Surviving the RV DUMP STATION! | FreedomBo$$ TV Show (Episode 12) | EN & PT CC
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Surviving the RV DUMP STATION! | FreedomBo$$ TV Show (Episode 12) | EN & PT CC

December 13, 2019

Hey, everyone! We’re getting ready to hit the road. As you know, we are here in Florida,
that’s where we started our journey. And I just got a call
from a friend of mine in Baltimore, he wants to do an event
December 1st. So, I got a couple of houses
in Jacksonville that we gotta go there and see it,
‘cos we just bought it at an auction. And now we’re ready
to depart West Palm Beach and head North. I’m kind of concerned about that,
‘cos it’s cold as hell up North. Uhm… I vowed to stay South,
as south as I could, during the winter,
but we’ll see what’s up, right? So, we gotta go there,
we got to put up this event. So, I’m getting ready to,
let’s say, lift camp and get on the road. And, although it’s nice
to stay in the RV, we gotta be careful,
because, before we start moving, we gotta make sure
all the dishes, the pans, everything is nice and secure,
‘cos you don’t want anything wobbling and falling
from the cabinet, and breaking. So, to me it’s… It’s a different routine,
I’m kinda still getting used to it. So, let’s see what’s up now. So, the funny part
about this journey is that… when you get into a place, and you start getting
the routine down, and you start getting,
you know, used to the place, it’s time for you to lift up camp
and, uhm… And leave. Uhm… And we’re gonna start doing… We’re gonna be doing a thing
in a second that I… I’m kinda scared of. We’re gonna have to go
and empty out all the… waste tanks of this. This thing has more checklists… to be aware of
than freaking airplanes, I feel. Alright. Time to hit the road, Jack. There you go. Now you see why this is so important. I’m about to do
one of the nastiest things that we have to do. When it comes to this… that makes you appreciate a lot,
when you have a toilet at home and you can just flush it. ‘Cos this is what you gotta do.
Look. So, here we got two tanks. One comes
from the water from the sink. And the other one
is for the waste water. And we gotta make sure
we dump this off. Oh, it stinks! Golly! Things that I don’t have to do
to show you guys how to become financially free. Oh, geez! Ready, guys? This is tank two. That’s where all the nasty shit is. Oh, God! This shit is nasty. Marcos, what have you been eating? We gotta make sure… before we put the hose back… we don’t wanna have vultures… chasing this RV down, right? So, we gotta make sure
we wash the hose out. Get all the nasty… out of it. Lots of water. There we go. So… As you can see, my life is less…
glamorous than you think. Sometimes I ask myself, why… why did I come up with such ideas? What does she want? -Hey, what’s up!
-Hello, Marcos! I have big news.
Your offer was accepted. Which offer?
What are you talking about? – For the property. Oh! The house on the…
on the canal? -Yes!
-Yes! Okay, cool. So… Check this out, I’m actually going… north.
I’m heading to… I gotta be in Baltimore for an event. So, send me the contract and, uhm… I’ll take care of it when I come back.
I’ll be back in December. December 3rd. No, we cannot do it. The landlord took a while
to accept your offer. He has other three offers. If you don’t sign it today,
you’re gonna lose it. What do you mean, sign it today?
I can’t do it! I’m going to Baltimore.
What do you mean, today? Well, they have another three offers. So, if you don’t sign today…
Nothing that I can do. I’m like… I’m almost
two hours away from you already. Wow. -Shit.
-You have to come back. That’s not an option. The house is great,
it’s on the canal. They have a nice pool. So, if you don’t come back,
you’re going to lose it. Oh, no, no, no.
I can’t lose that. That’s a nice house.
So… what time I gotta be there? I spoke with the realtor,
he has an appointment at 2 o’clock at the house. To do the walk through. And, to sign the contract
and he can give you the keys. Alright. So, 2 o’clock.
It’s 11 o’clock right now. Oh, fuck. Ok. I think I can make it.
Uhm… Do I need to bring the checks now? Yes. You have to bring
the three checks, the 10 thousand dollars deposit. And then we are good to go. Alright.
So, 10 thousand dollars deposit, I gotta meet you there at 2 o’clock. Perfect. I’ll see you there. Okay. I’ll see you there. Thank you! -Bye. Thank you.
-Bye. Fuck, man! I hope that doesn’t put us behind.

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