Sunbirds drones for cattle stations
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Sunbirds drones for cattle stations

September 7, 2019

All flights can be planned in a few clicks simply load or edit the mission of the day The Sunbirds is hand-launched It follows its GPS flight plan autonomously Comfortably monitor & control the drone from a laptop while the Sunbirds flies up to 50km from your location The Sunbirds can fly up to 7h and 350km before it comes back and lands autonomously The Sunbirds collects high resolution photos enabling to remotely inspect distant assets. Visually assess water quality and level Detect leaks, bogged cattle and bore problems and inspect fences & gates spot feral animals, locate stock, assess pasture growth etc. Sunbirds drones have low operating and maintenance costs and save time, labour and fuel saving human intervention for critical tasks to keep your stock and you people safe

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