Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXc Eduard 1/48 ww2 aircraft model – Part 2
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Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXc Eduard 1/48 ww2 aircraft model – Part 2

October 10, 2019

I paint the wheels and propeller with black Vallejo color. When using high-quality flat brush, then result is same as spraying with an airbrush. I recreate the engravings with a razor saw blade. I wash the whole model with soap and water before spraying paint. I remove dust from the rivets with the airbrush. The color used at the bottom of the aircraft is mixed from these paints: XF-19 XF-71 XF-2. I mixed the light gray blue color from XF-18 XF-21 XF-24. I cover some parts with adhesive rubber Korex gumfix. I mixed the green color from XF-58 and XF-62. Postshading with very much diluted black XF-1. I fixed the whole model with gloss varnish Gunze Super Clear III. I use Mr Mark Setter a Mr Mark Softer for setting and softening the decals. I mixed black oil wash from oil Umpton paints and thinner called Mig thinner for washes. I use a hair dryer to speed drying. It dries within 5 minutes and wash can be easily wiped off. I have indicated dusting on wheels with pigments from Mig production. I have indicated scratches with lighter shades. I made further weathering with oil paints. You can easily make a mirror above the cockpit from the silver foil. Another weathering using oil paints.

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  1. You are clearly a pro, so perhaps you have your reasons…but couldn't you simply cut out pieces of advhesive backed paper to the size and shape of your camo areas or negatives, and then just apply them? Why bother with the rubberized strings?

  2. Hey David, i love your channel and your video's. You are not only getting better at moddeling but als in making the video's here. Please keep up the good work! I have one question and one request.Question: when you did the post shading with the airbrush on wich ratio did you thin the paint and how much pressure had the compressor? Request: please make a how to video on using the dremel tool. I know you shown a bit in your vid "making details" But maybe you can make a bigger video in which you explain how and why you use wich tool. I got a dremel myself but dont know where to start…greetings from Holland

  3. Plasmo, that post shading is a work of art on it`s own.  plus, I applaud your dedication to masking tape.  Most, (even pro`s) would just throw Maskol on there.  Beautifully done.

  4. every time i watch one of your videos I just think back when i was a kid making these and remembering how i thought they looked good. my goodness if i could make something this beautiful id consider my life a success.

  5. A true Master builder with an unbelievable eye for detail. Your painting skills are amazing as the end product shows. Just an observation but i think you forgot the rear wheel unless it was just the lighting. Also, you did not flatten the underside of the wheels to indicate weight. Also, the movable bubble canopy should have a looped handle at the front for the pilot to use. Only minor observation on a truly perfect model. A joy to watch you work. Well done. All the best.

  6. Congratulations on being a great modeler , I would like to know that dissolve the paint Tamiya? Thanks.

  7. Great model – I love your attention to detail and your painting skills. What are you using as the clear coat to give the model it's shine? I've heard people using future and the Tamiya spray can but is like to know what you're using.

  8. Just beautiful! I'm just starting out on modeling again now that I've retired and appreciate your video. VERY helpful. Like your choice in background music. Very cool and dramatic too.

  9. Hi Plasmo your works are great and i look to your videos as to a beautiful movie ! no frills at all and really great result…and you look like very young so lots of congratulations to you ! but do you usually make post shading only with XF1 or you also make color fading with spot of lighter blue and green (in this case) ? anyway, number one ! i usually made pre-shading, but the risults never satisfied me and it's too much intricate, so thank you a lot for sharing

  10. 14:25 painting "metal" wear patterns on propeller.  Actually the Rotol constant speed propellers on Spitfires were made of a form of compressed mahogany covered with "Rotoloid" – a form of canvas and then painted.  The leading edge might be protected with a thin brass strip.  Thena ll painted over with FLAT black paint.  There would be no metal wear marks.  In fact any wear would be cause for the propeller to be changed out.  Rotol Drawing number RA690/RS

  11. Hello!
    Tell me, please, the name of a tool that shows you on the 0.57-minute video?
    And, if possible, where it is possible to buy.
    Your video is great!
    Спасибо большое!

  12. Hello! You could not write which colors were mixed and used for coloring?
    Just on the video not the whole palette is shown.

  13. Hi, I'm currently building a spitfire and don't know what colour to paint the machine guns. Should I paint them in the colour of the camouflage or in a metal colour? Thanks

  14. beautiful job on the seatbelts may I ask what the dimensions for making scratch built seat for a 1/48 scale aircraft

  15. DU N on one side and N. DU on the other side I believe they should read same on both side. Otherwise brilliant.

  16. Beautifully done but factually inaccurate. Shiny tyres? Shiny fuselage? This is supposed to be a representation of a wartime aircraft. Shiny means light reflection which means you stand out in the sky which means you die! No point in camouflaging your aircraft then covering it in gloss! All military equipment be it plane , tank, gun, truck or uniform have one thing in common: dull drab colours!

  17. I really enjoy watching your vids. I've been a modeler for over 30 years and find your tecniques very intresting. When I do shade and bleaching of paint I often use a slightly darker shade as a base layer than what I'm supposed to , then lighten it up very gently. To me it looks more natural and more like the sun has actually worn down the paint. Also i look at all the pics I can get my hands on of the real aircraft and see how they are actually weatherd.

    When it comes to weathering more is less and although it may look spectacular, many modellers really overdo it. I think you have a very nice ballance on how much you weather your models. Always use all the refrances you can get your hands on it pays off 🙂

    Very nice spitfire build 😀

  18. Doing this kit at the moment I think its the best fit I have ever experienced
    Thanks for showing us how it should be done

  19. Ahoj poprosím o radu jakou používáš lepící gumu. Zatím mi každá dělá více či méně mastné fleky po sundání. Už jsem zoufalej. Předem děkuji za případnou odpověď

  20. What makes this great is that I was born near the place it was designed, built and flown, RJ Mitchell has a big place in our hearts…

  21. Hello everyone! I just found this beautiful 360 interactive view of a Spitfire Mark IX. Here you can see details in the cockpit

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