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Storm The Train iOS iPhone Gameplay Review –

August 30, 2019

Upon first loading up Storm the Train, you
can be forgiven thinking you’re about to play an action or stealth based game centred around
robbing trains. Instead we find ourselves with a Monster Dash type run and gun as you
hop from one train to the next, collecting new weapons and loads of coins as you blast
away the undead, robot hordes, and even ninjas. And just like Monster Dash, the controls are
a simple affair of on-screen directional buttons, a jump button, and of course a shoot button.
For the most part the controls work well, but especially during the boss battles when
you have to jump at a moment’s notice and get in as much gunfire as you can before jumping
again, the game lacks the fidelity you may desire in such tense situations. And that’s pretty much all there is. Run and
gun, collect coins, and then use those coins to upgrade yourself once you die only to do
the whole thing all over again. Special mention should be made of the items in the shop being
linked to the stars you obtain completing missions. Most items are behind this star
barrier, so it’s almost like the game is regulating the pace of your upgrading (which is already
covered by the exuberant pricing of everything). Since the running and gunning feels so good,
no doubt all these items will add constant replay value to the game. It’s just a shame
the hoops it seems the player has to jump through to obtain them. So with its solid presentation and a great
feel, Storm the Train delivers as a mission based run and gun platformer. The store prices
and their ties to mission progression favour either grinding or spending money, and that’s
unfortunate, but the experience can still be enjoyed regardless.

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  1. I think Chillingo really did well with this game, I don't mind the grinding as long as I don't have to make in-app purchases.

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