Starforge – The orb and flying
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Starforge – The orb and flying

August 25, 2019

I was messing around on starforge and I found this
orb and all these slammers that I didn’t add in. I’m
going to show you how to get to this orb and how to get to the bottom of the map. Im trying to delete these, but it won’t let me And here it is… The orb oops… I’ll respawn and show you how to get there The orb’s in this direction, on top of the cliff To get up there I’m going to use the pushback
from the weapons in slow mo to ‘fly’ up there It’s best to do this against a wall so that you head
in right direction make sure you can change between weapons
quickly, hence I’ve put them in slots 1 and 2 Build a wall so when you stand next to it your
back faces the direction you wanna go Note the difference in pushback I get from each
weapon To start ‘flying’ hold down the fire button while in
slow motion Aim down, and change between weapons, rapidly. Then you start ‘flying’ Once you get to certain points off the map you’ll
be taken to an alternate spawn point If you fall off the edge again, you’ll spawn back at
this alternate spawn point The orb is just ahead Going to speed things up The orb is just over that rock And there it is And there it is Now, to get to the bottom, make and equip the
gun that shoots green bullets to slots 1 and 2 This weapon has the most pushback. So when
you do switch between them in slow mo you go
further and faster One way to get down is to jump off and before you
hit the bottom start shooting and switching
between weapons This method is a bit hit and miss Thats one way to get down The other way to get down is to ‘fly’ between the
opening of the cliffs You have to make sure you don’t ‘fly’ too high or
you’ll just spawn at the top off the cliff. It’s best if
you just head for the bottom Thanks for watching

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