[STEEP, 스팁] 시즌 패스 트레일러 (한글자막)
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[STEEP, 스팁] 시즌 패스 트레일러 (한글자막)

August 15, 2019

hello both of you I know Iger I’m also a creative director here in a yearís after MCS video actually working on Steve the scene is extremely excited with your enthusiasm that we saw from the beta phase lots of cleaners coming and find fan escapism adrenaline and with the season pass we really want to push this even further from day one with the season pass the player will get access to a pile of exclusive content including the Snowman Christian and also a pack of helicopter tickets that will let the player pretty much spoon anywhere in the world it will let you even further explore the world that we are delivering in sleep when you’re right and stick you want to liquor in the eternal impact you can add access to new york’s fix and new costumes for you to children you probably know that and Steve you can write up lines the eternal impact will come in new challenges and nighttime and New York space for you to shine under the moon with the resurface clobbering some even burn your costumes like the small like the banana lots of new content share that in common that we really prefer another question we are also bringing one new super idea and super friend discipline which is the sled then we’re gonna have the extreme pack the extreme pack is all about raising the bar even more come with three new sports the first one being base Channel it’s all about free-falling the second one is rocket wings is really fast exhilarating and the inverse and the last one is speed colliding you’re gonna fly much faster so that’s it for us isn’t passed I also love it certain paths comes race extreme or cuse and that’s gonna be after you the creative and see what you guys want to do within our mountains see you up there

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