Take your DRONE FLYING to the next level – 5 tips
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Take your DRONE FLYING to the next level – 5 tips

December 2, 2019

It’s like 32 degrees! It’s not going to look cold… We are in a sunny forest in the middle of
Georgia. I want to show you how to take your drone
flying to the next level. Let’s do this! Whooo. Ok! So, isn’t this an amazing forest? Actually, maybe it’s hard to see with the
sun, let me turn it around. Uh. This is going to take you maybe an hour or
two – a few flights – to get your head wrapped around this one. And you’re going to need a drone. So, zero dollars if you have a drone. If not, it’s going to take you a drone. Got that out of the way. The reason I’m doing this is that I have noticed
that a lot of people when they first start flying have a few common mistakes. Often times they fly high. They fly like they’re flying a controlled
airplane. They’re not flying it like a vidoegrapher
might. Can I just say, I was going to do this a month
ago. We are going to fly drones today! In fact, I went to my friends house to try
and teach him how to fly and and just take it to the next level. I was going to do the whole thing there and
them midway through that whole discussion, I ran into a tree and crashed the drone, so
I had to cancel that shoot. Then I went to Sweden – in which place there
was amazingly huge winds – so I couldn’t show you all the techniques up there. But, I got some cool shots. I’m the king of the… Whooo! I got It! – You got the caribou? I got it! The caribou? Yes! Yeahhh! Most epic shot ever. I was like gooo gooo, aaahh. Hahaha. It was so frickin windy. I know. Like it was like my drone was about to crash. We were like oh sh-t. Where’s the drone. Caribou couldn’t even stand up. They were like slippin on the ice. So anyway, now I’m in the longleaf pine habitat
and it’s amazing. And, it’s a perfect place to show you some
of the examples I think are going to take your drone flying to the next level. Alright, #1 is I think you can start flying
low and through the trees. It’s not something a lot of people start with,
because they’re a little sketched out – like is it going to crash or is it not. What I do in a forest like this, I will get
right behind my drone and then I’ll fly it in a straight line, right! Sometimes, straight and up or backwards and
to me. But basically you want to be able to see line
of site for your drone and just fly straight backwards and forwards. You don’t need much in a shot like this, and
sometimes you walk right underneath it, like if you’re in dense canopy cover, you can navigate
around the trees, but it’s going to take a little bit of like staying really close to
your drone. Also, unless you’re in a big open canopy like
this you’re going to have to turn off the automatic sensors that are going to prevent
it from hitting the trees, which I know people can be scared about, but even if you hit a
tree, chances it will kill your drone are fairly low. Now, I know saying that isn’t going to give
anyone comfort, but I have crashed probably a dozen of these by hitting random branches
here or there. And this is over years and hundreds and hundreds
of flights. I’ve only totaled one of them, but only one
was my fault. Anyways, these blades are replaceable and
so I think that’s the first tip that I have. Second one. Try a low orbit. And that’s basically moving in 360 degrees
around and object. Now, high orbits, they’re the place to start
with this. You’re basically moving right while you’re
moving and yawling to the left. Right. So it’s a move with two of the joysticks. It’s not that difficult to do but it takes
some practice. Now the reason I say a low orbit is that takes
it to the next level. Right. If you’re getting really close, say around
a tree trunk and you’re moving around that tree trunk really slowly, you can either do
things like adding graphics, or it’s just really interesting to see the reveal as you’re
doing that. So that’s number 2. Number 3 is get somebody or something into
the shot. Obviously you can take beautiful landscapes
without people but because we’re humans we’re attracted to those figures walking through
the landscape, and I think they add an important element to it. Like, take this for instance. I was here in the forest and this is an amazing
shot. But I thought, why don’t I just walk through
it, and I”m here alone. So, I just sat down the controler and I walked
into it and I walked out of it, and I think it made for a better shot. Now, obviously you don’t necesarrily need
people. You could do it with animals or you could
do it with other things – just ofcourse make sure you’re always being really safe. That allows you to take it to the next level. Number 4 is start doing three-way moves. Now, what I mean by that is not only are you
moving forwards, that’s one way, but maybe you’re moving forwards, down, while you’re
panning up. That would be what I call a three way move. And there is some finese involved. The jist is you’re doing more than just a
simple movement, you’re doing a fairly complex movement, but you’re doing it in a way that’s
giving a pretty cool shot. Now for number 5 – I think maybe the most
controversial one. I kinda recommend that people send up the
drone in less than ideal conditions. With that said I want everyone to be safe
and fly smart and follow the rules, but these are absolutely amazing and you can actually
fly in conditions that you didn’t think you could. I have a lot of people that if it’s a little
bit breezy and I’m talking even with any little bit of breeze, they don’t send up the drone. I recently flew last week for instance in
an arctic storm, like it was 50 mile and hour gusts even going straight forward at times
it was blowing the drone backwards. It could not keep up – and that’s in sport
mode. And, I knew there was a risk of crashing it. It got some amazing shots. You could send it up when there are lightning
bolts – that’s a cool shot. You could send it up when it’s starting to
rain a little bit. and if you’re flying backwards you can capture that rain it won’t get on
the lens and beginners don’t do that. So if you want to take it to the next level,
that’s one of hte tips. I guess with all of this let me say also,
I’m not responsible for your crashed drones. You’re going to crash some drones if you start
getting the cooler shots. But, once you crash a few drones you’re going
to start to know the limits. And I think I trust people more if they’ve
crashed a few drones. If they’re beginners and they’ve never crashed
a drone, I get a little worried because they don’t know the capabilities of that drone
– when it’s going to be too sketchy and when it’s not. And I’m always really safe when I fly – that’s
one thing I would say. Again, follow the rules. Make sure you’re doing it right, but I hope
that this helped in some ways. They’re not the typical advice – that’s why
I gave them. Thanks for following 52things guys. A big thanks to the patrons out there who
are always hepling support the education we are doing because not only is this filmmaking,
it’s also supporting the biology content we’re creating on our other site so, links to that
down below. I’ll see you guys next Tuesday.

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  1. 6:00
    How safe is it to fly while a storm with lightnings is on? Will the lightning be attracted by the lightning like high, metal buildings or is it much saver because there is no direct connection to the ground?

  2. You just decribed me to the letter I have recenly discovered a whole new world in the woods with my drone its something people have never see before,the one thing I had to get myself due to my bad eyesite is a pair of goggles to help me see because with my celphone I could not get the most out of my shot and I was just hoping I ended up with something use able and if your paying attention you know whats going on around you,anyway just shouting out my support for your video and thank you Im a subscriber as of about 10 seconds from now haha.

  3. Thank you for your interesting tutorial. I bought my Mavic Pro drone just a couple of months ago and I am indeed experimenting with these techniques. Greetings from the island of Crete in Greece.

  4. I have a P3 Standard and is rated for about 25-30 mph max winds and have flown safely in 40+. i almost lost my drone but got a beautiful shot out of it XD

  5. "once you crash a few drones, you'll know the limits." sure! just crash a few $1400/ea. drones to get the hang of flying in risky environments… fucking idiot.

  6. Get PROP PROTECTORS… They are not foolproof, but they will really help in case of bumps into many things. They are not expensive and readily available for many drones.

  7. I have xioamu fimi a3 its 300$ drone and im not rich im scared to fly it. Bc im scared to crash it but one time i was like 120m up and from wind or smtg it fel but stil works since that im really scated to brake it

  8. it sucks when your drone crashes and it's not your fault, I had a mavic pro and one or 2 of the motors decided to cut out mid flight and took me a while to climb down a steep rocky hill to get it

  9. My Grandfather was a sailor. He was found of saying, "if you've never run aground that just means you've never been anywhere".

  10. I was flying a mavic 30+mph winds and it had an issue. The footage was garbage. Whatโ€™s with these channels giving out bad advice? The fact that you covered your ass by stating that you are not responsible for others crashing 1500 dollars after giving bad advice should be the 1st indicator youโ€™re full of shit

  11. I don't know, it seems environmentally stupid to crash drones just because you have the money to buy a new one. I mean if we got that much money to spare that we just crash drones for some cool shots for our youtube videos (not even commercial productions or big movies) then we can really just do something better with it. I know it's a controversial argument and that people will say "aren't we allowed to have fun?" but I mean, just think about it at least. But then again, this whole industry is about "living the moment" and "doing what you love" which often involves stuff like travelling for hours by car or on a plane for 5mins of video or a single photo, so I think I'm in lost territory with this argument xD

  12. Everything my experience taught me not to do. A few tips that I do agree: I flew Mavic Pro at the wind speed of 10-20 mph in sport mode, it was holding position, but with lots of effort. When it tried to land, it almost got blown away when the motors stopped. So good luck guys ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Sometimes, Im more terrified of my drone to be wasted than having challenging flights. Not unless if i have much money to buy plenty of those. โœŒ๏ธโœŒ๏ธ I have to have sponsors! "Im just a poor boy, and nobody loves me" have a great day and more great vids, pal!

  14. Non third world flying tips where you have to save for a year or so to be able to buy a drone. You got nice shots though ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. there is no next level with dji-drones…maybe the goggles but rather get yourself a racedrone and start to have real fun.

  16. Here in Canada having a drone that close to carabo is illegal..spokes them and can cause injury..that's our drone laws just beware..but great video …

  17. Dude – you're amazing. Such a breath of fresh air and authenticity. Keep doing you my man (I'll be watching).

  18. You can do it with animals but be safe…wait…what? And โ€œyouโ€™re gonna crash a few drones โ€œ before you go broke?

  19. Tells us to fly in 50mph storms and in rain and dense forests, tells us hes not responsible for crashed drones

  20. Finally! I thought I was doing something wrong. I've crashed my Mavic Air a few times at low altitude trying to do some cool shots. The durability of the Air is amazing. Sure it's scuffed and I've had to replace propellers but, it's still working perfectly fine

  21. So you don't trust somone unless they're crap at drone flying and crash?
    thats messed up dude.
    I would never want anyone to crash their drone, it's a expensive piece of equipment.
    You don't learn by crashing, you learn by being safe.

  22. You're crazy !!! you can only be kidding … everyone has to ruin the drone to learn ?! ahahah let me guess you have a repair shop for drones !!

  23. That's great for a phantom but would you advise the same for a spark? (Flying in less than ideal conditions)

  24. Mate brilliant tips! Check out my drone footage from chernobyl on my channel and let me know what you think. ??Subscribed!

  25. Nice video my good man. I really enjoyed and appreciate your video. Nicely done and good job. ??????????โœŒ๏ธโœŒ๏ธโœŒ๏ธโœŒ๏ธโœŒ๏ธโœŒ๏ธโœŒ๏ธโœŒ๏ธโœŒ๏ธ?โ€โœˆ๏ธ?โ€โœˆ๏ธ?โ€โœˆ๏ธ?โ€โœˆ๏ธ?โ€โœˆ๏ธ?โ€โœˆ๏ธ?โ€โœˆ๏ธ?โ€โœˆ๏ธ?โ€โœˆ๏ธ??????????????????. Please keep those good videos coming. Thanks for everything. I just subscribe to your channel and would appreciate it if you subscribe to my YouTube channel as well. Thanks for all you do and please keep flying.

  26. What model of Phantom were you flying? I have a Mavic Pro Platinum. Would I gain anything by getting a Phantom 3 Pro?

  27. Yeah. Auto insurance thinks that people that get in multiple wrecks make better drivers…

    Whatever you tell yourself to feel better about being a shit pilot.

  28. damn, awesome video, awesome shots and awesome tips!
    one question: how much water drops are okay fรผr a mavic??

  29. Absolutely bro. Push your limits always. I used to swim for 4 hours straight in the Impact Zone in 30ft waves getting photos for Magazines all over the World! Was it dangerous? Yes, but lots of fun too!! www.petersterlingfilms.com

  30. Take your drone flying to the next level

    ~Buy a DJI so you don't need to take your drone flying to the next level.

    LoL yeah yeah I get it, you're taking your photography with a drone to the next level…. but still, that's not the same… The only way to take your drone flying to the next level with a DJI is to get another drone that's better than the one you already have. ;P

  31. 1:01 that's why you need to buy a Phantom 4 Pro instead of a normal one and always put obstacle avoidance on

  32. I have a question, I like taking photo's and making video's and I recently got a Mavic Air (my first drone was a Bebop 1 but it was kinda shit) and I'm probely planning to buy a good camera (mostly for recording video's) should I buy an Osmo + or a Osmo Mobile 2 for my iPhone 8? I'm not sure because my iPhone 8 can shoot 4k 60fps so can you help me pls?

  33. Part of the advantages of taking video with a drone is the ability to get shots when conditions are too dangerous to go in person. Make sure that mistakes only risk the drone. Make sure you can afford the drone. Then go get the arctic wind/ poor deer shot in Sweden. Or the volcano shot in Hawaii. Don't follow your friends car down the road, hit a powerline, crash, get run over. My poor Mavic!

  34. It couldn't be more true!! Crashing teaches you SO much! And yes you need to take risk to achieve great shots… I had a really bad crash once and this crash taught me to fly better in fact and to spot my drone the right way. Of course turning of the sensors can be a dumb idea when your pretty new to flying but it's necessary to achieve certain shots when you feel more comfortable. I started my Magic 2 on top of a 1800m mountain and I knew it wasn't the best idea. It was so unsteady and even gave me the warnings but because I started it I could test it's limits and now I know what kind of wind can be dangerous.

    Thanks for the great video Rob.

  35. The inspire 2 has self heating batteries. The matrice 200/210 series has self heating batteries and has a water beading surface.

  36. I enjoyed that video tremendously, thank you. As being new to flying a drone I will definitely be more creative as a result of this video.
    I got my 1st drone 3 months ago(Mavic Air) at 78 years old and am enjoying the hell out of it. www.genemoretti.com

  37. Flying in windy conditions and realizing that stopping the GPS positioning and continuing in Pro-mode, you could fly with the leaves and butterflies, makes you wonder why GPS positioning was ever invented……those panning shots are so nice in the wind, it just takes nerves of steel and maybe a spotter.

  38. Never like seeing drone footage of drones getting too close to wildlife so much so that they become alarmed & start to act in an evasive manner like those Caribou at the start of the video.

  39. hahaha…first tip…fly low, into trees and dense vegetation, with NO obstacle avoidance…to step up your drone flying to THE NEXT LEVEL CRASH!

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