Take a tour: Inside one of our Texan aircraft
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Take a tour: Inside one of our Texan aircraft

September 16, 2019

Hi my name is Pilot Officer Lachie Huddleston and today I’m going to show you a bit of the inside of the Texan cockpit. This is what it looks like
in here. Main features: we have our control column, which controls all the flight controls.
We’ve got our power lever here, which controls how fast we’re going and this is our
ejection seat with a nice handle between our legs. If we ever get into trouble, we pull
the handle and this seat will go firing out through the glass canopy. We’re connected
to parachute riders up here. Other good features of the Texan: We have a Heads-Up Display (HUD). This puts all of our primary flight display information like our air speed and altitude
through the glass so we can always look outside and don’t need to look inside. Also the master switch here, which we always keep in safe mode. From here, I’m going to jump in the
Texan and show you how we strap in. First up, we plug our G-pants into the G system. This means whenever we pull G in the Texan, our pants will inflate with air and keep us
conscious. From there we do up our leg restraint guarders. These ensure that if in the case
of an ejection our legs get pulled back to avoid hitting the dash on the way out. Then we strap ourselves into the ejection seat two to the waist, these keep us firmly on
the seat. Pull that tight. Then the parachute risers, which connect to the parachute in
the box behind me. Now we put in our emergency oxygen and our normal oxygen and that’s our comms cord there. From there, the helmet comes on. It plugs into the oxygen on the harness and onto the comms. Now we’re good to go.

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