Step Inside a Painting with Virtual Reality
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Step Inside a Painting with Virtual Reality

August 11, 2019

To be able to paint in space I am for the first time given a third dimension. I’ve never been so affected by a piece of technology. You are inside of your drawing. (Music) The second I tried Tilt Brush, I started crying. I couldn’t believe how powerful this was. Tilt Brush is a drawing program designed by Google. It allows you to use your hand as the paint brush. And you can draw in every direction. These tools are not bound by physical laws. I don’t have to worry about gravity. It is entirely, whatever I want it to do. My name’s “Teek Mach”, I’m a virtual reality artist. (Music) This is my apartment in Los Angeles. The great thing about being a VR artist is that, even though the space is really tiny, I can put on the headset and it’s a way to make any space magical. Like I can adjust the intensity of the light like this. (Music) I’m live painting while the orchestra plays, and that ability to kind of put you inside of a song, suddenly, I can do that with a painting. (Music) I’ve been painting since I was a kid. It’s something that I do almost every day. (Music) I wanted to know more about virtual reality because it sounded amazing, (Laugh) but I had never done it. I mean, I’ve been drawing my entire, and like- – But not like this right? – Yeah, really. It’s like talking about love. You have to experience it to fully understand it. My gosh, this is insane. (Laugh) I have been living in virtual reality for the last five months. Every single day, on average about eight to ten hours a day. (Laugh) Tell me this stuff is real. I’ve been able to create an entire world of imagination. (Music) I’ve never felt like there’s been such a clear vehicle for me to show and express my ideas. With each stroke it feels like I am mapping out the way I think. And I’m just giving you a tour of my mood. This is, to me it is a real world. It is just as valid as the physical world. I can put the headset on you and you can go inside of my head, and you can explore what I’ve created. And that sharing of experience is an incredibly effective tool that I think is only going to grow. (Music) I think it just connects us more. I can’t wait to see other people’s projects and the worlds that exists in everyone else. (Music) – It’s like a dream. You feel even the energy that’s going across the force being directed towards the water, and you feel your impact on the nature around you. (Music) It feels magical intuitive, and it feels like you have superpowers. (Music)

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  1. 'I have never been so affected by a piece of technology'
    Not to be mean but i think, thinks like, Computer, Smartphones, Cars etc. have affected her was more than this VR game ^^

  2. The work looks strange because of the over abundance of thin lines instead of solid fills, gradients and washes, this tech is way too new to judge it yet, I think it needs to be able to create and work with more solids, like a 3D sculpting program. One thing I see as a limitation now is the lack of a solid 3D effect, where one feels like you can reach out and touch the environment, when that comes, along with more drawing sculpting tools I think we will start to see some really stunning 3D creations.

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  4. Could you imagine her portfolio? Just a huge open universe where you click on a star and fly into a painting. Like No Man's Sky but actually good.

  5. i wonder if VR could be used in weight loss..would your mind accept that your stomach is full if you were eating at a VR food bar?

  6. I love the Oculus Rift and I paint everyday, please come check out some of my work, if you have VR lets meetup and collaborate! I am a Virtual Reality ARtist too!

  7. one movie. 'brainstorm' – I live everyday with this scientic,violent violation of the 'Nuremburg code'. unsolicited, unwarranted, invasion at birth, never compensated. imagine 'brainstorm' except youre born with a microprocessor hooked up to your meninges / nervous system & the tech is in me since 1965. then upgraded in 1987-88 – its looked up to particle accerators, (which i feel is a die glocke p.a.-below (ground) / haarp,sura or eiscat -top (sky).quantum computers, the lotus flower of life electromagnetic spectrum. the grid, the matrix, the giza death star…then lastly at the dentist I got another nanotechnology 'upgrade' in 2009. then the beast matrix asked me to commit suicide or to kill someone. we are NOW in the NWO. – if the messiah doesn't intervene, humanity really is finished.

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