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Surveillance Aircraft Operator

September 19, 2019

I’m Gunner Carly Box. I’m an operator, artillery,
meteorology, and survey. That job that allows us to
release weather balloons up into the atmosphere and gain
real-time weather information, which we can then pass on to the
artillery guns and allow them to adjust their fire. With survey, we drive around
different points on the range collecting GPS information,
which we can then also pass on to the guns to help them gain
their position on the ground. I’m a very active person. And I like to be learning
and doing different things all the time. And I was at a stage
where I wanted to do something different. And I was in reserves at the
time, and decided to change over and go full-time and see
what that had to offer. In this job, Artillery,
Meteorology, and Survey, which is also known as AMS, we start
off doing an eight-week course where we learn all about
meteorology and survey and the equipment involved and how to
use it and what it’s used for. You then come and spend some
time in the regiment. And then you’ll be put on
a ScanEagle course. This is a ScanEagle. It’s an unmanned
aerial system. We’ve got the engine compartment
sits in here, so that’s where it all happens. That’s where it flies from. Inside here, we’ve got the
avionics bay, so all your GPS and everything that sort of
makes the plane talk to what’s happening on the ground
is in there. And then up the front here,
we’ve got a camera that sits in here. So this camera can scan
around what’s happening on the ground. It can zoom in and out. It can take still shots. It can take video feeds. And it can operate
day or night. My favourite part is when we’re
out field, when we’re actually launching, because
there’s a lot happening. There’s a lot of people
talking and a lot of things going on. And it’s quite an active time. And it’s busy. And it’s exciting. And you want to make sure that
that plane launches the way it’s supposed to, so you want
to get everything right. And you’re out there. You’re in the thick of it. You can hear the
engine running. And to pull the cord and to have
it actually launch and to launch properly and do what it’s
supposed to do, I love that part of it. The things that I get out of
this job that I wouldn’t get in a civilian job is the
opportunity to travel around and see all different parts of
this country and hopefully other countries. And the friends that you make
are friends for life. The things that I get to work
with and the things that I get to do and see, most civilian
jobs, you don’t get the opportunity to do the
things that we do. There are other females
in the Army. I’m not the only one around. If it’s something that you’re
interested in, I would recommend it.

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