Super Mario Maker 2 – Expectations VS Reality
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Super Mario Maker 2 – Expectations VS Reality

September 8, 2019

Over the past weeks I have posted a lot of videos of things I’d like to see in Super Mario maker 2 and this week We got a 15 minutes Nintendo Direct presentation that revealed a lot of stuff and to be honest It was one of the most hype 15 minutes of my entire life. It truly was a great presentation You got to see it for sure Now this gave me the idea of comparing my list of what I wanted with what was announced during the direct So today we’ll take a look back at my seven previous Super Mario Maker 2 prediction videos and see what was revealed and what wasn’t Let’s do this. The first video I posted was about power-ups that I wanted to see in the game And to be honest there were not a lot of new things on that topic during the direct. I wanted the mini mushroom It wasn’t confirmed. The super acorn was also absent from the whole presentation Although we sought a return of the propeller suit at first I thought the hammer suit wasn’t in the game but if we take a look at the Japanese Mario maker direct it seems to be the mega mushroom was not revealed But to be honest, it’s kind of a game breaking power-ups, so I wasn’t really expecting that one Although we do have confirmation that the big funny mushroom from the first game is back a lot was revealed about Super Mario 3d World But the double cherry was not part of that reveal same thing for a penguin suit Which was nowhere to be found sadly The boomerang suit was not part of the presentation and I kind of expected this one to be in the Mario 3d World Segment at least so I’m really disappointed the people hoon received. No love either It’s also the same thing for the blue Koopa shell which wasn’t part of the direct finally My number one pick the Frog suit was not shown in the trailer out of all my picks It seems that only one out of ten is in the final game for now So not that good, but not that bad the new power-ups that we’re introducing the direct were kind of cool though We now have the dry bones shell which allows us to float on lava and also become invulnerable For a couple of seconds. That’s pretty cool. We now have big coins which give out a lot of coins That’s gross you radio. She is a version of Yoshi that spits out fireballs So yeah, that’s kind of cool is Yoshi or Farah? I don’t know but let’s put it there for now We also now have the rotten mushroom which seems to be exactly like the poison mushroom Aka a powerup to avoid at all cost now. Let’s check out my second video ten blocks I want to see and hopefully I’ll get a better score on that one My first peak was the Canon bucks from Mario 3d World and although we’ve seen lots of things about that game theme This block was nowhere to be found. The propeller block was not part of the direct eater But then again we have the propeller suit, so it’s kind of the same thing next up I talked about the light box which wasn’t part of the trailer Although we’ve seen that we can now have some dark levels in the ghost house theme So, you know, there’s still hope that it might appear at one point The expansion block also was not in the direct but considering this one is from the Yoshi franchise I wasn’t really expecting it to be there My next pick was the grab block a block that you could grab and bring with you And while this exact block wasn’t the one that was revealed the crates were revealed allowing you to bring them to create bridges above lava and water the platform blocks from mario world were not part of the directs sadly and I don’t think they will be in the game at all for My next big I wanted a message block of some sort or you know At least a way to communicate with other players and we kind of got that because you can now see that we can leave Descriptions to our levels meaning we’ll be able to communicate a little bit, but wait a minute I then asked immediately for a drawing block and while this is not exactly what we’ll get in The final game will now be able to leave Drawings and comments for other people to see kind of like what we could do with miiverse Before it went under in the original game. I haven’t seen any giant blocks in the presentation So I think they won’t be part of the final game And finally, my last pick was the roulette block which will allow you to add multiple power-ups inside of it But sadly, it also wasn’t part of the direct I got three out of the ten things. I wanted so that’s still kind of good to me new blocks that I didn’t think about were also shown which was Super cool like the warp box from 3d world a spike block which can even work with the unev Switches, so that’s gonna be great but the blinking blocks from 3d world still the cake You know those blots that appear and disappear With the music those blocks are so cool. And they’re gonna be part of how you make her – so I’m super stoked for those My next video West about the enemies I wanted to see in Mario maker – and my first big there was the bus bass You know that annoying fish that wants to eat you and while this exact same one wasn’t there we did see the porky puffer in The 3d World theme so, you know, I’m gonna go ahead and accept this alternative without any hesitations They act the same. They’re both annoying fishes I’m so sad for my next big the fuzzy cuz he was nowhere to be found in the Presentation and I think it would be so great to have them I then talked about Banzai bills and at the time my blanked out and didn’t see them They were right there in the first trailer, but I don’t know. I’m kind of lying Anyways there now even more confirm and we can even have the homing version of the bends. I bill now Can we give this guy a mushroom and turn it into king bill? Well only time will tell the fire snakes were my next pick and they were not indirect although a way bigger Scarier version the char Varg. Is that how you say that? Anyway, this enemy was shown to be there in the Mario 3d World theme, so I still give myself a point Okay, Fire Dragons fire snakes same difference The bruisers were not in the game sadly and it’s a shame. I’d like to have more ghost themed enemies We now have the desert theme confirming the direct but still no sign of Pokey were spoken in Tendo. Gimme pokey. Everybody wants pokey give us pokey then I asked for a fire Bros and Rose and while the boomerang ones are nowhere to be found we have confirmation that the fire bros are Indeed in the game as well as a bigger version of those guys. So that’s pretty cool From what I have seen the charging chuck still hasn’t been confirmed in the direct So this is a to be continued. My next pick was the spikes, but they were also not there I mean that works so fine with a new sloped system. I don’t get why they were not shown in that announcement maybe later I don’t know. So I got four enemies right? So that’s kind of good. I’m happy about it But besides what my picks were we also saw the angry Sun the nice moon Which is more of a powerup than an enemy But whatever the twisters are also there and from 3d world We have a lot of enemies like the skip squeak the piranha creeper Those ants the pea pods the bullies and that weird trampoline guy enemy thing That’s a lot of new enemies and this is so cool so my next video was about platforms that I wanted to see in Mario maker 2 and the first one on the list is the Bouncing cloud and while I’m not sure we got these ones we got the trampoline mushroom platform. So you know what? I’m eating myself a point here My next pick the stretch mushroom wasn’t actually shown in the trailers sadly. Although the mushroom platforms are back So that’s pretty cool. Neither the countdown platform nor the enemy platform were shown in the trailer But to be fair considering these platforms were very specific to the levels They were built for I wasn’t really expecting them to make a comeback in Mario maker to my next big were the arrow Platform and those were not shown either but my next entry the spinning mushroom was actually revealed Okay, it’s not a mushroom no more and it’s actually called a seesaw, but it counts It is a platform that twists left and right depending on where Mario is on top of it. So that’s a win I remember asking for living platforms like Dory or those flying things But sadly, this won’t be happening. My next big the scale lifts were shown in the trailer and I’m really bummed down about it I was actually certain these would make the cut being iconic platforms that were there in the very first mario game and it was also Certain that the paddle wheel would be in the reveal but alas it wasn’t bummer So I only got two platforms out of the ten I wanted but to be fair it’s not like Nintendo Actually talked a lot about platforms during the presentation. All right, now we’re getting into the good stuff the features I want to see in Mario maker 2 and let me tell you there were lots of features revealed in that direct Let’s begin with my first big the world maps And while these were not properly shown we have been blessed with a story mode featuring a castle to rebuild characters to talk to and Hundreds of stages to play on so you know what I’ll give myself a point here a world map a story mode same Thing I really expected a Super Mario Land 2 theme to be announced during the Darracq, but there wasn’t anything new on that particular topic Although if you take a look at the game’s theme menu over there there is clearly a space where an other theme could fit So hey, you never know. We might have more themes coming as DLC I then asked for more amiibo costumes and to be able to use them in themes other than the original Super Mario Bros theme But there was nothing mentioned about that surprisingly. We didn’t even see a single amiibo related thing I’m not even sure if amiibo are going to be supported for that game What am I gonna do it all of those now? My next peak vertical levels were finally properly announced look at all those levels They are beautiful I then asked for a way to add more challenges to a level, you know No coins defeating certain enemies and Nintendo actually Implemented a really cool chorus requirement option where you can set certain rules for the player to be able to clear a level Such as collecting all of the coins or defeating a certain number of enemies are not taking damage at all This is super cool. I’m so happy added that I then asked for more characters in the game And oh boy was I happy when they announced the online multiplayer mode? Which will allow you to play as Luigi toad and toadette I then asked for more customization Option such as the ability to have coloured pipes, which was also shown to be a thing. Yes We’ll also be able to change gravity and certain themes Control lava and poison water levels said the theme today or night and even more Using the on/off switch. We’ll also be able to add a little bit of programming goodness to the level So that’s exactly what I asked for My next request was an easier way to share and discover levels And while the courses ID seemed to still be a thing they are now way Shorter meaning I’ll have an easier time fighting good levels Plus we can now search by game by theme even add tags to our levels to better describe Them and I think this is exactly what the course world needed I then asked for multiplayer levels and you already knew this was all confirmed in the direct and oh boy. Is this amazing? I cannot wait to play some levels online with my few words on stream or you know with the members of – world my final request was a way to create levels with your buddies And while the final system in place might not be as extensive as what I asked for It is now possible to build levels with one of your buddy via local co-op Which is just great. This feature is gonna be one of my favorite for sure So out of all my 10 requests 8 were revealed to be in Mario maker 2 which is just insane That this game is going to be epic My next video was about the themes. I wanted to see in the game and a couple were revealed So, you know, we’re going to quickly go over what I asked and what I got I asked for a volcano theme and I didn’t get it I asked for the mountain theme and I didn’t get it. I asked for the tank theme and While it wasn’t actually talked about in the direct this part of the trailer really bugs me right now It doesn’t look like any of the reveal theme and it really looks like it could be a tank theme Or maybe I’m just seeing things that aren’t there. I’ll leave this up to you I then asked for a snow theme and it was finally revealed and ho boy does it look phenomenal It even has those icicles. I wanted troll levels here I come the beach level I asked for was not shown which is kind of sad But then I asked for a jungle slash forest theme and my wish was granted with a beautiful forest theme That looks fantastic and even has the poison water. I wanted so bad My next peak the underground sewer was nowhere to be found but considering it only appeared in like two or three levels in the entire Mario universe It was kind of obvious that it wouldn’t be there. The sky theme I asked for has been confirmed and looks amazing It even has the rainbow platform. So I’m super stoked for it The tower theme wasn’t confirmed to be in the game but since we now have vertical levels I suppose I can accept a castle theme to be a suitable replacement And finally the beautiful dark theme that looks like a painting wasn’t shown sadly, which is a shame So, you know, I got three themes right and maybe four depending on well This is supposed to be we’ll see and finally my last video that I posted last week the top ten buses I want to see was quickly shut down as there weren’t a lot of buses shown during the trailer You know beside boom boom pom-pom and meowser and out of those three in my video. I asked for pom pom So I got one right there, but sadly no Reznor. No dry Bowser. No bird. Oh, no King, boo. No giant Goomba No, histo crap and sadly. No submarine Bowser jr Were reveal and it looks like we’re not even getting the Koopalings which really makes me sad to be honest So yeah in conclusion I’m super satisfied with everything Nintendo has revealed for Super Mario maker 2 and I’m Certain there’s plenty more that they just haven’t talked about yet. Only time will tell in the meantime if you excuse me I have to go pre-order Super Mario maker 2 right now to be able to play it as soon as it comes out Thanks a lot for watching this video guys. I hope you enjoyed it You can give it a like to show your support and special thanks to my channel member who make this whole YouTube thing Possible. Thank you guys so much tap the cards on screen right now to watch even more videos and I’ll see you in the next one

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  1. You know nico the porcupuffer actually acts more annoying cause it also has the power of the cheep chomp cause porcupuffer eats you to

  2. That platforms section is just depressing man! 🙁
    I too really wanted those pulleys and rotating paddles for some really challenging platforming levels. Paddle wheels are actually one of my favourite platforms from the Mario series. On that note, I also would really have liked the red and blue platforms that flip every time you jump. They would fit snugly in the SM3DW style if they didn't already decide on having red and blue switch blocks. It's just too confusing to add them now.

  3. the hammer is a powerup in every mario maker 2. you unlock it if you finish story mode. and yes i know im posting this after most people have probably figure that out by now

  4. Well the game is out now and that hammer power-up was actually the Super Hammer, and if it was the Hammer Suit, it would've been shown in the SUPER MARIO BROS 3 THEME, so technically none of the power-ups you wanted got into the game

  5. Actually nine for the features because u can get the Mario land old annoying fire flower and it will make music

  6. I recreated pokeys in this game here's how

    Variation 1
    Step 1 make a zig zag ish s
    Step 2 put spinies on the track
    Step 3 put other short track with the end towards the zig zag ish s off around the zig zag ish z
    Step 4 put 1 spiny on each of those tracks
    Any direction is ok

    Variation 2
    Basically the sam thing but instead of a zig zag ish s it's just a straight vertical line

    What to do with it
    Smb: hit them with fireballs from fire mario or with the super ball from super ball mario
    Smb3: hit them with raccoon marios tail or hit them with fireballs
    Smw: hit them with marios cape or hit them with fireballs
    NSMBU: hit them with fireballs from fire mario
    Sm3dw: its not possible to recreate pokeys in this game style

  7. Nicobbq: Well, at least one Power Up right?
    Nintendo: Nah, that's maker suit but have your fun before relese

  8. Me in SMM1: were are Pokeys
    (Smm2 comes out)
    Trailer: No Pokeys to be seen
    Me: now I have to wait AGAIN 🙁

  9. some minor thing i hoped for when playing co-op was that you were able to pick whichever character you wanted and that wasnt player based i also hoped for the acorn power up to appear because i recently played thru the deluxe version on switch and for once i hoped dry bowser would be in the game mainly because my boy needs to stay hydrated but none of it happened oh and spiney

  10. The ammer suit was never even added

    Super Mario Maker 2 should've had every powerup from each game style.
    They also should've added ROB and Diddy Kong to MK8 Deluxe

  11. 12:48 , Amiibo costumes are replaces with dressing up a Mii and there is a super mario land power up: the superball flower. its like a fire flower, but its from super mario land.

  12. In a nutshell : Nintendo didn't add much ennemies, powerups or bosses, but they added super cool game changing features!

  13. I'm completely glad I had no expectations for Super Mario Maker 2 thanks to the fact that I learn from the Mario fangames (such as Super Mario 63). Isn't that great, huh?

    cough I've once given a chance to Federation Force on a friend's 3DS and I did have so much fun with it. cough

  14. They not only didn’t have new tools, they nerfed the living shit out of the toolbox from the first game. Way to stifle creativity, Nintendo.

  15. That is not a hammer that we wanted
    It turns Mario into Builder Mario so you can break blocks and you can make blocks

  16. Nintendo don't remember the other things to make super Mario maker 2 so soo soooooooo boring,10000 levels are impossible.

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