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Superman In Numbers

August 29, 2019

16 actors have portrayed him, 10 films have
featured him, and he’s saved the day in thousands of comic books. This is Superman
in numbers. The creators of Superman, Jerry Siegel and
Joe Shuster, originally created Superman as a bald villain in 1933. But after selling
the rights to Detective Comics for just $130, they soon changed to the caped hero we’re
all familiar with. Superman is thought to have 4 major weaknesses;
red sun radiation, magic, high pitched noises, and Kryptonite. Kryptonite didn’t start
in the comic books, however. It was first created in 1942 on the radio serial The Adventures
of Superman. The first animated Superman-based series was
a group of 17 episodes which began in 1941 and ended in 1943. He wasn’t animated again
until 1996 in Superman: The Animated Series, which ran until 2000. The 1978 Superman film starring Christopher
Reeve was the most expensive film ever made at the time, with a budget of $55 million. However, Superman’s powers weren’t strong
enough to save the film franchise, as the third instalment of the film was critically
panned, winning itself 2 Razzie awards. The negativity continued into Superman 4, which
only received a 12% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The film series didn’t re-boot until 2006
with Superman Returns. 80 suits, 100 capes, 30 boots, and 90 belts had to be made for
the film. Superman and Batman first appeared together
in a comic book way back in 1941 and it’s taken 75 years to finally get them together
on the big screen in 2016. I hope you enjoyed these super facts about
the world’s most super man. Thanks for watching!”

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  1. @alltimenumbers You guys really need to do some actual research. You said that after 1943 Superman didn't appear again in animation until 1996… What about the Super Friends(1973-86)? What about The New Adventures of Superman(1966)? What about the Ruby Spears cartoon(1988)? Please for the love of Rao, do some research before you continue to spread false information.

  2. best superhero ever & if anyone likes batman more then they like darkness & brooding stuff unless you also like adam west

  3. He wasn't animated again until 1996??? Granted 1960's Filmation "Superman" is pretty terrible, but it IS still animation (if just barely). No love for "The Superman Aquaman Adventure Hour?" which was the first appearance of a number JLA members outside Comics… Not to mention "Super-Friends" a couple decades later.

  4. 0:44 I will report a error here. During 1966–69 had various Superman animated series by Filmation – Bud Collyer as Superman. During 1973-1985, various episodes of Superfriends shows Superman as a effective member. (sorry by my English, I'm from Brazil)

  5. 1:22 Another error: Is really true, Superman and Batman has first meeting at 1941, in All-Star Comics, but there the heroes were members of the Justice Society, sharing the adventure with other 1940s heroes; the first meeting (solo) of Superman and Batman, was in Superman 76, June 1952, the comic book cover in this video.

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