Steve D’Monster | S4 • E9 | Jingle Jangle All the Way
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Steve D’Monster | S4 • E9 | Jingle Jangle All the Way

August 26, 2019

“And, so, Little Tiny Cedric tripped, and cracked his head open on the Jell-O.” “His father then yanked him by the ear, and said, ‘Merry Christmas to all, and to all, good night!'” (sighs) Oh, I just love that story! I could read it all over again… (jetscream) (crash) (cans rattling) (jingling) (door bell ringing) Ooh! I wonder who that could be? (door squeaking) Hello? Hello? Hello? (Steve gasping) Bella! Oh, no! Not you again! Of all the places to make an emergency crash landing, it had to be where this screwball lives! It’s Ella, and … look, kid, I’m in something of a little Christmas pickle, here… uh, if you can give me a few minutes, I can explain to you what the problem is. Huh? Oh, sure, okay, why don’t we step into my boss’s office? So, as I started to say, Santa Claus can’t always rely on satellite or radar imaging for 100% accuracy. So, every year, he sends an elf out on a jetpack, for sort of ground-to-cloud reports for his flight path. Well, the elf we usually send out got sick, and couldn’t do it. So, Santa sent me instead. I ended up having quite a bumpy ride over the Smoky Mountains, which is why I had to make this emergency crash landing here in Knoxville. So, you’ll need to fix up your jetpack, then? Yeah. Cool! Can I help? No! Why not? Because, you’re far too hyper-active. (exclaims) I am not!! Besides, I know how to fix this thing. I took a lot of shop when I was in school… I had to, all of my brothers went into toymaking early on. We had to have somebody handy around the house. If you could just let me have some tools, I could probably fix this thing within the hour, or so. You got any tools lying around here? Sure, let’s see what we can dig up. (jingling) Yeah, so much of our finances are tied up in the toymaking aspect, that we can’t ever afford to get our equipment upgraded. You know, it’s almost by the grace of God that we were able to upgrade the Santa Radar Tracker system earlier this year. (rachet cranking) So, how’s it comin’? Well, it’s coming a little slow, but I think with just a little more tweaking here, it should be ready. (rachet cranking) (sighs) (rachet cranking) (sniffing) Hey, I think I smell something burning. ELLA: Oh, it’s probably from where the exhaust conked out earlier. Oh. (rachet clanking) A couple of more tightenings here, and that should do it. (rachet clanking) (explosion) (sizzling) You okay? (sizzling) (thud) Well, every once in a while, you’re gonna have to expect your plans to, sort of, backfire on you. Well, I’m ready for take off, now. So, now what? What do we do now? Oh, well, you see this little crank thing in the back, here? Yeah. Go ahead, and give it a little turn, and that’ll get this thing started. Yeah, okay, sure. (backfire) Whoa! (jetpack engine running loudly) Man, that thing sure is loud! Yeah, well, you have to remember, it’s old! (jetpack engine running loudly) So, what now? (jetpack engine running loudly) Oh, well, I’ll pull on this little jumper cable down here, then that should give me some– (exclaims) (jetpack ascending) Whoa… That is so epic! (exclaiming) Huh. How you doin’ up there? I think I should be able to make it for the rest of the journey! Well, I’m off, now! Oh, and don’t forget: Santa’s watching! (jetpack flying away) Okay, see you, Willa! ELLA: It’s Ella!! Oh. (jetpack flying away) (geese honking) ELLA: Hey, watch where you’re going, you stupid Canadian geese! (jetpack flying away) She’s doin’ fine. (jetpack flying away) Flyin’ high on Cloud 9.

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  1. That was a great Steve Christmas special. Loved Ella the Elf and her candy cane jetpack. 🙂 And I like how Steve's book was taped to his fingers.

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