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Stay Connected Inflight with Business Aviation | The Connected Aircraft | Honeywell Aviation

December 3, 2019

In today’s fast-paced connected world we
all expect to be online all the time. Whether we’re in the office, in the car
or at home. For over 25 years, Honeywell has been a leader in satellite
communications. Now in conjunction with Inmarsat, with a first to offer office
equivalent connectivity in the air. Utilizing Honeywell’s JetWave hardware
and Inmarsat’s Jet ConneX service business aviation operators and their
passengers can now remain connected whenever and wherever they fly, even over
water. Through our GoDirect Cabin Connectivity
and GoDirect Services, Honeywell now offers a comprehensive suite of SATCOM
services and solutions to deliver unparalleled connectivity and
functionality. This includes access to more than a dozen GoDirect apps and
services as well as real-time TV, TV on demand, high-speed broadband internet,
video conferencing, email and voice over IP (VoIP). This connectivity is delivered through
Inmarsat’s Global Xpress constellation of ka band satellites. With Jet ConneX,
you’ll experience an uninterrupted and consistent service as traffic is handed
seamlessly between Inmarsat satellites. Additionally, by monitoring usage,
Inmarsat can supplement bandwidth in high traffic areas through their unique
steerable satellite beams to create connectivity hotspots. Of course,
connectivity isn’t just about keeping in touch with the office, it’s about staying
in touch with life. Our SATCOM solutions will keep your
passengers connected with their families and friends, let them catch up with their
favorite TV shows, stream their favorite movies, or watch their favorite team in
action through live TV. Honeywell has always been at the forefront of
connectivity solutions for business aviation. JetWave and Jet ConneX
represent a new dawn. A future-proof SATCOM offering that anticipates and
exceeds Business Aviation’s demand for connectivity. JetWave and Jet ConneX–
the possibilities of connectivity. Made easy.

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