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Stromberg review! – GTA Online guides

August 24, 2019

hello everyone and welcome back to another GTA online guide where today we’re gonna be taking a look at the stromberg a submersible car added as part of the Doomsday heist dlc and GT online so let’s get right to the guide shall we so at the price of 3.2 million undiscounted you can get yourself a car straight out of the Bond movies equipped with machine guns rocket launchers and torpedoes a stock as well as the ability to go underwater like a submarine the stromberg is a car that doesn’t really need any customization to get the most out of this thing which is just as well because you need an Avenger to do so but as always we have a fully modded version anyway so how does it perform well on land it’s a pretty nippy car it’s not the fastest thing in the world but it doesn’t need to be as it’s a multifunction car capable of carrying out many different jobs that one may need to carry out out at sea but still on land the car has access to non-explosive twin machine guns as well as a homing rocket system which continuously fires one rocket every second so this thing will be able to deal a lot of damage on anything that it’s trying to chase down with a simple press of a button the car transforms from land mode into submersible mode when in this mode the car acts as any normal submarine you can go forwards backwards up down you name it but unlike a normal submarine which can go directly upwards and downwards with the press of a button the stromberg has to tackle altitude changes like it were a plane which can lead to some complications if you get stuck on the sea floor when underwater the primary weapon the car has are torpedoes they’re basically slower versions of rockets and can home into target just like Rockets however when the car is in or underwater it loses the ability to use its machineguns unless you do a simple glitch that I managed to find out before you enter the water make sure that the car has the machine-gun selected and then bring up your phone now enter the water go off the phone and whammo you can now use the machine-gun underwater keep in mind though that if you switch to torpedos while you’re underwater you won’t be able to switch back to the machine gun people have been telling me that you’re able to throw things like grenades and sticky bombs out of the windows while underwater which would be unrealistic but from what I’ve seen we’ve been unable to do this it’s a glitch that needs preparation to work let me know in the comments if this is true and how to do it defense wise this car has no bulletproof windows and can take one rocket and function just fine but a second one will completely destroy it overall would I recommend this car not really the reason being is that this car doesn’t really need to exist ask yourself this when you ever going to use this car outside of missions that are specifically designed to use this car which you get one for free anyways what you’re gonna do with it go out and destroy boats and submarines I guess you could use it to explore the seafloor but you’d be better off buying a Kraken if you don’t already own one since they’re much cheaper and they have more control exploring the seafloor especially as some place it can get pretty cramped the only upside to this car is that it’s quickly get into a dive site but let me know what you guys think about this car would it be useful to you or do you agree with me let me know in the comments and hey if you enjoyed this short video make sure to leave a like and subscribe to the Perim Gaming chart for loads more videos coming to you very soon see you around everyone

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  1. Usefulness, and fun. Guys, this car is stunning! I would buy it just for the way it looks, like the Ardent. The submersible mode and guns just make it even cooler. Not only fun matters, ok?

  2. dude, this car is the ultimate flyswatter! It has insane armour, reealy good missiles, and it had the best mounted machine guns in the game! You made it look like the only use for it was to be underwater too.

  3. It will be useful for military crews to conduct amphibious assaults on the beaches of Los Santos or sneaking to a yacht during Piracy Prevention

  4. Hmmm.. I think this car is better than a kraken, it is a car as well, and it is really cool so I think it is worth buying

  5. Been saving for one of these for a while and the use i have planned for it is cargo runs when i have to get cargo out in the ocean

  6. Update!
    You dont need an MOC or an Avenger to customize this car.
    Los Santos Customs can fully upgrade it,as the missiles and all of its functionalities come pre-installed.
    Fully upgraded,it can take 5 homings,which can be a real threat to Unchaffed Oppressors, flared oppressors are still helpless.
    Being underwater also means shooting anyone with a short range torpedo if they get too close, even in the air while not getting shot at yourself.
    Definitely worth its price tag it is the one of the cheapest from the Doomsday Heists DLC.
    Believe me, I swatted more mosquitoes than I can count with this thing.
    Just remember, tanks are your nightmare when using this thing, unless its an APC carelessly swimming to try and kill you, in that case, there's nothing it can do.
    Aircraft are also another downside to this vehicle.
    I believe the missiles on this thing are the same ones as those on the Deluxo, not just that, but the MGs annihilate vehicles in just seconds, unlike the crappy ones on those Sports Classics cars and the Nightshark.
    I havent made the RPG test, but Pyrerealm gaming already did and its 2 RPGs.
    People cannot sholt from from the back of the Stromberg, not even with a minigun.
    But it is a normal vehicle, so bullets do the same damage, dont abuse this.
    Not useable on heists, unluckily.
    As seen in the video, yes, side and front windows are not bulletproof,though they dront completly break, you can easily get shot out.
    I say this because I have a Stromberg myself and it helped me a lot, I rarely died to Oppressors or Deluxos at all.
    If you would love to take down these pests, get this or the Ruiner 2000.
    The two best flyswatters in the game.

  7. I buy it today 2019 and its worth it its strong fast u can drive under water and IF U BUY IT IT COME WOTH GUNS U DONT NEED TO PUT GUNS ON IT THAT IS GOOD

  8. This can be a counter to all those rocket vehicles like the scramjet and the runnier 2000 and much more weaponized vehicles

  9. The best thing about this thing is you can crash and you are able to crash in the water without it being destroyed

  10. Honestly a massively underrated car, people focus too much on the submarine thing and too little on its explosive defence and ability to shoot down oppressors and deluxos.

  11. Myeh….its not 'all that' and a bag of chips on my menu since i am sick of driving (except in the wedge buggy) around npc idiots in cars and i have never seen or heard of anyone having an epic sub battle of the ages so its pretty much totally worthless to me if it cant FLY. Nice lines but not worth the Beverly Hills asking price. And the price of additional crap to house and modify it. Already went that route once with the oppressor mark II.

  12. If you have a CEO building garage and vehicle workshop, you can modify it there as well. Possibly at the arena war workshop too but I haven’t checked.

  13. You should really consider using homing missiles AND rpg's in your reviews, they do different damage to certain vehicles. The stromberg only takes too rpg's, but tanks 6 homing missiles. furthermore, the stromberg can easily take out those evil broomsticks flying about Los Santos. The stromberg is also useful for water missions for hangar or special crates. And if you can master the submarine mode, can help you with the salvage vip challenge. Overall, this vehicle is worth every penny in my opinion, its not only good for money making, its also good in combat and an overall fun vehicle to use.

  14. It would be useful in certain situations like to get away from people and executive search. If I have most other stuff I want then it would.

  15. Yo can upgrade this at los antos customs or the moc, and the cars good I took down opressers mk2 and 1, deluxos and even the rail gun tank and regular tanks

  16. I had the deluxo and the Vigilante the stromberg is way more fun and seeing people’s reaction when you go into the water is kinda funny

  17. The Stormberg is an underrated gem, you cannot see a lot of people using it but in fact it can defeat a great half of most commonly used weaponised vehicles in this game (Oppressors, Deluxos, Vigilantes…), thanks to the high tier machine guns and missiles and the durability it has.

  18. I use it all the time. I love it. But almost never under water. But it saved me sometimes with crashes into the water 😂

  19. You don’t need anything for this. It comes with the rockets and guns at the start so you can literally do it in anything

  20. The vehicle has surprisingly good Armor and it has misiles similar to that of a ruiner making it great againced the oppressor mk2

  21. guys i found something interesting you can do with stromberg
    open all doors go to water go submarine mode
    the stromberg will act little bit like boat it will refuse to dive
    and also if you exit the car while stationary you can stand on it and also if you stand on it you can use minigun to boost so you can drive it more like boat/surf board

    Sorry for bad english

  22. As a longtime 007 fan this car is something I would like to have. Same goes for all the film homage cars.

  23. I definitely agree that it's not practical but I can see myself scaring the ever loving heist master of my noon friends

  24. I don’t think you did this vehicle justice. With fully upgraded armor, it is the ultimate griefer counter.

  25. I highly recommend this vehicle it is good for taking out enemy vehicles because of its great tracking and fire rate, I personally use my stromberg for taking out oppressors cause I always come out alive

  26. I love this car because I watched all bond movies and I like its armor and its missiles because they are pretty good

  27. Of course its usefull against deluxo oppresor and goddamn oppresor mk2 and whatching these things fighting each other is also pretty fun

  28. It's basically a discount flr2k. It's good for the submersible mode and against oppressors since it can tank homing missiles (the only car with missiles of its own to do so)

  29. Try hard will find a way I have when oppressor or jet are around and are shooting rocket just go in the water and they can’t blow you up and than surface just a little and target them shot them and recover

  30. I really hope that Rockstar add an underwater update with a gang that use subs for transporting drugs or something similar to that because it could tie in with the MC businesses and make use of the stromberg and kraken.

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