Think about it, it has so many great moments and action battles with a great story. What else is there to ask for in a sci-fi movie? I love the originals but yes I have to admit you get a bit bored after a while, with this you don't 😮

  28. While I repsect your opinion, I have to disagree. I think this movie is so horrible acted by Hayden Christensen, and it has such an overkill of CGI. The film also has way too much pointless filler, and the dialogue is just terribly written, to the point where it seems comedic at times. The nly thing that absolutely shines in this movie is th Emperor, who is the only one who seems to have any kind of passion at all. The rest of the characters from the prequels just seem so bland to me. Anakin's tun to the dark side also feels so painfully rushed (I bet a lot of fanboys will tell me how I am wrong and how it is expained in the expanded universe). Personally, I would say this movie is a 4/10. Despite some major major shortcomings, this film still had its moments, such as when vader gets his mask on. 

  29. I remember when I was younger and they allowed you to bring a toy lightsaber into the theaters and all the kids my age and up even some adults brought theirs and we had a big battle outside the theater one of the most memorable moments of my life

  30. I thought it was a great improvement over the other two fails. It's actually well directed and overall more emotionally engaging. Surprisingly, I loved revenge of the sith! It had its flaws but it kinda blows me away.

  31. Rots was terrible, it retained everything that sucked about the two previous instalments, a convoluted story, over-reliance on cg, terrible dialogue & unlikeable mannequin-esque characters  –  It all seems very artificial and superficial, the type of film that appeals to dumbasses under the age of 20, I genuinely believe that a good . . .say  70% of people have no comprehension or understanding of what makes something actually good. Most people would find a masterpiece like The Godfather boring, and would prefer something like transformers 2. And therefore you can artificially meet these people's expectations, cause they have low reference levels, and don't get nuance. Most of the people who enjoyed this HORSESHIT, enjoyed it because they don't understand what made the originals so amazing! This applies to Rots the most, its downright a BAD movie. The bad out weighs the good, but people overlook the bad because their brains operate at a low level where they literally don't have the intelligence to differentiate between the hollow transient design of it all like in the prequels, from genuine drama and interesting characters from the originals.  Whereas Empire was a whimsical story with great character development and a darker tone, Revenge is a convoluted cg heavy badly acted mess, like a copy of a copy, with all the same archetypes crow barred in and some really forced 'darkness' on top of it, that seems out of place at times and is really erratic. its a massive cluster fuck. Its like a video game cut scene. its fucking awful.  

    "I love all the Star Wars movies ALL OF THEM! They all deserve a 10/10 from me" even the Christmas special. SWER TO ME!!!(I AM BATMAN)

  33. The revenge of the sith novel is much more fulfilling of a conclusion than the movie was it answers a lot more question and fills all gap of Anakin Skywalker Transition to the dark lord

  34. This movie made me angry. Anakin joins the dark side to save Padme but she ends up dying anyways from heartbreak. WHAT!!! This is what George Lucas was trying to convey? This movie is so dark for a Star Wars flick. Now Vader is stuck on the dark side for what reason? To kill Obi Wan? He did that in episode 4! I think this is a really good movie, just dark as hell. Everyone dies! This is what George said when they were developing the movie. George- "Does anyone have any ideas for the new Star Wars movie?… Anyone?… Fuck it, lets finish this shit with a BANG!!" And Obi Wan's monologue at the end…Holy fucknuggets that hurt me. LIke if you agree. This movie is really good and it deserves the ratings. 9.5/10

  35. As ROTS may be the best of the prequel films, it’s still not the best of the two trilogies. When I first watched SW I watched them 1-6, ROTS got me interested, but Empire Strikes Back got me addicted to SW. So overall it wasn’t terrible like 1 and 2. Rate 6.5/10

  36. I've always loved this movie but don't now why. Obi-one have now bad-ass moment anymore and most thinks about his character from the last film is forgotten about here, the opening-scenes are awesome and in the beggining they seem to be trying to show Anakin ass a more mature and heroic character, but then he go's back to complaining and bitching to Obi-one and Padme how does nothing but praise Anakin in this film,  and are simply just there, and he does this long before he turns to the dark side. Also i don't believe how fast he goes from really not wanting to do bad stuff, but having to, to being a bad guy. IN LIKE A SECOND! And Hayden just has so manny bad moments. Like when he smiles weird and says: "I now that there are things about the force they are not telling me", like he want's to now about the dark side, but in the next scene he almost kills Palpatine for knowing about the dark side! And also right after he crys and says "what have I done", he says what about the other jedis spread across the galaxy like a bad guy! HE TRUNS JUST LIKE THAT??? Ya this movie is badly written, and even if you should not take it seriously, it's kind of a depressing movie. The action is really god, there re like now humor and… ya I don't now what I like it!? It kind of tricks your brain in to believing that it's a masterpiece, just because of the whole darth vader thing happening and Anakin transforming and everything being set up for the original star wars. It makes it feel like a classic when it's not. Kind of bad acting, best written characters in saga but still not very good. But I still enjoy it, kind of… and everyone I now love it! 

  37. The second best Star Wars movie IMO.

    1. The Empire Strikes Back 1110
    2. Revenge of the Sith 1010
    3. A New Hope 1010
    4. Return of the Jedi 910
    5. Attack of the Clones 7.510
    6. The Phantom Menace 510

  38. 1. Empire Strikes Back: 10/10
    2. Star Wars: 10/10
    3. Return Of The Jedi: 9/10
    4. Revenge Of The Sith: 8/10
    5. The Phantom Menace: 7/10
    6. Attack Of The Clones 6/10

  39. @MovieNight You're not a minority if you like this movie. Even if the prequels weren't as good as the originals, think about this; if only 50,000 people out of the 40 million+ fans of the Saga hated the prequels, they could technically be able to spread a lot of hatred on the Star Wars related side on the internet.

    Good review by the way (even if it was a little too short). I personally love this movie, my favourite after the first "Star Wars" from 1977 (A New Hope) and "The Empire Strikes Back.

  40. Great review but I completely disagree with the 10/10. The visuals are great, the story engaging and perfectly linking to the original trilogy, however the writing feels terrible at points and the mediocre acting from Hayden Christensen doesn't help, it's made worse when the scene is supposed to feel epic but the dialogue is just cringeworthy. Overall a 7/10 for me as it's still an enjoyable film.

  41. Honestly if the writing was better the prequels would have genuinely been pretty good. The reason why the characters in the original were likeable was because they were written quite well thus emotionally involving the audience during the climaxes. Quite the contrary in the prequels. That being said, although I wasn't emotionally hurt by the downfall of the Jedi and Anakin's turn to the dark side, I was atleast fairly captivated nonetheless.

  42. Pretty much spot on. Glad you mentioned the sound effects. A middle-school friend of mine thought most of the SW sound effects were less believable than those of Glen Larson's sci fi TV shows. He seems to be in a minority.

  43. Its really not Hayden Christiensen's fault. The script is just so stupid i dont think oscar winning actors could utter them convincingly. Normal people just dont talk the way it is written.

  44. Star Wars The Phantom Menace – 0/10
    Star Wars The Attack Of The Clones – 0/10
    Star Wars The Revenge Of The Sith – 0/10
    Star Wars A New Hope – 10/10
    Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back – 10/10
    Star Wars The Return Of The Jedi – 10/10

    To those of you who are say that the Prequel Star Wars Trilgoy was good watch Mr. Plinkett's review of Star Wars The Phantom Menace, Star Wars The Attack Of The Clones, and Star Wars The Revenge Of The Sith. Everything in that video proves that The Prequel Star Wars Trilogy suck. They may be very long but he is very entertaining to watch.

  45. I hate how this film always gets hated on, the 1st and the 2nd prequel trilogy has such a bad reputation that they always have to rope Episode 3 in it without finding the good within this film.
    Literally EVERYTHING in this film is taken to another level. Some of the acting too, especially that scene were Obi Wan is telling that Anakin on that lava planet.

  46. This movie is far from a 10/10. It is the best of the prequels, but that's not a very high bar. Plus, this is still very far from being star wars. It deserves a 2/10. Not to mention it ruins Darth Vader more than the other prequels did. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Eternal Sunshine: 3/10, Sideways: 4/10, Revenge of the Sith 10/10??? In my opinion, the opening scene is one of the most confusing, ridiculous and unnecessary scenes I've seen in a science fiction film. The script is awful and romance scenes are laughable. The characters lack depth and are boring. Action scenes are way too drawn out. I respect your opinion and enjoy watching your reviews but was wondering what you don't like about Sideways and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?

  48. Phantom Menace: 5/10
    Attack of the Clones: 4/10
    Revenge of the Sith: 10/10
    A New Hope: 8/10
    Empire Strikes Back: 9/10
    Return of the Jedi: 10/10
    The Force Awakens: 10/10

  49. My list

    7 the force awakens 3/10
    6 a new hope 8,2/10
    5 the phantome menance 8,5/10
    4 empire strikes back 8,7/10
    3 attack of the clones 8,8/10
    2 return of the jedi 9,2/10
    1 revenge of the sith 10/10

  50. Phantom Menace 1/10
    Attack of the Clones1.5/10
    Revenge of the Sith 2/10
    Star Wars 11/10
    The Empire Strikes Back 11/10
    Return of the Jedi 7.5/10
    The Force Awakens 9/10

  51. I don't think I can take this channel seriously. The cliched scene where Vader yells NOOOOO in "agony" while his arms are spread and head looking up gets a 10, but the classic Planes, Trains and Automobiles gets an 8? Really?

    Then I look at the list, and it basically has all the Star Wars movies. The only 10s in Star Wars are the first 2, with the Last Jedi getting a 9. Is this a joke channel or something?

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