Subscriber Showcase #7 – Scale Model Aircraft Plastic Kits
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Subscriber Showcase #7 – Scale Model Aircraft Plastic Kits

August 27, 2019

Hello and welcome to model minutes, and the
7th episode of Subscriber showcase! The series where you get to show off your
modelling skills and current projects to the rest of the community! So, with no further ado – let’s get started. First up we have a Hawker Hurricane MkIIc
in 1/72nd scale from Emil! It’s been built from the Revell kit in a d-day
paint scheme. This looks like a great kit from Revell, with
fine details and good moulded panel lines, and i’m particularly impressed
with the paintwork in this finished kit, especially the invasion stripes, as they can be hard
to get right. You may be able to notice that some subtle weathering
has been added to the model and it looks great! Thanks to Emil for sharing this awesome build
with us, and you can see more of his builds on his youtube channel, which i’ll link below
this video. Now, for the next model, we’re advancing into
the jet age with an F-86 Sabre in 1/72 scale from the Airfix kit and built by Nicholas.
Whilst we take a look at the finished kit, this is what he has to say about the model: “This is a the most recent tooling of the
Sabre by Airfix which was released in 2010. The version that I build is Maj. John H. Glenn’s
Mig Mad Marine. I think that this tooling is one of the best in market, I bought it
around 15Euros in Athens Greece. The surface details are crisp with nice engraved
panel lines. I wish it had some revets, like some of the most recent Airfix toolings. The build was enjoyable and very easy. I finished
it within a week. The parts fit together easily without the use of filler or any kind of putty.
The cockpit was simple, lacking some details, so I decided to add some seat belts using
aluminum foil just to make it more interesting. The dacals was perfect with virtually no silvering.
I hand-brushed the model using MOLAK enamel aluminium, which turned out to be a dissapointment
as it looks more close toa satin grey rather than aluminium. I wished I had used either
HUMBROL 11 or 191. He highly recommends this kit for beginners
in jet models. This looks like a great finished kit by nicholas
and I’m particularly impressed with the fine paint work on this model, but like he says
its not as metallic as he’d hoped. Still it’s a fantastic build and
i’m tempted to get one myself if I can get similar results! Thanks go to Nicholas for sharing this excellent
build with us! And moving onto the last models for this episode,
we’ve got a 1/72 Hasegawa F4U-1D Corsair. This was submitted by Darrin who is also known
as the “Grumpy Modeller”. Darrin also has his own Youtube channel and a facebook group
which i frequent occasionally, Both of which i’ll link under this video! Darrin has this to say about his kit: “I don’t usually build in 1/72 scale but
this was a really fun build for me. It has really made me appreciate the level of skill
that it takes to work in such a scale. The subject is a FG-1D from
the Salvadoran Air Force circa 1956.” This looks like a great model, with an unusual
paint scheme – it’s certainly something I wasn’t aware of until i received the pictures
by email! Darrin has finished this model with a fine
paint job and some subtle weathering to bring out the details in this kit, don’t forget
to check out his youtube channel for more great builds! Thanks go to the Darrin aka the grumpy modeller,
and all the other modellers who’ve submitted so far! As always, feel free to let them know what
you think of their kits and builds in the comments below, And don’t forget that there are 3 easy steps
to get involved with this series, and have your work displayed to the rest of the community! 1. Subscribe to my channel
2. Email [email protected] any high quality pictures, video, text or audio of
your work 3. Wait for the video featuring your work
to go live! Don’t forget to send me your links (Youtube
channels, twitter etc) so I can include them in the videos! All that’s left to say is thanks for watching
this video, and don’t forget to leave a like if you enjoyed it! Subscribe in order to see more content and
help support the channel, and feel free to connect with me on social media, i’m on twitter,
instagram and facebook! See you all again next time!

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