Superbook – Episode 1 – In The Beginning – Full Episode (Official HD Version)
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Superbook – Episode 1 – In The Beginning – Full Episode (Official HD Version)

August 22, 2019

In the beginning,
God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without
form and void, and darkness was on
the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God
was hovering over the face of the waters. Then God said…
‘Let there be light.’ And there was light. Thus the heavens
and the earth and all the host of them
were finished. And then, the Lord
God formed man of the dust
of the ground… and breathed into his nostrils
the breath of life. God created
man and woman in his likeness. Then God looked upon
all He had done, and saw that it was good. ♪ It’s the Word for all time ♪ The Word for all the world ♪ The Story’s forever alive ♪ Superbook ♪ Hosanna, sing hosanna ♪ The Word…Superbook ♪ Hosanna, sing hosanna ♪ The Word…Superbook ♪♪ Ahem!
Ngh! Hunh? Joy! Uh, hi! Chris Quantum,
you’re spying on your father? No, I’m not ‘spying.’
Exactly. Look, dad’s been working for
weeks on a ‘top-secret’ project. Only, he won’t even let
me into the lab! What doesn’t he want
me to see? Oh! No! I’ve run out of
Amphigorium 2-3-3! And I simply can’t finish my
invention without it! Anything I can do to help
while you’re gone, dad? Ahh, no! And Chris —
remember, do not go in the lab! Is that clear? Yes sir. Good! Okay, gotta go! Hey.
Dad left the door open! We better make sure
everything’s okay! Whoa!! What is it? My scanners indicate it
is a personal jet-pack, only far more compact and efficient than
any previous design. It probably wouldn’t hurt
if you just — ya know -tried it on maybe. Chris, do not do
it! You must obey your father. Relax, Gizmo.
Nothing’s gonna happen. Hey!! Whaaa… See? No problem! Now I’ll just put it back and –Waaaaaaahh-ooohhh-
eeeee-looookout! There’s no way we can clean this
up before dad gets home! ‘We’ does not compute
Chris. Ah, aren’t ‘you’ the one
who disobeyed your father? SUPERBOOK!! Superbook, this is a very
bad time to … WHOAAA! WHAAAA….!!! I am taking
you to a place and time when disobedience
destroyed the world. Giz, where are we? I-I cannot lock in on our
time OR location. Do not be afraid.
No harm will come to you here. My name is Michael and you
are in Heaven… The perfect gift that God has
promised to all of His children. Huhhh… Wooahw… It’s… amazing. What is that
trumpet blast? I… do not know! I am God’s
greatest work. AND I SHALL ASCEND
and share in my triumph! Or taste eternal defeat. I do not fear you,
Lucifer — for I serve the Lord. Pity….. I am too scared to look! You have sinned against
the Lord — and for that you shall be
banished! Help me. I have the power to reward you
beyond your dreams. How you have fallen
from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How you are cut down
to the ground, You who weakened the nations!
Yet, now you are brought down to the lowest depths of the Pit. Why did he do this? He thought he
could be like God. Where are we now? Is this still heaven? We call this Eden. Whoa! ADAM: I am Adam. EVE: And I am called Eve. GIZMO: Pissst…Why aren’t they
wearing clothes? JOY: I don’t know.
Just deal with it. GIZMO: Okay. I’m good. ADAM: When I was naming the
animals God put here for us… I must have missed you. CHRIS: I’m Chris!
JOY: And I’m Joy! GIZMO: And I’m — ADAM: No, no, wait. I will come
up with something. You’re — aaa… GIZMO: I’ll give you a hint.
I’m GIZMO. EVE: GIZMO! That is perfect. ADAM: ‘Gizmo’ it is! GIZMO: Yes, it is. JOY: Now what’s your — uh-oh. Okay. We’re lunch. CHRIS: Uh, why didn’t it eat us? ADAM: Why would it? JOY: ‘Cuz that’s what wild
animals do? EVE: Not here in Eden. ADAM: God has filled this place
with many wonders. Come, let us show you. ADAM: And from here, you can see
Eden’s four great rivers. GIZMO: Ah, yes. The Tigris, the
Euphrates, Pishon and Gihon. ADAM: How did you know
their names? GIZMO: Uh…
CHRIS: Uh, he… GIZMO: … Lucky guess?! SATAN: Oh, You who created
the majesty of this universe, Oh, how I shall ravage your
glorious work, one simple perfection at a time. Earth will be my new domain. Ahhh! Mmm.
That’s my fifth Gizmo-liscios-blendtastic-fruit
smoothie! Mmm, How come food doesn’t taste
this good back home? GIZMO: No preservatives. EVE: God has given us everything
here in the Garden. ADAM: Which we may enjoy
as long as we do not eat from the Tree of Knowledge
of good and evil. GIZMO: Why is eating that fruit
a problem? ADAM: It is what God told me. EVE: He only wants
what is best for us. ADAM: So whatever He asks of us,
we do. Anything else would be – JOY: Disobedient? PROF: And Chris, remember,
— do not go in the lab! CHRIS: Yeah. Disobedient.
That’s the word. ADAM: Come! Let us show you
our favorite waterfall! SATAN: Don’t worry… CHRIS: Huh!!? SATAN: Your father will
forget all about it. JOY: This has been ‘the’ most
amazing day! I wish we could stay forever! CHRIS: Joy, remember that Angel
we saw in Heaven? The bad one? He’s here, in Eden! And I think
he can shapeshift! JOY: No way, Chris. He fell into
a fiery pit. Remember? You’ve been seeing things. CHRIS: That’s what worries me… SATAN: Be careful what
you choose… EVE: What do you mean? SATAN: Has God indeed said, ‘You shall not eat of every tree
of the garden?’ EVE: We may eat the fruit of the
trees of the garden. But of the fruit of the tree
which is in the midst of the garden — God has said, ‘You shall not eat it, nor shall
you touch it, lest you die.’ SATAN: You surely will not die. For God knows that in the day
you eat of it, your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God
knowing good and evil. You see? You’ve touched the
fruit and you did not die. ADAM: Eve… What is the matter? EVE: I feel — everything… ADAM: God told us not to… EVE: I know, Adam… I know. GIZMO: Ngh! What was that? CHRIS: Man, this gonna be
a bad storm. GIZMO: We’d better find
Adam and Eve. CHRIS: You! I knew it! We’re not afraid of you. SATAN: Why should you be? After all, I only wish to help
you reach your full potential. Watch, and learn! Follow me and you can have
everything you want. You humans can be masters of
your own destiny! CHRIS: No!! You
don’t want us to be masters! You want us to be slaves.
Your slaves! SATAN: People.
They’re so simple… GOD: Adam. Where are you? ADAM: I heard Your voice in the
garden, and I was afraid because I was naked;
and I hid myself. GOD: Who told you that
you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree of
which I commanded you that you should not eat? ADAM: The woman whom
You gave to be with me, she gave me of the tree,
and I ate. GOD: What is this you have done? EVE: The serpent deceived me,
and I ate. GOD: Because you
have done this, you are cursed more
than all cattle, and more than every
beast of the field; on your belly you shall go, and you shall eat dust
all the days of your life! GOD: And you and the woman
will be enemies … and all her descendants. And one will follow…
who shall bruise your head. And you shall bruise His heel. CHRIS: ADAM, EVE wait for us!! LION! KITTY?! GIZMO: My scanners indicate he
is not a kitty anymore. C, J, & G:LION:GOD: I will greatly multiply
your sorrow and in pain you shall bring
forth children; Your desire shall be
for your husband, and he shall rule over you. Cursed is the ground
for your sake; In the sweat of your
face you shall eat bread till you return to the ground.
For out of it you were taken; For dust you are,
And to dust you shall return.EVE: We have lost Eden. JOY: What’s going to happen now? BOOK: This story is
far from over … For I know the plans
I have for you, says the Lord, they are plans for good,
and not for evil, to give you a future
and a hope.SATAN: And so begins
my reign on Earth! DARK ANGELS:
CHRIS: Oh, man, what am I
gonna do about this? GIZMO: Oh no! Professor Quantum
is home. Christopher?! My word! What happened here?! CHRIS: No excuse, Dad. I came into the lab even though
you told me not to — and I saw the jetpack and
uh… Son…
you’re human. And sometimes we humans don’t
follow the rules… even when we know it’s wrong. CHRIS: Dad, I’m sorry.
Do you still love me? PROF: I’ll always love you. However, when you
knowingly disobey, there are consequences. I think for the next month,
there’s no going to the mall with your friends or
the skateboard park. You’ll also have to clean up
this lab. Buy another lamp. Fix the stool. Wash the
windows… GIZMO: Don’t worry, Chris. I can handle all that
for you in a jiffy. Uh-oh. CHRIS: GIZMO!!!!! GIZMO: Whoaaaaaaa!!!! ♪ ♪ Jesus, You died
upon a cross ♪ and rose again
to save the lost. ♪ Forgive me now of all my sin ♪ Come be my Savior,
Lord and friend. ♪ Change my life
and make it new ♪ and help me, Lord,
to live for You. ♪ Change my life
and make it new ♪ and help me, Lord,
to live for You. ♪ Jesus, You died
upon a cross ♪ and rose again
to save the lost. ♪ Forgive me now
of all my sin ♪ Come be my Savior,
Lord and friend. ♪ Change my life
and make it new ♪ and help me, Lord,
to live for You. ♪ Change my life
and make it new ♪ and help me, Lord,
to live…for You. ♪ Change my life
and make it new ♪ Help me, Lord,
to live for You. ♪ Change my life
and make it new ♪ Won’t You make it new? ♪ And help me,
Lord, to live ♪ to live for You. ♪♪ ♪ You and I
Just imagine ♪ What can happen
Traveling through history ♪ Flying high on a journey
Within a mystery ♪ Seeing as we’re meant to see ♪ Wisdom that’s so clear ♪ If we have the ears to hear ♪ It’s the Word for all time ♪ It’s the Word for all time ♪ The Word for all the world ♪ The Story that’s forever true ♪ It’s the Word that shines ♪ with the light from above ♪ that God in His love
gives to you ♪ So come take a ride
There are wonders to see ♪ Adventures inside
For you and for me ♪ His Word is forever alive ♪ Superbook ♪ Hosanna, sing hosanna ♪ The Word…Superbook ♪ Hosanna, sing hosanna ♪ The Word…Superbook ♪ Hosanna, sing hosanna ♪ The Word…Superbook ♪♪

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  2. All lies why don't people take the time and learn the original Hebrew language that it come from that's like trying to give me Chinese instruction in English it won't work same thing because the original Hebrew language there is no J so there was no Jesus and if you take the J away what do you have Esau and everything you learn is in a Greek not Hebrew

  3. Do you know that Jesus did all things by the power of his Father, his God – Jehovah? This is the holy name of the only and true God, God of the Israel and all of us. Jesus never admit he is God, but he praised Peter for saying that he is God Son. The Triune God theology does not appear in the Bible, all off Chrisians in the 1st century do not know anything about it. But it appeared in the early of 3rd century at the I Council of Nicaea. (325)

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