Tablet [02] – DELL Latitude 10 Review
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Tablet [02] – DELL Latitude 10 Review

August 15, 2019

[intro] Hey guys what’s up this is Nayan here from
Tech Barrack Solutions and today I have the DELL Latitude 10 tablet. This is a Windows
8 tablet and I will be reviewing it. So let’s begin with the review. The DELL Latitude 10 has a rubber based back.
It weighs around 650 grams and is 10.5mm thick. It is very thick in comparison to its competitors.
At the bottom we have a docking based port as well as a micro usb port and a small LED
which indicates whether the device is getting charged or not. Both these ports can be used
for charging the device. It’s again a user preference. On the right we have got a HDMI
out and a USB 2.0 slot along with a 3.5mm headphone jack. On top we have got screen
orientation lock, Power ON and OFF button along with a LED which indicates whether the
device is turned ON/OFF. An SD Card slot. You just need to press it and you can insert
your SD Card inside it. On the left we have got volume rockers. And if come on the front,
we have got a 2 megapixel camera which is an HD camera and at the bottom we have the
Windows button. At the back we have two speakers which makes it stereo. And we have got a LED
flash along with a 8 megapixel sensor. And a huge battery with a slider for opening the
battery. The device sports a 10.1 inch display with
a huge bezel and I have no clue why DELL kept such a huge bezel. If we compare this tablet
with other tablets in the market, other tablets have a way smaller bezel. A very good example
of this is the iPad Mini. The device sports a screen resolution is 1366×768. It makes
use of Corning Gorilla Glass and it support 10 finger capacitive touch and also you can
use this, WACOM Active Stylus as your touch pointer. The device is embedded with a 2GB of SDRAM
which is… which has a refresh rate of 800Mhz. It makes use of Intel Dual Core Atom (Z2760)
chipset as its processor. And in ther graphics department it makes use of Intel Graphics
Media Accelerator. [booting] [shutting down] The device runs Windows 8 32 bit. This device
has been very well optimized. The default Windows 8 applications open up really very
fast and they are really very smooth and that’s a very good sign. If we look at third party
applications like Google Chrome, the websites don’t open up that well. They lag many a times.
However Internet Explorer was much better than Google Chrome and that is quite understandable
because Microsoft has definitely optimized their applications for this tablet. The Sound output is really poor. Its not that
great at all. And It gives a hollow effect from any one of the random speakers whenever
I tried to play some sort of Music. Let me just give you a demo of how loud sound can
be on this tablet. [music playing] This device can play almost any sort of media
file and thats all because of VLC media player. However only a few 1080p files can be played.
Certain 1080p files may lag and cause lot of problems but 720p files and below work
perfectly fine. Let me give you a demo of 1080p file which works perfectly fine. Because of a low end processor and lack of
RAM, this device is not capable of playing high graphical games. However certain casual
games that I downloaded from the store include Angry Birds – Star Wars, Cut the Rope, Riptide,
etc. Let me just give you some demo of these games. [gameplay – Jetpack Joyride] Let’s check out Angry Birds. [gameplay – Angry Birds Star Wars] Let’s go for Riptide GP. [gameplay – Riptide GP] Okay. So let’s go for the last game that’s
Cut the Rope. [gameplay – Cut the Rope] The camera… The camera performance is average.
Very limited options are provided. Even in the camera options you might have to change
these default settings to the appropriate settings that you want. Like for example,
it says 2.1 megapixel for the rear camera, I want 8 megapixel. And it’s going to give
me 4:3 aspect ratio and not 16:9. And you can also select the audio device that’s basically
the internal microphone which I will select for the moment. So that’s the settings for
the camera mode. And if you are in the video mode, you need to change it to 1080p. By default
it is on 720p. I am recording from the rear camera which
shoots at 1080p at 30 frames per second. The rear camera has a 8 megapixel sensor. I cannot
comment on the clarity at the moment because the screen shows pixelated version of the
video that I am recording. Plus it seems to be very laggy when I am moving around which
is not good. The contrast change is really very fast and quick which is good. And that
is like pretty much the video quality of this rear camera on this device. So this is the front camera. We have a plane
behind us…………………. [photo gallery]
I got a max read speed of 80.86 MB/s and write speed of 34.15MB/s. These are quite low but
considering that it is a tablet and has got a low end processor and it is low on RAM,
this performance is pretty good. If we look at the temperature of each core, I couldn’t
get the temperature beyond 65 degree celsius, even on using some high intensive applications.
However the low temperatures were close to 55 degree celsius. The novabench benchmark
score was 221 which is very low. An awesome feature of this device is its capability
to connect to USB pendrives or also connect to SD Card. Just connect it like that and
there you go, BOOM, it opens up. So I can just access the contents of my pendrive and
its that simple. One of the major problems that I faced was
Wi-fi dropouts. And you can clearly see that I have configured my Wi-fi network like 5
times. And it is showing uh.. showing me a special SSID for each time I have configured.
And this was really very annoying. I had to configure my hidden SSID like every time I
woke up the device from standby. Many a times the touch screen stops working.
In such a scenario, you have only two options. First restart your device. 99% of the time
the restart helps. But if the restart does not help in activating the touch screen then
you may have to choose the second option that is visiting the service center. I will just start off by saying that this
device is not worth the price you are paying. This device is very heavily priced. The 64GB
model will cost you approximately Rs. 65000 and the 32GB model will cost you approximately
Rs. 45k to 50k. Now if we look at other tablets in the market, there are various tablets in
various price ranges and all the other tablets are…. most of the other tablets are way
powerful than this tablet. Now this tablet offers us with USB slots, SD Card slots, etc.
Now that may lure a person but again those features are offered by other tablets. Now
what’s unique is that it runs the complete Windows 8 operating system that is the desktop
operating system on this small device which is something really good. But as you all know
that Windows 8 has got 2 interfaces. First is the Modern User Interface and second is
the old Windows 7 User Interface. Now the Modern User Interface and the Modern User
Interface based applications will perfectly fine because they are meant for tablet. However
if you switch to the old Windows 7 User Interface, there may be applications which may not work
properly and you may get irritated, you may have to use the WACOM Active Stylus which
does not have any option to plug it inside the device. You may have to carry the stylus
inside your pocket or somewhere like a Pen which is again something annoying. I think
Windows (DELL) should have got inspired by Samsung Galaxy Note Series they have a stylus
and they have an option to put that stylus in the device itself. And Windows has done
that stylus integration with the device, with many of their devices many years ago but I
don’t know why they did not do with this particular device. Why DELL did not opt for that? And
that is something which I do not like at all. This device is again not very powerful and
it will be able to run all those casual games like Angry Birds but it lacks high games.
The marketplace does not provide high end games. Only casual games are available. And
if you compare this with other tablets in the market, the other tablets can play extremely
high end games, high graphical games like Modern Combat 4, Real Racing 3, etc. These
are really high graphical games that are available for other tablets but for Windows tablet,
its not available. So for gamers this tablet may not be what they want. And applications
are also very less in the marketplace. Again thats another drawback. However you can download
the desktop based applications. But as I told you earlier the desktop applications may work
or may not work properly. So it all depends on the device. Overall I would give this device
a rating of ⅖. And that’s my review. What do you think about
this review? So please RATE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE and visit and also

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