Stickman Hero – Real Stickman crime | Android gameplay [5+]

August 21, 2019

Are you kidding me? I just want to play football! Football!!! I just want to play football! What’s going on guys, here’s Tod! Some time ago Toppy advised me one interesting
gаme. He had been playing spider man on Android,
and accidentally found this game. Не said I would like it. Well, let’s just see if that’s true. As you see, it is about stick man. And he can fly, he can fight and he can do
a lot of other cool things. Ok, I’ll skip training because it’s not
interesting. So we have a big city here. We can do anything we want. But I want to start with flying on jetpack. I should take a look at my city! I’m a new boss here. Uuug. You haven’t seen it, you understand? I’m a new boss, I’ll gain control of this
city! Oh, look, football field! I just want to play football! Hey, what’s up guys! Well, I need to go to goalkeeper and talk
with him. Hey, dude, how about playing some football? What are you talking about? Don’t be silly. I want to play football! Ok, I’m going to calmly ask these guys to
play football with me. Hey! Don’t just stand there! C’mon! Are you kidding me? I just want to play football! Ok, that’s it; you’re on my list,
now! But first I should raise my credibility. So, let’s go and find some missions. I think, here it is. Ok, gently landing… Oh,! I’ve got off my course, I’ve lost control,
wow. Okay, I’m fine! Here we go! Hey, hey, chill out, chill out! Stop shooting at me! How dare you talk to me like that? See, now there’s an arrow and a timer. Let’s get in the car. Nice car. Well, we need to move in the direction of
this arrows. Let’s go Actually, it’s not that simple. Finally! Let’s roll! Tod-the-street-racer comes to the city streets. Everybody get out of my way! Put the pedal to the metal! Oops, oops You haven’t seen it. Now turn right! And then turn left That was nice drifting! Ok. Well done! Now I’ll just turn around and the mission
will be completed! Perfect, I still have more than 3 minutes. I’ve done everything they asked from me.
this job is done. Gentlemen, this job is done. Okay, give me some cash. 2000$ Cool! Are you kidding me? These gangs shoot at me every time they see
me! It’s a pain and it’s annoying. You guys are way out of line! You will answer for it! You are messing with the wrong guy. Ok, I need to calm down. I have some money now, and I’m going to
buy guns. Revenge is a dish best served cold. I suppose I’m close enough to the gun shop. We’re going down. Yeah, good landing! Here we go. Hey, what’s up guy? Sell me one
of your guns, please. Nice, I’ll buy it And some ammo too. Yes, That’s it. Super, super! Now I’m armed and very dangerous. Let’s fly and deal with these gangs! All right, all right… Attention now, I’m getting closer to their
lair. Here we go. Oh, where is my gun? Oh, here it is. Hey you! Get this! There are too many of them! Oh, something went wrong! Well, unfortunately, this crime story ended badly. All right guys it was Real Stickman Crime. You know, there are lot’s of games about
stickman you can find in Google play. And I’m thinking about making top 5 best Stickman
games on Android. If you’re interested please subscribe, we
really appreciate it. Good Buy!

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