Stockholm,Sweden, SPA. Flying shoes. It’s real!
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Stockholm,Sweden, SPA. Flying shoes. It’s real!

September 2, 2019

and my shoes go away it’s really [Music] hi my friend [Music] [Music] swimming pool so I like Starwood Oh relax this body fool okay let’s go to home but Oh where’s my shoes my shoes is not [Music] it’s really [Music] why it’s a very good shoes I like my shoes original Wrangler oh no okay not my shoes I call it through deception I’m sorry I’m sorry man I’m sorry excuse me where is my shoes hello you shoes I don’t know your shoes you write potential a barbecue shoes okay okay I write potential involved my shoes Wrangler okay you like yes I like maybe people in Stockholm maybe like you shoes maybe people after going like my shoes it’s really people instable like my shoes and my shoes go away oh and I going to home where I going to come in in socks I’m sorry I’m sorry you write pretension and go away go away go away in socks it’s really Oh No look like it’s a real shoes my shoes go away oh it’s a good good [Music] Murphy no good food like oh and I like relax relax in sauna in the spa hotel bud relax in sama in the spa hotel but in stop gold in Sweden but my shoes go away it’s not really it’s not really subscribe subscribe with me [Music]

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